Minutes of January 21, 2004 meeting

Marianne Gaunt, Rhonda Marker, Mary Beth Weber, Ryan Womack, Brian Hancock, Tom Glynn, Jeris Cassel, Mary Page, Ron Becker, Fernanda Perrone (recorder), Rebecca Gardner, Ann Watkins
John Maxymuk
Jim Niessen
Triveni Kuchi

[Date Approved: February 18, 2004]

R. Marker called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.


1. The agenda was adopted

2. In the minutes of the previous Coordinating Committee meeting (December 17, 2003), Agenda Item 6.b., M. Gaunt recommended changing "faculty business as needed" to "faculty business." The minutes were approved as emended.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator: R. Marker deferred her report to Agenda Item 5.

4. Old Business: R. Becker (Chair, Planning Committee) presented the rewritten proposal for merging the Coordinating Committee with the Planning Committee. Discussion ensued. It was decided that the proposal will be presented in principle at the next Faculty Meeting, and, if approved, will go to the Rules of Procedure Committee. A question arose over the status of this spring's elections to the Planning Committee. R. Womack, Chair, Rules of Procedure Committee, said that the Planning Committee elections could go ahead as usual. It was hoped that the proposed bylaws change could be made at the June faculty meeting.

5. Continuing Business: R. Marker gave an update on the Digital Library Initiative planning process. She has sent out an electronic message to all Rutgers University Libraries faculty explaining the process. Reports from selectors on meetings with departments are expected in about six weeks. In April and May, focus groups for users (faculty, students, and perhaps others) will be set up. Based on these results, a strategic planning group will begin to meet in Fall 2004. Discussion followed on who should convene focus groups and how they should be composed. M. Gaunt explained that focus groups will help test new ideas for the Libraries such as the concept of an institutional repository or the Libraries as publisher. She suggested inviting someone familiar with the Libraries but somewhat outside to serve as convener, such as a SCILS faculty member. Dan O'Connor (SCILS), Brent Ruben (Organizational Development and Leadership) and Marie Radford (Pratt) were suggested as possibilities. Marie Radford was highly recommended by several Coordinating Committee members. There was discussion over whether one person should lead all groups or if there should be a co-facilitator from the Libraries present at group meetings. Most people felt that it would not be possible for one person to be present at all meetings. Volunteers from the Coordinating Committee and Planning Committee will take minutes to provide a record of the focus groups.

Discussion ensued about the composition of the focus groups. As a result of a lively and thorough discussion, the Committee thought that these focus groups would best represent the Libraries' core constituencies:

Newark campus: Faculty; Graduate students; Undergraduate students
Camden campus: Faculty; Combined graduate and undergraduate students
New Brunswick campus: Faculty; Graduate students; Undergraduate students
System-wide: Distance learners

Everyone was encouraged to submit names of people who might be interested-it will be necessary to over-invite. The groups will probably consist of about 8-10 people, and will meet for about 1 1/2 hours over lunch. Ways of attracting students were discussed. Graduate students could probably be reached through the Graduate Student Association. The importance of getting a cross-section of undergraduates was emphasized: possible avenues suggested were through the honors programs, athletics, marching band, resident advisors, and cultural organizations, rather than through the usual avenue of the college governing associations. The difficulties of fitting in with student schedules were discussed.

R. Marker mentioned a talk by Steven Abrams, Micromedia Division, ProQuest at the recent VALE conference about incoming students' learning styles. Because of their early familiarity with computers, younger learners absorb information more visually than the older generation, which is more comfortable with linear, textual materials. While many distance learners are older people, this theory applies to the new generation of students for whom librarians must design services.

M. Gaunt agreed to contact suggested facilitators, pick out possible dates, and look into the best way of setting up a session for distance learners. R. Marker will send a message to RUL_EVERYONE explaining the process and asking library faculty and staff to suggest names of possible participants. M. Page recommended a session for staff about the Digital Library Initiative. It was decided that this would be a good topic for the open session of the June faculty meeting.

6a. New Business: Setting the agenda for the March 5 RUL Faculty Meeting:

Professor Tomas Eloy Martinez, Chair, Latin American Studies Program, has agreed to speak about the research process for his next book during the open part of the meeting. The agenda for the business meeting will include the proposed merger of the Planning and Coordinating Committees. It was decided to postpone the discussion of the proposed bylaws change pertaining to the election of the campus representatives to the Coordinating Committee until after the status of this committee was clarified. The Faculty Coordinator will explain the reason for this postponement. R. Marker noted that the business meeting must end at 11:00 because of Professor Martinez' schedule.

7. Report of the University Librarian: M. Gaunt will be sending a message to the provosts and deans alerting them that RUL is in the process of updating its long-range plan, including the following activities: 1) Over the spring semester, RUL will be doing a communications audit, which will look at the web site, publications, and conduct interviews to see how well we are communicating our message. We are currently choosing a firm to conduct the audit. 2) The liaisons are meeting with departments and we are planning focus groups as described above. 3) We are working on excellence indicators, including developing benchmarks of quality, which we will need to verify with our user community. The long-range plan will include an assessment component.

In other news, M.Gaunt will be writing a column in the Agenda about the Digital Library planning process. The Friends Collection Development Committee came up with the idea of honoring faculty authors. We will have an exhibit in the renovated Douglass Library of books published in 2003 by Rutgers-New Brunswick faculty. Dr. Furmanksi will speak. This exhibit also reflects the theme of the year of the university press, so Marlie Wasserman, Director of the Rutgers University Press, will also participate in the event. We are asking faculty authors to donate copies of their books to the Libraries. M. Gaunt encouraged Library faculty who have published books this year to participate. Similar exhibits will be held at Newark and Camden later in the year. The opening reception will be held March 25, 2004.

M. Gaunt also distributed a summary of the findings of a retreat held by Rutgers administrators to discuss university services. Although the Libraries were not part of the retreat, the findings may be of interest to the Assessment Committee in creating benchmarks. The Information Technology Committee will have a full day retreat to discuss how Administrative Computing determines priorities. The Dean's Council Meeting is coming up soon. Finally, the University Librarian gave a brief update on the status of the New Brunswick Libraries Director search.

8. Other business. B. Hancock, Chair, Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee, reported that the committee will meet February 3 to evaluate the document "Guidelines for Activities and Documentation with Respect to the Reappointment and Promotion of Library Faculty," and will report at the next Coordinating Committee meeting.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Fernanda Perrone
Faculty Secretary

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