Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the Feb. 14, 2001 meeting

Gaunt, Hancock, Haynes, Langschied, Mardikian, Marker, Olin, P.Page, Sak, Weber, Wilson, Womack
Au, Calhoun, Consoli


  1. Minutes of the 1/24/01 meeting were approved. The agenda was amended under Old Business. The document to be discussed from PPAAC is the Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Library Faculty Positions (not the Guidelines on Reappointment/Promotion section on Librarianship) .
  2. Old business:
    1. Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee - review of documents (Marker):

      Marker distributed two documents for review. The Library Faculty Position Review Form has been in use but has not been one of the official RUL personnel documents, and PPAAC is proposing that it be designated as such. The Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Library Faculty Positions has already been amended twice since its adoption in 1993, but in some ways these procedures do not reflect the current practice as outlined in the Review Form. Marker led discussion of the proposed changes--the most significant being that the process would begin in the units and would then go to the University Librarian, Faculty Coordinator, and Planning Committee for review. Other recommended changes include not putting deadlines in the APPs for receipt of resumes, which would allow search committees to review and interview promising candidates sooner. PPAAC also recommended that abbreviated position descriptions (for newspaper ads, etc.) be reviewed by search committee chairs prior to posting to make sure they contain the important elements of the position. The term "Unit Librarian" was also changed to "Campus Director or AUL" throughout the document.

      Discussion focused on the role of the Planning Committee in this process. There was concern that their review, as reflected in this document, would come too far along in the process (after unit review). According to the Bylaws, the Planning Committee should be involved in reviewing open lines and setting programmatic priorities. There was general agreement that the role of the Planning Committee should be to plan ahead 3-5 years to set program priorities and see what lines are needed. Ideally, when lines become open, the Campus Director/AUL, Faculty Coordinator, and University Librarian should meet to evaluate the line and its allocation within the larger RUL context. Although we do not yet have a 3-5 year plan, the Planning Committee is working on this and hopes to have something by end of the semester. PPAAC will make further revisions to the Procedures document to reflect this discussion and will bring back to the Coordinating Committee for review. The Committee agreed on the following changes to the Position Review Form: (1) recommendation for line assignment will include brief description of the major responsibilities of the position and (2) no APP will be attached to the form.

    2. Update on faculty line mapping (Gaunt):

      Gaunt distributed Map of Faculty by Disciplines, prepared by S.Troy . It includes number of years tenured for each person and their location. This table is categorized by broad disciplines/area of expertise, and each person is listed only once. The mapping process should be useful in determining where we need lines (currently or in future) to meet our program goals.

      There was some discussion about the need to include multiple areas of expertise for librarians. This can be important for internal flexibility. Also, there was concern about how best to analyze/interpret the information from this initial map. Since the Planning Committee is working on a 3-5 year plan for line allocation, they will review the current faculty mapping document to see what information they can use and also what additional information is needed.

  3. New business:

    Gaunt and Wilson distributed the draft agenda for the 3/23 RUL faculty meeting, and several changes were made. Under New Business we will add "SRA Guidelines Revised" (Mardikian) to allow for any questions/discussion regarding the revisions that were approved by the Coordinating Committee and distributed to the RUL list. We will include the URL for those who need a copy. The time for the special program on Wireless Technology in Libraries was changed to 10:45 a.m., and there will be two speakers–Mike Mundrane from RUCS and Jon Oliver from SCILS. Langschied has spoken with SCC personnel who say that teleconferencing should be possible for this meeting; it will also be audiotaped.

  4. Committee reports and announcements:

    Technical Services Council (Sak): Good feedback from technical services people regarding the week spent with the trainer from Sirsi. Systems Dept. is requesting upgrade of 300 public PCs from ELF funds; this money cannot be used for staff machine upgrades. Hoover gave a demo of some of the problems involved with searching journals in the ProQuest database from the IRIS record. If the title is accessed from IRIS, the patron cannot manipulate the results to mark an article for printing and/or emailing. The issues and choices are complex; therefore Haynes has been asked to describe them and their effect on public services, in written format, for the next meeting. Soong discussed possible purchase of NetLibrary2 package through VALE. [Update from Gaunt: not enough VALE libraries are willing to participate, so the cost would be doubled to $4000 one-time purchase. RUL has decided to decline.] Looking at wording for 930 field (summary holdings) for online holdings. It may be helpful to indicate that holdings are no longer available in paper but rather in electronic format. Currently there are no holdings given for RU-Online.

    Public Services Council (Weber): Documents from VALE Users Conference are online at the VALE website. The Easy Pass Network is making two high-speed telecommunications lines available to RU. WAC is looking at redesigning the RUL website. J.Gardner announced that UMI is discussing giving dissertations directly to RU users. An electronic audio reserve pilot has been set up for one music course. PSC began discussion of how to sustain and nurture the Ask-A-Librarian service. Members also did some ELF brainstorming.

    Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee (Womack): Getting material together for a journal editorial board list.

    Faculty Coordinator (Wilson): Deputy Coordinator (Langschied) will chair 3/21 Coordinating Committee meeting while Wilson is out of the country.

    Other (Mardikian): UMDNJ Access Committee is sponsoring a program on virtual reference with Steve Coffman from LSSI. It will be 3/16 from 10 a.m.-noon at the SCC. All are invited.

  5. University Librarian's report (Gaunt):

    Documents from the VALE User's Conference are on the VALE website (go to About VALE, then Minutes and Notes). Included is Tom Sanville's PowerPoint presentation that includes a lot of good data about full-text information and how much it is being used.

    The Governor's budget includes $1.3 million for the Virtual Library of New Jersey, of which VALE would get about $325,000. If this comes through, the Lexis/Nexis subscription would be continued.

    Cabinet did some brainstorming on ELF funding. There is $1.9 million available, which is to include upgrades to smart classrooms and joint purchases between departments for mutual benefit. The Arts Committee is interested in a joint purchase with RUL for digital imaging equipment, of which we would contribute $20,000 and probably house the equipment.

    Dr. Seneca attended a meeting of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges. One of the main discussion items was scholarly communication.

  6. Meeting adjourned at noon.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny B. Page
RUL Faculty Secretary

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