Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the May 16, 2001 meeting

Au, Beede, Calhoun, Consoli, Gaunt, Hancock, Haynes, Langschied, Mardikian, P.Page, Weber, Womack
Olin, Marker, Sak, Wilson


  1. Minutes of the 4/18/01 meeting were approved.
  2. Old Business:
    1. Personal Policy and Affirmative Action Committee -definition of "librarianship" (Mardikian for Marker):

      PPAAC presented proposed revised definition of "librarianship" for discussion. This would replace the current definition as found in the Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions for University Library Faculty. Changes include references to "scholarly resources," "reference service," and "emerging technologies," as well as broadening the concept of library instruction to encompass information literacy. The Committee suggested additional minor changes in wording, which PPAAC will incorporate into a revised document for discussion at the next RUL faculty meeting. If approved by the RUL faculty, the proposed revision would go to Vice President Seneca for final approval and would not take effect until the next round of appointments/promotions.

    2. Revised procedures for filling open faculty lines:

      Coordinating Committee discussed latest revision of Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Library Faculty Positions. Gaunt brought up some questions that arose from previous Cabinet discussion. Committee agreed that these procedures would apply for permanent (tenure-track) library positions (specify in opening paragraph). In section I.A. 3 regarding the appointment of a search committee, add the following phrase to the end of the paragraph "...for all tenure track permanent positions." We should also specify that criteria for evaluation of candidates be developed before any resumes are screened (revise section I.B.2c). For cases in which candidates will receive tenure upon initial appointment, we will add language to clarify that these candidates must still go through the tenure procedures, but this process will be handled in a timely fashion (section IV. C). PPAAC will make suggested changes in the document and will present at the next RUL faculty meeting for discussion. Revised documents will be sent to S.Troy by 6/8 for distribution to RUL faculty prior to the meeting.
  3. New Business:
    1. Library faculty election procedures (Beede and Langschied):

      The current nomination/election process for RUL offices has become confusing to many. Do we need to have two waves in the nomination process? The Bylaws only state that the Rules of Procedure Committee is responsible for assembling a slate of candidates, but there are no specifications as to how this must be done. Currently the ROP Committee puts together a list of nominations and issues a call for additional nominees. Then a final ballot is sent out for the actual election. After much discussion the Coordinating Committee agreed that we should condense the nomination process into one call for nominees (self or others). ROP would determine if nominees are willing to stand for election, and they would be responsible for putting together a final balanced slate of candidates (using nominations received and soliciting additional nominees where needed). The call for nominations would be done via email. The election ballot is currently distributed in paper form. ROP will draft revision of election procedures for the Bylaws and will distribute to RUL faculty for discussion at next faculty meeting.

      In cases where individuals are nominated by others, the Committee also discussed whether it was advisable to let nominees know who submitted their names. There is nothing to require or prohibit this in the Bylaws, but many members felt that such information might put undue pressure on untenured faculty to accept nominations if they were submitted by their Director or AUL. The Committee agreed that maintaining the anonymity of nominators was the preferable practice.

      The Rules of Procedure Committee presented proposed language for addition to the Bylaws allowing committees to elect co-chairs if desired. In such cases, only one of the co-chairs would be designated to serve on Coordinating Committee for the year (July-June). This revision will also be discussed at the June faculty meeting.

    2. Library faculty business meeting (Gaunt and Langschied):

      The RUL faculty meeting scheduled for 6/1 was moved to 6/22. Main agenda items will be the proposed changes to the Bylaws and the draft documents from PPAAC (discussed above). Documents for discussion should be forwarded to S.Troy's office by 6/8 for distribution to the faculty. Committee chairs and Council members should submit their reports by email to the faculty prior to the meeting. Wilson and Langschied will meet with Gaunt to prepare draft agenda, which will be circulated to the Coordinating Committee for approval.
  4. Committee Reports:

    Collection Development Council (Consoli): Emphasis at last meeting was on state funds and the need to spend these out as soon as possible. CDC has prepared a list of digital resources for purchase in 2001. Drafted new procedures for acquiring digital resources from central funds (on the webpage). Old Sirsi orders are being deleted (1998 and 99 not received). A list of cancelled items will be sent to selectors for review. There are new allocation procedures for collections budget for the next fiscal year. There is a large free balance of about $460,000; Sewell has sent out a call for large purchase items and e-resources, with preference being given to one-shot items. The VALE Executive Committee has recommended that state funds be used to purchase Ebsco's periodicals database, which will be supplied at no charge to VALE members. VALE will continue to subsidize ABI Inform but will no longer subsidize Lexis-Nexis. It will cost RUL $64,000 to continue subscription to Lexis-Nexis for a year (current subscription ends 6/30). Let your representative on CDC know if you are in favor of continuing to subscribe. Westlaw has been suggested as a possible alternative. We will be keeping ProQuest for one more year. RUL will put $30,000 into NetLibrary for a pilot project this year.

    New Brunswick Faculty Council (Consoli): The Tempe Agreement was accepted by NBFC; the Library Committee will be responsible for improving communication between teaching faculty and librarians (including discussion of what the Tempe Agreement really means). The CAPS proposal will not be going to Senate this year. Resolution was passed on Winter Session which encouraged more 1 ˝ and 2 credit courses; all courses will have to go through FAS for approval. The capital campaign has been formally announced; $255 million already raised with an emphasis on endowments. RU got 100% of its potential allotment for performance based funding from the state. Tentative schedule prepared for next fall's undergraduate teaching conference.

    Public Services Council (Weber): Golden gave an update on the Robeson Library and Camden Campus renovations. The Leap High School will be built on campus and will be using the library's computer lab until their building is ready. There has been a large faculty turnover at Camden due to retirements; newer faculty more receptive to technology. Systems reminded everyone that IRIS will be in read-only mode 5/23-24 and last two weeks in August (for upgrades and implementing authorities control). The new Network Administrator, Nicholas Gonzaga, has started. Programming has been completed to eliminate problems from anonymous emails being sent from public workstations. Discussed removing ProQuest URLs from the catalog; ProQuest will be retained for another year until Ebsco database is fully implemented. R.Gardner demonstrated a new concept for the RUL webpage, which was approved by the PSC. Began a review of goals set for this year; highest ranked was review of reference.

    Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee (Womack): May 10 program on "Exhibits as Scholarly Activity" was well received. About 25 people participated.

    Camden Campus (Haynes): Campus is getting back together after trenching for fiber optic cabling. Grounds look lovely with new grass and sidewalks. One building will be torn down to make way for the new Leap High School location.

    New Brunswick Campus (Hancock): J.Cassel is the new chair of ACRL/NJ chapter (College and University Section of NJLA). L.Vazquez has been successfully reappointed as Librarian III. Pat Libutti will start 7/1 as the new Education and Social Sciences Librarian.

    Technical Services Council (Langschied for Sak): No distinction is being made between state and non-state funds–all orders are going out. G.Smulewitz demonstrated what MARC holdings for serial records would look like. This would provide some workflow efficiencies but would also change the public display of holdings; we will see actual issues and back issues (much more detail than we've had). She will be demonstrating this for other groups over the summer. Marker suggested that RUL consider purchasing cataloging for large sets like Ebsco. Soong is on a University committee that is looking at the projected impact of 5,000 additional students in the next five years; he is examining related issues such as shelving and seating needs.

  5. Report of the University Librarian (Gaunt):

    The search for AUL for Digital Library Systems is moving along. One candidate has been interviewed, and two more have been scheduled for June. Email notices were sent to RUL faculty regarding the candidates' public presentations.

    Pres. Lawrence has set up an advisory board to look at the CAPS proposal and get input from various groups. Gaunt is serving on a committee to look at the academic support area (e.g., libraries, relationship of CAPS to existing academic programs). Report is due by October.

    The capital campaign has started, and the Libraries are on a fast-track to get their literature done quickly (by June) for inclusion in promotional folders. We will probably be given a target figure of $8.5-10 million, and we will be raising funds for four areas: Dana Library 4th floor (CIIT), D21 renovations, collections in all formats, and information technology. Our rhetoric must fit within the University's overall campaign rhetoric. We will be using testimonials from an undergraduate honors student (about using the EEBO), from David Harris on his use of the Libraries as an alumnus and as a civic leader in New Brunswick, and from Jay Tischfield on the science departments' needs for high-tech, full-text resources to attract new faculty and to do research.

    The 1999/2000 glossy print version of the RUL Annual Report is now being distributed to administrators, Friends of the Libraries, and donors.

    Posters from great libraries around the world are being solicited to adorn the walls of the Nicholas Rutgers Conference Room. If anyone has the opportunity to bring back such posters (framed or unframed) from their travels, RUL will reimburse them.

  6. Other:

    Since several committee members will be getting ready for the ALA conference, the 6/13 meeting of the Coordinating Committee is cancelled.

    All documents for discussion at the 6/22 RUL faculty meeting should be given to S.Troy by 6/8 so they can be distributed to the faculty prior to the meeting. Committee reports will be issued via email prior to the meeting.

  7. Meeting adjourned at 11:53.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny B. Page
RUL Faculty Secretary

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