Minutes of September 24, 2003 meeting

Rhonda Marker, Jeris Cassel, Fernanda Perrone (recorder), Rebecca Gardner, Ryan Womack, Jim Niessen, Brian Hancock, Tom Glynn, Roberta Tipton, Triveni Kuchi, Marianne Gaunt, Patricia Libutti, Ann Watkins (via video-conference)
Mary Page, Mary Beth Weber, John Maxymuk

[Minutes submitted October 8, 2003 (draft), Approved: 10/20/03]

The meeting was called to order at 9:35 am. There was difficulty with the connection to Newark. Ann Watkins agreed to listen in although she could not be heard.


1. The Agenda was adopted.

2. The minutes of the May 28, 2003 coordinating committee were adopted as submitted.

3. Report of Faculty Coordinator: R. Marker reported that last year new procedures for communicating among RUL committees were adopted. Minutes and agendas of each committee should be sent to the RUL-Everyone list. Each committee also has a web presence. Committee chairs are responsible to send Sam McDonald a message to post minutes on the web.

In response to a question, R. Marker also asked that campus representatives’ reports be sent out to RUL_EVERYONE in order to support open communication in the Libraries. She went over procedures for submitting minutes of the coordinating committee and Faculty meetings (See minutes of May 28, 2003 meeting). She also emphasized the importance of faculty members’ attending the State of the Libraries meeting November 12. Vice President Karen Kavanagh will be in attendance.

4. Old Business: None.

5. New Business

a. Vacancy on Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (PPAAC): Penny Page was appointed by acclamation.

b. October Coordinating Committee meeting: The University Librarian cannot attend, so after some discussion, the date was changed to Monday, Oct. 20 at 10 am.

c. Election of representative of campuses to coordinating committee: These representatives have not been elected at the annual election as specified in faculty by-laws. TAS, SC/UA and PSC have therefore not been able to vote for the New Brunswick representative. It is important to have all campuses represented at Coordinating Committee, especially now when restructuring may be a topic of discussion. R. Womack (Chair, Rules of Procedures Committee) discussed the option of holding a separate election, but noted the difficulty of finding people to run. The possibility of asking for a change in the by-laws to adjust the timeline for the election was discussed. No committee chairs are currently from Newark or Camden. The Rules of Procedure Committee would present several options and report at the next Coordinating Committee. Everyone agreed that representation of all three campuses was important on Coordinating Committee.

d. Libraries Strategic Plan Update: Marianne Gaunt said that many of the goals of the Digital Libraries Initiative have been achieved and it is time to update the document. Cabinet discussions have resulted in a plan to produce a more detailed description of goals for next the five years. Some important issues to consider are the development of an institutional digital repository; e-learning/course management; themes for digital projects; and how to obtain more faculty input. M. Gaunt will be meeting with the University-wide library advisory committee in October to help keep abreast of overall goals of the University as they relate to the libraries. She asked Coordinating Committee for their feedback.

Some of the issues that were brought up in discussion were: addressing rapid changes in computing research such as grid computing and the need for the strategic plan to be flexible; the information literacy priority of the Middle States Association and the Libraries’ potential documenting of what the units are doing in this area to prepare for re-accreditation (see R. Tipton’s Information Literacy web page); concern over the communication among RUL librarians and staff and the need to have the greatest possible input in this process. M. Gaunt added that a broad buy-in was also important for future fund-raising.

R. Marker asked if the committee should make the new strategic plan a regular agenda item or form a sub-committee devoted to it. The Committee agreed that it should be a regular agenda item and noted the importance of documenting suggestions.

6. Report of University Librarian: Gaunt gave an update on the budget situation. She met twice with Dr. Furmanski, who has allocated $750,000 to the libraries, and she has been able to allocate an additional $250,000 from unrestricted gifts for collections. He has set up a task force for budget planning made up of administrators, deans and faculty, which will use an all-funds approach. Dr. Furmanski wants to eliminate use of one-time funding allocations to support ongoing operations of any unit. We hope not to cancel any subscriptions this year for budget reasons alone. Karen Kavenagh, Nancy Winterbauer, and Dr. Furmanski have also created new budget procedures that give units more flexibility in using their funds.

Everyone is encouraged to come to the State of the Libraries meeting.

RUL received a $463,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services for the New Jersey Digital Highway (a digital repository of information about New Jersey), which among other things will enable us to purchase additional storage capacity. Rutgers will manage the server. The NJ Digital Highway will be integrated into the Rutgers’ Digital Library. In the past calendar year, RUL has received grants from the NEH, the National Science Foundation and now the IMLS.

NJEDge conference in Princeton Oct. 30-31 would have many representatives from Rutgers. This conference will include librarians, information technology professionals and academic administrators in a discussion of how to use high-speed technology to collaborate for instruction and research.

The New Brunswick Libraries director search is going well. Sandra Troy is setting up dates for meeting with the consultant and for interviews.

The university’s draft copyright policy is now available on the Libraries’ web site. The Libraries need to have discussions with faculty and staff to understand how the policy might affect the Libraries. For example, librarians (faculty) own the copyright to user and research guides that they have created, and can potentially take these guides with them if they leave, and not necessarily let the Libraries continue to use them. The university owns digital projects that have been created with substantial university resources. M. Gaunt and Jeanne Boyle will be giving presentations about this issue on individual campuses over the next few weeks.

7. Other Business: R. Marker asked for reports from committee chairs.

Public Services Council: P. Libutti mentioned a study which found that students don’t turn initially to librarians for help. The committee has also been discussing the possible impact of restructuring on public services, the development of a Toolkit for instructional services, and open URL.

Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee: T. Kuchi mentioned Voorhees Library exhibit tour on October 9, and said the committee was planning a major event “Visions for the Academic Library” Dec. 10 and 11. In spring, the committee is planning more brown-bag lunch programs and a larger program for later in the semester. T. Kuchi asked about funding for large-scale programs and M. Gaunt replied that she should submit a budget proposal to her office.

New Brunswick Libraries: R. Gardner reported that an exploratory committee was working on prioritizing open lines and that the Douglass Library renovations were on track.

Technical Services Council: J. Niessen reported that the committee has approved acceleration of the Recon project and a proposal to have a Task Force coordinate between the Collection Development Council and Technical Services to explore if 1) there are ways to keep book money from disappearing at the end of the year because of procedural difficulties, and 2) if a distributed source of information about databases could be made available (internally) to faculty and staff.

PPAAC: B. Hancock reported that three new members have joined him and Eileen Stec: Lourdes Vazquez, Wen-Hua Ren, and Penny Page.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 11:07 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Fernanda Perrone

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