Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the Mar. 22, 2000 meeting

R.Gardner, Gaunt, Langschied, Li, Olin, P.Page, Tipton (for Au), Weber, Wilson, Womack
Beede, Dess
> Au, Consoli, Haynes


  1. Minutes of the February 16 meeting were approved.
    Wilson noted that she has made one change to the decisions of that meeting. The ad hoc committee to review issues related to vacant faculty lines will need more time to prepare their interim report. They will bring their report for discussion at the April meeting of the Coordinating Committee.
  2. Old business
    F.Olin offered congratulations to Wilson for organizing a successful, highly interesting spring faculty meeting. The SAPAC lunch program immediately after was a good follow-up. Wilson asked that ideas for future programs be sent to her, Langschied, or Gaunt.
  3. New business
    1. Draft Guidelines for Activities and Documentation with Respect to the Reappointment and Promotion of Library Faculty (R.Gardner):

      R.Gardner led discussion of the proposed revisions to this document, which hasn't been updated for ten years. Most of the revisions reflect changes in technology–e.g., webpages and other electronic resources. She questioned whether Unit Director should now be changed to Campus Director. According to Gaunt, the Unit Director terminology was originally used because it could include AULs as well as Unit (now Campus) Directors. This terminology is also used in our bylaws.

      Under Librarianship, committee members questioned how collaboration could be documented if there was no final publication or paper–perhaps internal reports or correspondence related to projects. Gaunt and Wilson noted that these are only guidelines about things to include and how to categorize them. Womack asked if letters from colleagues at other institutions could be used as documentation for librarianship. These would be considered as "acknowledgments and evaluations from library users within the university community and others."

      Under Scholarship, the committee added "jointly authored" books. "Journal editorship" as pertaining to membership on editorial boards was moved to the Service category (following university-wide guidelines), but serving as guest editor for a special journal issue should be considered as a scholarly activity. Along with "notes, book reviews, abstracts" the committee added "reviews of nonprint media and electronic resources." There was some discussion about how to document the scholarly/research nature of exhibits; catalogs or program guides are the best, but not all exhibits have these. There was lengthy discussion regarding educational attainment and whether this should be considered as evidence of scholarly activity. The degrees themselves would not be considered, but theses/dissertations completed as part of such degrees could be considered (even those completed before coming to RU). What about certificate programs? These should be treated like graduate degrees; the certificates would be listed under education, but only theses/dissertations (if completed) are recommended for listing under scholarly activity. The previous wording regarding "educational attainment" will be replaced with "Theses and/or dissertations completed for additional graduate or professional degrees."

      Under Service, committee members questioned how to document activities such as grant reviewing or refereeing of scholarly works. We will include "copies of letters of invitation" under the suggested documentation.

      R.Gardner will add the committee's suggestions to the draft document and bring back to the committee for the April meeting. She will forward the revised document to Gaunt for Cabinet review and discussion, which should take place before the next Coordinating Committee meeting. The final draft will be sent to the RUL faculty with the agenda for the June RUL business meeting, and P.Page will post it electronically.
    2. Call for agenda items (Langschied):

      Langschied will send out a call for agenda items about one week prior to the next meeting. This will hopefully encourage committee chairs to submit items for discussion.

      Olin noted that we have some RUL faculty retiring soon–D. Luck and H. Rusak. She suggested we arrange an event to highlight their contributions–perhaps ask them to give some recollections on their years at RUL for the June faculty meeting. Wilson to follow-up on this. Olin is organizing a solo show at Douglass this summer of Rusak's work.
  4. Report of the University Librarian (Gaunt):

    The copyright symposium will be held 3/23. There are 95 people signed up for New Brunswick; less for Camden and Newark.

    Thanks to all who completed the training and development assessment survey. There was a good turnout, which will hopefully yield good data.

    S.Soong reported to Cabinet on an ARL program he attended on recruitment and retention of librarians. Most institutions are having problems in this area. Some of the important issues are salaries, fewer people going into the profession, geography, and the perceived burden of faculty status v. nonfaculty status (do the benefits outweigh the costs?). Our entry-level salaries are #1 among ARL libraries, but chances of recruiting someone for a lateral move are hindered by high costs in this area. The pool of candidates gets larger as we move into managerial posts, where perceived financial benefits are greater. The important questions are how do we increase our potential pool and where will future leadership come from?

    Olin inquired about the draft document on scholarly communication that Gaunt mentioned at the RUL faculty meeting. This could be helpful to the Planning Committee in its investigation of recruitment and retention issues. ARL is revising this document, and Gaunt will check on the status. If not yet available, she will provide a draft.
  5. Committee reports
    1. Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (R.Gardner): Committee has been working on revisions to Draft Guidelines, as discussed previously. Feedback from Coordinating Committee will be incorporated into draft and brought back to committee for April meeting.
    2. Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee (Womack): The lunchtime Research Roundtable held after the 3/10 RUL faculty meeting was very successful. Committee now thinking about programs for next fall.
    3. Planning Committee (Olin): Looking at data collected from interviews with former RUL colleagues to see if any trends or patterns emerge (re: retention of librarians). Will probably bring this to the Coordinating Committee for discussion at a later point.
  6. Announcements
    Olin invited everyone to a lecture on 4/5 by Clarissa Sligh at Douglass Library (7:30 p.m.). This program is related to her current exhibit at Douglass entitled "Anatomically Correct," a photo-documentary of one woman's gender transformation into a man.

Meeting adjourned 10:55 a.m. Next meeting 4/19.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Page

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