Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the Apr. 18, 2001 meeting

Au, Calhoun, Consoli, Gaunt, Hancock, Haynes, Langschied, Mardikian, Marker, Olin, P.Page, Sak, Weber, Wilson, Womack


1. Minutes of the 2/14/01 meeting were approved.

2. Old Business:

A. Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee - review of documents (Marker):

PPAAC has been charged with updating the language for "Librarianship" as found in the Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions for University Library Faculty. They will be using the current RUL mission statement (recently revised) as well as the Digital Library Initiative as guidelines, and will seek to broaden the scope to encompass nonprint and emerging technologies. Revised text would have to be approved by VP for Academic Affairs.

Marker distributed revised draft of Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Library Faculty Positions, which included changes recommended at previous meeting. A new statement had been added to the first paragraph regarding the need to expedite and streamline the hiring process. A statement was also added that the Search Committee should develop the APP (in consultation with Campus Director/AUL and Personnel Officer). PPAAC was unclear as to requirement for posting a closing date for applications, but RUL Human Resources Office thought this was necessary. However, according to HR Office it is still possible to make an offer to a viable candidate before a closing date. Committee members discussed the pros and cons of waiting for deadline before hiring. We may lose some good candidates, but in many cases the best applicants don't apply until near the deadline. Often the biggest delays in the search process come from search committee members not being available. Faculty should not agree to serve on search committees if they cannot commit the time. Coordinating Committee agreed that in the case of an outstanding candidate, the search committee should go to the University Librarian to recommend offering before the closing deadline. However, this should be an exception, not the rule. PPAAC will add statement to this effect. On Appendix A ("Review of the Search Process"), PPAAC will revise the applications deadline for first consideration to read "four weeks after the last expected date of paid advertisements." On Appendix B ("Guidelines for Advertising Library Faculty Positions"), PPAAC will add a statement regarding the need to coordinate print and online advertising as much as possible so as not to unduly prolong the search process. The "Library Faculty Position Review Form" was added as Appendix E (as approved in previous meeting).

PPAAC will send the revised draft to Coordinating Committee and to Gaunt for discussion at Cabinet. Final document will be presented to RUL at next faculty meeting.

B. Update on faculty line mapping (Gaunt):

As per recommendations from the Planning Committee, the initial draft of the Map of Faculty by Disciplines is being revised to include two additional columns–one for current job expertise/responsibilities and one for additional expertise. Gaunt will give this to Campus Directors/AULs to review with their faculty.

3. New business - Librarian position titles (Gaunt):

RUL doesn't have a central file of all librarian position titles. The faculty line map should help with this. Under University regulations, librarians cannot use professor titles because our primary criterion for promotion is librarianship rather than research. We must use the university rankings of Librarian I, II, etc., which are equivalent to professorial ranks but not the same. As to our position titles, these are quasi-official and are assigned with the APPs; they usually remain the same unless a faculty member applies for a different open position in RUL. We cannot self-select our position titles. However, if an individual feels that his/her responsibilities have greatly changed and are no longer reflected in the current position title, this should be discussed with the Campus Director/AUL and should then go to University Librarian's office for final approval.

4. Committee reports:

Collection Development Council (Consoli): There are revised forms on the webpage for requesting networked resources. New guidelines are coming for large gift collections. CDC has been reviewing several new databases for possible purchase.

New Brunswick Faculty Council (Consoli): VP Seneca spoke about his role on the Economic Advisory Board in Trenton. He is cautiously optimistic about monies for upcoming year. Council discussed sexual harassment rule regarding suspension of accused faculty member without pay. Recommended that suspension should be with pay until deliberations have been completed. There was heated discussion about the proposed College of Applied and Professional Studies (CAPS). Many Council members concerned about heavy use of adjunct and non-tenured faculty and lack of involvement by traditional departments. Faculty Senate will be discussing this at their next meeting. Their proposal will include a statement about library resources. NBFC will have a discussion on the Tempe Principles at their next meeting (4/20). Consoli distributed copy of Library Committee's report to be presented at the meeting.

Technical Services Council (Sak): TSC discussed ELF funding, job openings (one librarian, two staff openings in Systems), and reviewed goals from current year. Newark has hired new Technical Services Coordinator. Sirsi will be down for two weeks in August (IRIS will be read-only) to implement authority control.

Planning Committee (Olin): Committee is continuing planning process in line with the Digital Libraries Initiative. Made recommendations for faculty line mapping.

Public Services Council (Weber): ELF information has been posted on the Libraries webpage. The VALE User Survey was distributed to RUL libraries. We need 30 responses per campus from patrons who are using VALE databases. Survey will be used to lobby for continued funding. VALE Electronic Resources Committee reviewed major academic databases from four vendors: Gale, Ebsco, Bell & Howell, and Wilson. Authority control will be implemented in August; should take two weeks to load records and re-index. IRIS will be read-only during that time. The system will also be down for two days in May (preferably mid-week so Sirsi support will be available) to install upgrade. Added five simultaneous users to license for Web of Science, making a total of fifteen. Discussed recommendation to prevent having searchable contents notes in IRIS records. Librarians and patrons are getting many false hits. PSC felt the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. [Suggestion made at Coordinating Committee to have someone from Cataloging meet with Instructional Services Committee or other small group to discuss the problems and explore possible solutions. This should also be discussed by IRIS Public Access Committee.] Discussed several potential PROP proposals: investigate Z39.50 implementation for IRIS; investigate Luna software to provide RUL with a lead in this area; re-do Ask-A-Librarian FAQs and create a database of questions and answers. New policy statement on Ask-A-Librarian service is on the webpage. RUL training coordinator will be hired using Geddis' former line.

Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee (Womack): Committee is planning a program on 5/2 entitled "Exhibits as Scholarly Activities." Olin is one of the speakers. Requesting funding for lunch. Publicity to come out soon.

Newark campus (Au): Ned Richards has joined staff as Technical Services Coordinator. Doing clean-up in periodicals department prior to painting project.

Camden campus (Haynes): Campus suffering through various construction woes. There are muddy trenches from RUNet 2000. Also, streets torn up and many parking lots closed. Camden is putting in a new baseball stadium and a light rail line. Disruption could last about three years.

Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (Marker): Report incorporated in previous discussion on faculty positions.

Research Leave Review Committee (Mardikian): Committee reviewed one SRA application in the last period.

Appointments & Promotions (Calhoun): No activity.

New Brunswick campus (Hancock): Congratulations to Wilson on her promotion to Librarian I and on receiving the NJLA Research Award. Hancock will be one of the speakers at the College and University Luncheon at the NJLA conference.

Rules of Procedure (Langschied): The call for nominations for faculty committees was sent out, and the preliminary ballot will go out soon. Faculty can add names to this ballot (or ask to have their own names removed).

5. University Librarian's report (Gaunt):

Gaunt attended a meeting for the capital planning project. The University will be developing a ten-year master plan. Paulien Associates has been hired for this; they are currently gathering data on physical plant needs.

Dess has agreed to co-chair the Steering Committee on Scholarly Communication. Mullins and Ren are doing a focus group in Newark with faculty who are editors on the more expensive journals.

Gaunt met with the Trustees' Library Advisory Committee. Professor R. Bell from FAS (history) was invited and spoke about importance of library resources. Also discussed ELF funds, some of which are being used to purchase digital reader/printers for microforms.

VALE Electronic Resources Committee reviewed major databases from Gale, Ebsco, Bell & Howell, and Wilson, and recommended purchase of Ebsco Academic Search for next year. This will be free for all VALE members for next year beginning in September (or earlier in the summer for training). That means VALE will not be continuing ProQuest, so libraries will have to pay locally if they want to continue. VALE is still negotiating a price for ABI; they will subsidize subscription by 13%. VALE subscriptions to CINAHL and PsychInfo will move to Ebsco, but RUL will likely continue to use Ovid for PsychInfo. VALE is implementing a service membership fee equivalent to 2.6% of amount spent on databases. The ILL and Resource Sharing Subcommittee is looking at consortial pricing for document delivery from Sirsi and from InfoTree. Reference service on a 24/7 basis has become a hot topic, and VALE may form a subcommittee to explore. Executive committee will be getting a demo of LSSI software that South Jersey Regional Cooperative is using.

This year RUL did a subset of our annual report in a glossy brochure format. We will make some changes for next year. There will be more pictures and we will list selected publications from RUL faculty. Notice will go out after 7/1 for librarians to select their top three publications for inclusion. Print copies will be distributed to library faculty, trustees and top university administrators and will be available to distribute to groups/individuals as needed. PDF file will be on the web.

6. Other:

Wilson: Steering Committee on Scholarly Communication met with science department chairs in New Brunswick to discuss general awareness and concerns. Departmental liaisons should be talking with appropriate faculty as well.

Au: Requested that new hires in New Brunswick be distributed through the RUL list.

7. Meeting adjourned at 11:52 a.m.

Penny B. Page
RUL Faculty Secretary

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