Minutes of December 13, 2006 Meeting

Kayo Denda, Ann Montanaro (chair), Laura Mullen, Mary Page, Cathy Pecoraro, Christopher Sterback (recorder)
Gracemary Smulewitz, Bob Warwick

1. Searchlight Demonstrations

The meeting was devoted to preparations for next week's Searchlight demonstrations on Monday December 18 from 1:30 to 2:30 and Tuesday December 19 from 9:30 to 10:30 in the SCC lecture hall with teleconferencing to Dana and Robeson.

a. Ann will conduct the meeting and provide the introduction. The introduction will include:

b. Mary will conduct a powerpoint presentation showing screen captures of how Searchlight is supposed to work.

c. Ann will follow Mary's demonstration by conducting live searches. As part of this piece Ann will make sure to highlight:

d. The Task Force will provide a handout of the powerpoint presentation which will include the Searchlight demo url.

2. Outstanding questions

The group reviewed the outstanding questions and configuration change requests for Serials Solutions:

a. The Article Linker icon on the serials solutions website is not the same as RUL's. Ann will ask Serials Solutions to change the icon on their pages.

b. On the list of databases, can we eliminate "PIO" in front of Periodicals Index Online wherever it appears? This is not an acronym used at Rutgers. Can we also remove the word OVID next to PsycInfo?

c. Can the results filter be preset for "full text"?

d. Can the advanced search option be turned on by Monday for the demonstration?

e. Is the "summary screen" only displayed once the search has been completed? Or can it show results progress?

f. On the summary screen, can the vendor's name be removed so that for example, instead of listing:

EBSCOhost (7)
Academic Search Premier (3)
Business Source Premier (0)

can the summary screen display:

Academic Search Premier (3)
Business Source Premier (0)

g. Should the setting for the "summary screen" be "hide" or "show summary"?

h. What is Central Search's interaction with Google?

i. The path at the top of the page is not correct - "Libraries Home: Research Resources: Electronic Journal Lists: Central Search" Maybe the path should just go back to Searchlight on the Rutgers page.

j. An advanced search using "moveable book" in title field returns 173 references. None of them include "moveable book" in the title. However, they do have "move" or "moves" followed by "(Book Review)" Why are these references being returned?

k. Can the Central Search Help be a local file so that we can customize the contents?

l. In the Help documentation the paragraph in "Search Results" is not clear. It reads "...you will see the resources at work." What does that mean? Where do you see the resources at work?

m. The rotating "stop searching" symbol appears to continue long after search results are in. Why is that?

n. What causes a "clustered result" to display results? When does "no clustered results to display" when journals or authors are selected?

o. What is the source of the topics in the clusters?

p. Can RefWorks be enabled?

3. Other work to be done by the Task Force or Systems

The Task Force reviewed our outstanding tasks.

a. Ann will ask Dave to make sure patrons are presented with the proxy log-in page if they access Searchlight from a non-Rutgers ISP. Otherwise off-campus patrons won't be able to view restricted documents.

b. The Task Force recommends changing the default for a basic search from "keywords anywhere" to "title keyword" on our search page. Ann will ask Dave to make this change.

4. Meet at ALA

Ann will ask Danielle Shaver to set up a meeting at ALA midwinter with interested parties at RUL and a high-level Serials Solutions technical support individual so that we can provide feedback on Central Search

5. Next Meeting

The next ERAITF meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 9:30 a.m in the TSB conference room.

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