Minutes of May 28, 2003 meeting

K. Denda, M. Fetzer, M. Gaunt, T. Glynn, S. Harrington (recorder), T. Haynes, R. Jantz, M. Kesselman, L. Langschied, R. Marker, K. Mulcahy, R. Tipton, A. Watkins
M. Page

[Minutes submitted June 13, 2003, approved: September 24, 2003]

The meeting was called to order at 9:36 a.m.


1. The agenda was adopted.

2. The minutes of the previous Coordinating Committee meeting were approved as submitted.

3. Old Business

a. Proposed Amendment to Bylaws, Section V., Nominations, Appointments and Elections (T. Haynes, Chair, Rules of Procedure Committee)

The Committee was asked to examine the bylaws to clarify how to proceed if a committee vacancy exists and might be filled on a temporary basis.

The proposed amendment to the bylaws consists mainly of two minor deletions and the insertion of brief new text before the existing text of the bylaws of Section V, number 9.

The beginning of Section V, number 9, the phrase "Vacancies, either temporary or permanent, which arise in elected offices, will be filled as follows" will be deleted.

Instead, the following text will be added:

"Should a vacancy, either temporary or permanent, arise in an elective office, the chair of the affected committee, in consultation with members of the said committee, will decide whether the vacancy needs to be filled for the duration of the vacancy or the unexpired term, whichever ends first. If a replacement is necessary, the vacancy will be filled as follows:"

The existing text of the bylaws will then follow, beginning with, "The Rules of Procedure Committee will normally selectů" At the end of this paragraph, the phrase "until the next election, at which time the position shall be filled by election for the remainder, if any, of the unexpired term" will be deleted.

T. Haynes indicated that the proposed changes attempt to clarify the situation of what to do in the event of vacancies while preserving the authority and viability of the Committees. The modifications were approved by the Coordinating Committee and will proceed to the faculty for approval.

4. New Business

a. RUL Listservs-Revisiting RUL Everyone/Faculty-Only Listservs (L. Langschied, Faculty Coordinator)

L. Langschied noted that the merged "RUL EVERYONE" list, which has been in existence for approximately one year, has had both benefits and problems. While it has opened lines of communication throughout the Libraries, it may have at the same time hindered communication, as some have expressed hesitancy to used the listserv for fear of inundating their colleagues with emails that do not apply to all members of the Libraries faculty and staff. L. Langschied stated that one option may be to preserve the "RUL EVERYONE" list while at the same time creating a "RUL FACULTY" list. Committee members pointed out that there are staff members who are deeply involved and engaged in faculty concerns and may wish to participate in some discussions. It was then suggested that those who send messages to the lists would have to use great care in deciding which list to use. At the end of the discussion, it was decided that Coordinating Committee deputy chair R. Marker would compose a paragraph on the issue to share with Associate University Librarian for Public Services and Communications J. Boyle in order to alert her to the Coordinating Committee discussion.

b. Distribution of Minutes of Coordinating Committee and RUL Faculty Meeting (L. Langschied, Faculty Coordinator)

A change was proposed to the distribution of the Coordinating Committee and Faculty Meeting minutes. After the meeting, the Faculty Secretary will compose the minutes and share the draft with the University Librarian, Faculty Coordinator and Deputy Faculty Coordinator for revision. After the revisions are made, the draft will be sent to the "RUL EVERONE" list. It will also be sent to the Libraries webmaster for posting on the web with a "date submitted" entry noted on the minutes. If subsequent revisions are offered, the Faculty Secretary will make those changes, and after the minutes are approved at the subsequent Committee or Faculty meeting, the final copy of the minutes will be posted to the web with a "date approved" notation. The members of the Coordinating Committee agreed to this change in procedure.

c. Agenda for June 13 Faculty Meeting

The June, 13, 2003 Rutgers University Libraries faculty meeting will have a standard business meeting agenda as well as include the following items for faculty consideration:

Proposed Amendments to Bylaws, Section V, Number 9: Nominations, Appointments and Elections (T. Haynes, Chair, Rules of Procedure Committee) and Guidelines for the Evaluation of Librarianship (M. Fetzer, Chair, Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee)

The open session following the faculty meeting will consist of a presentation on the use of quality indicators in higher education entitled "Establishing Quality Indicators for RUL" by Brent D. Ruben, Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Organizational Development and Leadership.

5. Report of the University Librarian (M. Gaunt)


Members of the Libraries are highly encouraged to send the preprinted postcards prepared by the University to members of the state legislature in order to ask that the University's budget be restored at the state level.

The Libraries are currently modeling a budget cut of 2.5%. Cabinet has posited tentative cuts as follows:

$50,000 cut from "below the line" $125,000 cut from staff $400,000 cut from collections

In terms of collections, the Science Direct contract remains under consideration, and strategies for dealing with potential cuts may include a mix of full-text e-journals combined with articles-on-demand and interlibrary loan materials. The RLG databases are also being reconsidered. All databases as well as individual print subscriptions should be examined. Staff dollars may be made up in part from retirements, however it is possible that the Libraries may lose two or three lines. The Libraries must have plans in place by September in order to be prepared to notify vendors and address the situation openly with students and faculty.

Open Positions

New Brunswick Libraries Director: A search firm has been hired to assist in developing an ad for this position. The search firm will conduct the initial vetting of applications and recommendations and present the Libraries' search committee with a list of the best pool of candidates.

Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services: An announcement on how the position will be handled temporarily is forthcoming. How the position will be filled on a permanent basis will be reexamined based on the Libraries' needs and goals.

6. Other

Public Services Council (M. Kesselman): The Council is discussing the Libraries' role as a user-centered space. The open URL working group will make a recommendation to use Ebsco's service.

Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (M. Fetzer): The Committee will present Guidelines for the Evaluation of Librarianship at the next faculty meeting. PPAAC will have to fill a vacant committee position.

Committee of Review (K. Mulcahy): There was no report.

New Brunswick campus (K. Mulcahy): Faculty elections are currently taking place.

Research Leave Review Committee (R. Tipton): The new Short Research Assignment Guidelines are in place and will be used for the next round of applications due July 5.

Planning Committee (R. Tipton): The Digital Library Initiative Planning page is up, two additional sections on Institutional Repositories and Organizational Change are forthcoming. If faculty members have any suggestions on programs to support organizational learning they are encouraged to contact R. Tipton and M. Wilt.

Technical Services Council (R. Jantz): Grant monies are being used to purchase furniture, software, and a digital camera. The Council has considered standard configurations for public and staff computer workstations. Three "recon" projects are ongoing, and will be finished in 2003. DAWG is beginning to focus on the infrastructure necessary to support the potential IMLS grant. R. Jantz and others made a trip to the University of Virginia, and brought back version 1.0 of Fedora, an open source software that can be applied to institutional repositories. RUL will likely become a Fedora partner.

Collection Development Council (T. Glynn): The Council will continue to examine the difficult budget situation.

Newark Campus (A Watkins): There was no report.

Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee (K. Denda): The year's last brown bag seminar will be conducted by J. Niessen who will discuss his experiences in Central Europe.

The Faculty Coordinator L. Langschied raised a final issue: Should travel fund application materials used by the faculty and staff be web enabled? It was decided to raise this issue with Human Resources as well as AUL J. Boyle.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 11:32 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sara Harrington
RUL Faculty Secretary

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