Minutes of August 9, 2006 Meeting

K. Denda, M. Kesselman, A. Montanaro (recorder), L. Mullen, M. Page, C. Pecoraro, G. Smulewitz, B. Warwick

1. Following the July meeting, Ann contacted Serials Solutions with questions about their procedures, enhancement process, and responsiveness. We reported to Serials Solutions that calls to them were not being answered and that when problems were reported (and fixed) we were not being notified. Many people at Serials Solutions were involved in the discussions and email and they heard our complaints. They are working on a list of enhancements, many of which will be released soon, but it is not public and they do not currently have a way for customers to review enhancements. They encouraged our input but they were urged to involve all customers so that an enhancement requested by one did not break or change something currently being used by another.

2. Cathy has added all major packages to Article Linker. She will notify Sam McDonald that the A-Z list on the web page can be changed from EBSCO to Serials Solutions. Ann will send a message to RUL_everyone announcing that forthcoming change.

3. Laura, Kayo, Marty, Ann, Bob, and Jeanne Boyle met to discuss the implementation of Central Search. As a result of that meeting Jeanne sent a message to RUL_everyone introducing Central Search and announced that a test version would be available by December 15 for implementation of a live version before second semester. In order to meet that deadline, the list of databases to be federated must be ready for Serials Solutions by October 1.

4. An announcement will be made at CDC that Central Search will use the subject categories used on the web pages: General and Multidisciplinary, Arts and Humanities, Business, Medicine, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences and Law. Selectors should review the databases in each category to make sure the lists are complete and that all relevant databases are included.

5. Three issues have been raised about Article Linker: it includes prepublication data which is often hard to identify as such, Factiva does not link directly to articles, and book sources often do not link because Article Linker requires both a title and an ISBN. A demonstration of Article Linker will be scheduled for Thursday, August 17 at noon in the Pane Room, following CDC. Cathy will show how it works and address problems that have been identified and committee members will be available to discuss how decisions were made. The demonstration will be broadcast to Camden and Newark.

6. ERMS web-based training was held on August 8. The software template is extensive, including all of the data elements identified in the Digital Library Federation ERM report. Before data entry can begin it will be necessary to understand all of the possible fields, which fields are needed for our application, what default values can be used, and what information users will be seeking.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 20 at 9:30. The remaining meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, October 11, November 8, and December 13.

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