Minutes of Wednesday, April 17, 2002

M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, M. Gaunt, T. Glynn, S. Harrington (recorder), T. Haynes, L. Langschied, J. Mardikian, M. Page, H. Perez-Gilbe, A. Tallau, R. Tipton (for K. N. Au), L. Vazquez, M. Wilson

The meeting was convened at 9:35 a.m.



1. The agenda was adopted as amended.

(Under "New Business," item b., "Library Faculty Web Page" was added.)

2. The minutes were approved as submitted.

3. Old Business

a. "A New Framework for RUL Based on the DLI"-Draft Distribution Document (A. Tallau, Planning Committee)

The current draft document incorporates changes suggested at the last Coordinating Committee meeting, those discussed at a recent Planning Committee meeting, and those offered by G. Agnew, Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems. Additionally, under the heading "Preservation," page 14, a sentence will be added noting consultant Paul Conway's report on RUL preservation issues. The Planning Committee will also issue a separate report in which the Committee will make recommendations on particular priorities within the "New Framework" document.

The "New Framework" document will be sent to M. Gerber for distribution to the faculty. Faculty members should read the document and be prepared for discussion at the June 7, 2002 Faculty Meeting, which may lead to the prioritization of recommendations emerging from the report. Such discussions and recommendations are complicated, and force us to consider the fundamental core mission of the library now and in the future. RUL must also consider what might be sacrificed in order to accomplish designated priorities in the event of static economic and/or human resources.

4. New Business

a. Draft June Faculty Meeting Agenda

The June faculty meeting is a business meeting; hence no special topic session will be conducted.

The Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee will present the document "Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Library Faculty Positions" to seek approval of the faculty.

The Planning Committee will present the document "A New Framework for RUL Based on the DLI," and a separate report on the document.

The Rules of Procedure Committee will announce the faculty election results (to be included under "Report of Standing Committees").

b. Library Faculty Web Page

A Library Faculty web page will be prepared that consolidates all library faculty-related documents under "Library Faculty." The majority of these documents are now listed under the Human Resources section of the Libraries's web pages. It is hoped that this page will be useful for current faculty members and new faculty orientation.

The Committee made a number of suggestions as to what documents should be listed under the various sections in the web page template:

M. Wilson will work with Human Resources and WAC to prepare a draft of the Library Faculty page. That page will be circulated for comment, with a deadline, to the members of the Coordinating Committee. After comments are received and incorporated, the page will be mounted, and an announcement will be made to the RUL listserv. The Faculty Secretary and the office of Human Resources will coordinate the maintenance of the page.

5. Report of the University Librarian


It is hoped that the state budget will stand as proposed. There are problems with the governor's proposal for changes in the corporate tax; hence state institutions may suffer further cuts if additional sources of revenue are not located.

The early retirement package will likely be offered, but will have to be approved by the state legislature. There is still no assurance that the lines lost to early retirement would come back to the Libraries.

The University will not make decisions regarding the cost of next year's tuition until after July 1. However, a double-digit percentage increase is likely.


RUL congratulates Julie Still of Robeson Library in Camden who was promoted to Librarian II with tenure. RUL also congratulates Thelma Tate, the recipient of the University's 2002 Human Dignity Award.

The recent 2002 Leadership Institute offered by ALA consultant A. Hubbard was very useful and a success.

The ILL Comet Delivery system is in bankruptcy. The State Library is looking for a new vendor to perform these services. RUL may have to contribute to the cost of ILL services.

G. Agnew, AUL for Digital Library Systems, is the principal investigator for a NSF grant proposal for the creation of metadata standards, a union catalog, and a portal for moving images. This proposed project partners RUL with other universities.

M. Gaunt will send a message to the RUL listserv requesting that faculty members share major awards, accomplishments, research, and publications for the 2001-2002 year with M. Gaunt in preparation for a future meeting with Dr. Seneca.

M. Gaunt shared with the Coordinating Committee a Senate resolution calling for the development of best practices in teaching assessment. In the future, the Coordinating Committee may ask the Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee, in consultation with the Instructional Services Committee, and potentially the Teaching Excellence Center, to consider how RUL assesses librarianship (and its teaching component, among others). It was suggested that the Councils also be asked to contribute by formulating a list of questions whose answers would define quality librarianship in each area of responsibility. The Peer Review Committee could then utilize the questions in reviewing a candidate's packet.

Short Research Assignments (SRA)

It is possible that the SRA guidelines and form will be revised in order to clarify the role and responsibilities of the SRA recipient. A question was raised as to whether the groups eligible for SRAs (currently both untenured and tenured librarians) should remain the same. The members of the Research Leave Review Committee will conduct the initial review. Any recommended changes (or lack of changes) will come to the Coordinating Committee for a full discussion.

It was also decided that the Research Leave Review Committee would list the SRA and sabbatical recipients and their research topics in the Agenda. A discussion also took place on what steps should be taken if the SRA recipient fails to submit the report due after the SRA is completed. It was suggested that those recipients who did not submit reports in the allotted time period should not be eligible for future SRAs. It was also suggested that the final reports should posted on the Research Leave Review web page, where the research findings or topics can be shared by interested Library faculty members. The annual report of the Research Leave Review Committee will record the status of the entire process, including award recipients, reports received, and reports due. Finally, it was agreed that the Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee brown bag lunch seminars provided a potential outlet for the research emerging from SRAs.

6. Other

Committee and Council Reports and Announcements:

The Scholarly Communications Steering Committee will be hosting a symposium on 5/9/02. Attendance is by invitation from Dr. Seneca. The Committee will submit a final report to the University Librarian after the conference.

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