Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the Jan. 24, 2001 meeting

Beede, Calhoun, Gaunt, Hancock, Haynes, Langschied, Mardikian, Marker, Olin, P.Page, Sak, Weber, Wilson, Womack


  1. Order of agenda items was changed to allow discussion of terms of committee chairs to be dealt with first. Discussion of guidelines for reappointment and promotion was postponed until February meeting.
  2. Minutes of the November 15, 2000, meeting were approved as submitted.
  3. Terms of chairs for library faculty committees (Beede):

    Current RUL By-Laws do not specify terms of chairs or internal organization of faculty committees. Nor have any faculty committees developed their own by-laws. The Faculty Coordinator has received several questions/requests regarding terms of chairs–in particular, whether committees may have co-chairs (serving together or each serving for six months). This would have implications for the membership of the Coordinating Committee, since RUL By-Laws do state that the chair of each committee serves as a member of the Coordinating Committee. If co-chairs split their time, there is the potential to have some or all of the membership of the Coordinating Committee changing every six months. This brings up the issue of constancy (and stability) and the ability of the Coordinating Committee to move forward with an agenda. On the other hand, many committee chairs noted how difficult it can be to find people willing to serve as chairs because of the time and workload commitments. Also, having co-chairs allows for new chairs to have some initiation into their responsibilities (i.e., a committee may elect a chair and a chair-elect). Not all committees may want or need this; we should allow flexibility in committee organization.

    Motion (Haynes): Rules of Procedure should draft a revision to the current RUL By-Laws to allow committees to have co-chairs, with the stipulation that only one chair shall serve on the Coordinating Committee for the full year (July-June). Approved by voice vote.

  4. Old business:
    1. Research Leave Review Committee - review of documents (Mardikian):

      In December the RLRC reviewed the following documents: Application Guidelines for SRA, Supplemental Library Faculty Guidelines for Sabbatical, and the PROP (Program Reinvention Opportunity Project) Proposal. The FASP Program is now called the Sabbatical Leave Program, and the RLRC has amended the language in the Supplemental Guidelines to reflect this. Coordinating Committee members discussed whether sabbatical leaves should be allowed within a year after receiving an SRA, but it is not possible to place restrictions on the University's Sabbatical Leave Program. However, we can add a sentence to the SRA Guidelines to the effect that "an SRA leave is not intended to be taken within a calendar year before or after a sabbatical year." Coordinating Committee requested that references to "Unit Librarians" be changed to "Campus Directors or AULs," and RLRC recommended that these individuals should wait until all applications are received before acting on them. RLRC recommended changing the SRA deadlines to the 5th of January, April, July, and October to allow adequate time for Campus Directors/AULs to review applications and forward to RLRC by the 15th of those months.

      Changes to the above documents were approved by the Coordinating Committee. RLRC will make revisions and distribute final documents via the RUL list. They will also be posted on the Human Resources webpage.

      After reviewing the PROP document, RLRC did not see a role for itself in this process. PROP is an administrative leave program intended for a full semester. The aim is to identify important projects to be done for RUL, and to select librarians to implement these. As written, it appears that these projects will be initiated through Cabinet and Public Services. Campus Directors/AULs will have to consider workload implications when reviewing proposals for PROP and SRA.

    2. Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee - mentoring (Womack):

      SAPAC did an informal survey of committee members and untenured faculty regarding the need for a formal mentoring system. Most felt it would be difficult to have a formal system but that informal contacts could be very important. Some type of open forum or brown bag program to network and share ideas might be very useful. There was also a strong feeling for the importance of more guidance for Librarian Vs, who are often not incorporated into the RUL culture and remain unfamiliar with the RUL goals. After discussion, the Coordinating Committee recommended that SAPAC drop any further efforts to pursue a formal mentoring system; they should focus instead on planning programs to directly improve the academic life of library faculty and should work to provide more information on publishing and research opportunities.

  5. New business:
    1. Topics for spring faculty meeting (Wilson):

      The spring RUL faculty meeting will be held on 3/23. In addition to normal business items, we would like to present another program on a special theme. Two topics were proposed: wireless technologies for the library, and the future of the catalog. Committee members expressed a preference for a program on wireless technologies, possibly with a panel. We may be able to get someone from SCILS and perhaps from another library that is already using wireless technology (Mount St. Mary's and Drexel were mentioned). Gaunt, Wilson, and Langschied will organize. Langschied will also check with the SCC staff to request that audio taping be done for all RUL faculty meetings, and she will follow-up on the status of teleconferencing links to Camden and Newark.

  6. Committee reports and announcements:

    Faculty Secretary (P.Page): Page will be on vacation during the March Coordinating Committee meeting (3/21) and RUL spring faculty meeting (3/23). Weber volunteered to serve as secretary for both meetings. Page will send reminders to all committee chairs to send reports via email prior to faculty meeting.

    Public Services Council (Weber): Boyle and others are investigating possibility of making WorldCat more widely available at RU. Recommended broad availability via the network, if affordable, or at least wider availability at reference desks. Uncover and Ingenta (Britain) are merging soon; improvements for RUL include links to online journals if RUL owns (except Science Direct). Discussed vision for public services, using NC State site (My Library) as an example; plans underway to do something like this at RU (My Rutgers). ELF funds must be targeted to specific areas with focus on high tech. Suggestions include upgrading smart classrooms, upgrading public PCs, improving catalog interface. Discussion of reference service looked at various approaches at RU libraries, including Ask-A-Librarian. Will be looking at ways to make AAL a regular part of reference service. The final report of the New Brunswick Libraries Real Time Reference Work Group was distributed.

    Technical Services Council (Sak): SIRSI trainer at Technical Services this week. M.Page reported on the conference she attended on Bibliographic Control in the New Millenium, sponsored by LC. Systems Dept. is now fully staffed; upgrade to Workflows went smoothly.

    Appointments and Promotions (Calhoun): A & P will no longer be involved in initial candidate interviews (except in cases where candidate may be hired with tenure). Search committees will need to cover issues related to promotion/tenure when they do interviews.

    Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee (Womack): SAPAC will continue planning for a program on exhibits.

    Camden Campus (Haynes): Camden campus had a visit from a wireless supplier. Due to manpower issues Camden won't be doing the entire campus.

    Research Leave Review Committee (Mardikian): Reviewed seven sabbatical leave applications plus SRAs. Also reviewed SRA and sabbatical guidelines and PROP (discussed earlier).

    New Brunswick Campus (Hancock): New Brunswick Libraries held a one-day "advance" for NBL faculty members at the University Inn on 1/19. RUL hosted a group of 43 librarians from various Nordic countries. They had attended ALA midwinter and were touring several research libraries in the area. This group was very sophisticated technologically; many are doing distance ed programs and providing desktop delivery to homes. They were most interested in electronic reserves and real-time reference. On 2/13 a group of 30 high school students from Fukui, Japan, will be visiting. They have been invited to the TAG (Technology Awareness Group) meeting, which is held 2nd Tuesday of the month; meeting will be in the SCC lecture hall and will focus on XML (all are invited).

  7. University Librarian's report (Gaunt):

    University regulations do not require A & P Committee to be involved in the search process, so this is being discontinued in RUL, after discussion in Cabinet. This should help our efforts to streamline the search process.

    ELF funds will be available this year but must be targeted to specific areas with an emphasis on enhancing the technological infrastructure. Cabinet members were asked to get their wish lists to Soong by 2/1 for discussion at next Cabinet meeting. Proposals are not due at Old Queens until 4/1.

    Glazer will put the charge for the new Scholarly Communications Committee in the Agenda, so RUL personnel will know about the committee. Gaunt has asked Wilson, Still, and Ren to serve as steering committee to oversee our communications with the RU faculty. This committee will focus on issues raised in the Tempe Principles that spell out emerging trends in scholarly communication. Relevant documents can be found on ARL's Create Change website (http://www.arl.org/create/home.html). Gaunt distributed photocopies of "Declaring Independence," which is intended as background information for faculty members, and also lists of high-priced journals and RU editors of high-priced journals.

    We are still waiting to see if support for VALE was included in Governor Whitman's proposed budget. The only thing mentioned regarding higher education in her televised address concerned ELF funds. If nothing is specifically mentioned, VALE institutions will have to lobby the state legislature for inclusion.

    VALE has an opportunity to get a package from NetLibrary (package 2, containing 4000 monographs online) for a one-time cost of $2000 per institution for one simultaneous user. However, this offer is only good if most VALE members agree to participate. Sewell has asked the Ebook Committee to investigate for RUL.

    Dean Barbara Shailor is leaving Douglass College at the end of the academic year to become Director of the Beinecke Rare Book Library. We are trying to pin down our fundraising activities for the Douglass Library before she leaves because she has been a great resource.

  8. Meeting adjourned at noon.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny B. Page
RUL Faculty Secretary

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