Minutes of September 21, 2006 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Kayo Denda (recorder), Marty Kesselman, Ann Montanaro (convenor), Laura Mullen, Cathy Pecoraro, Bob Warwick.

Topic: Central Search

Bob received from Danielle, Serials Solutions (SS), the "Central Search Connections Master List." He plans to submit shortly (1) the RUL list of selected databases and (2) the Central Search Customization Form, which will be used by SS to determine basic interface related issues


Initial version of the RUL Central Search is scheduled to be ready for review in December 2006. Further modifications concerning the interface are expected to be done locally. Sam McDonald will be asked to submit Web design recommendations.

The task force subgroup (Kayo, Laura, and Marty) worked on overall principle and criteria central search implementation and distributed to the task force members. The summary is as follows:

Overall principle:

Criteria for databases to be federated in "a place to start". Databases chosen would:

The following list is the group of databases recommended to be federated for this first-stop basic search:

The group agreed on:

The discussion that followed interrogated the assumptions and the recommendations presented by the subgroup. Also, the extent of customization options available, unknown at the moment, may be a determinant factor on this issue. Bob will inquire with SS about limiting the database results to articles, and to peer-reviewed articles and other technical obstacles to limit the scope of the central search.

Due to restrictions set by libraries subscribing to this product, task force members are unable to "experience" set-ups by other institutions and evaluate/assess if these choices would be suited for RUL.

The group examined the list of subject databases grouped by broad subject categories as currently available on RUL site. The CDC, via the subject representatives, will issue an invitation to all selectors to revise the list.

Of significance and with importance Website and resource management implication is the location of the database authentication point. Although the group started the discussion, comprehensive analysis of our Website architecture and content is necessary to determine the best point for authentication of databases that works seamlessly and confusion-free for the user and has the least maintenance problems from the staff perspective.

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