Minutes of March 24, 2004 meeting

Marianne Gaunt, Rhonda Marker, Jeris Cassel, Brian Hancock, Jim Niessen, Triveni Kuchi, Mary Beth Weber, Fernanda Perrone (recorder), Patricia Libutti, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Ryan Womack, Mary Page
John Maxymuk
Ron Becker

[Draft: March 4, 2004; Approved April 21, 2004]

R. Marker called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m.

1. The agenda was adopted.

2. The Minutes of the Coordinating Committee Meeting of February 18, 2004 were approved. R. Marker thanked F. Perrone for preparing the minutes this year.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator. R. Marker asked to be excused from the next Coordinating Committee Meeting. J. Cassel, Deputy Faculty Coordinator, will preside. The May Coordinating Committee Meeting has been moved from May 26 to May 19. R. Marker thanked the faculty liaisons for their communications regarding faculty use of the Libraries, discussed below.

4. Old Business.

a. Faculty Meeting Follow-Up. Discussion at the Faculty Meeting of March 5, 2004 of the Planning Committee proposal to merge the Planning and Coordinating Committees resulted in a decision to go forward with the proposal. The Rules of Procedures Committee is preparing Bylaws language to propose at the June Faculty Meeting. The proposed change will have an impact on faculty elections currently being held. Election to the current Planning Committee will indicate interest in serving on the new committee.

The idea of a Faculty Research Salon, stemming from Professor Tomas Eloy MartRnez' presentation at the last faculty meeting was discussed. It was agreed that connecting events to future faculty meetings would ensure a good audience. The interview format, which enabled Prof. MartRnez' comments on his research process to be connected to library resources, was applauded. It was agreed that similar programming will be planned in connection with faculty meetings next year, with an emphasis on varying the format of events. Liaisons will recommend possible faculty speakers, with an effort to rotate between disciplines. The Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee (SAPAC) will coordinate the process.

b. Guidelines for Activities and Documentation with Respect to the Reappointment and Promotion of Library Faculty. B. Hancock, Chair, Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (PPAAC) introduced several proposed changes to this document involving the description of technology-based activities. Discussion ensued over how best to describe digital projects in a paper-based document. The committee agreed on several minor changes in wording. The revised document will be posted on the Libraries web site and the faculty will be informed of the changes.

5. Continuing Business: Digital Library Initiative (DLI) Planning Update

Summaries of faculty responses to liaison surveys and meetings were distributed, and common themes were discussed. Most respondents commented on the need for more books and electronic journals, while a few people commented on the quality of the physical facilities and the need for more and better equipment. Everyone agreed that technology has changed the way they did research. Several science faculty members expressed a need for more print as well as electronic material and noted that they visited the library frequently. Other overall themes were the importance of geography, especially in cases where departments are situated on different campuses from their corresponding library collections, and the importance of moving image media collections. Relatively few faculty members used web-based teaching software or used live reference, which they perceived as a service for students. Other specific comments suggested a need to make electronic resources easier to use. Discussion ensued over ways of analyzing the responses and how the information gathered will be used in the Libraries strategic planning process.

Topical Questions for Focus Groups: M. Gaunt reported on a Cabinet discussion of topical questions for faculty focus groups, which suggested introducing a few broad questions, which would encourage faculty to speak about their teaching and research. Discussion ensued on various topics including the advisability of making specific suggestions such as the idea of an institutional repository; and other ways of accumulating data about faculty research. There was agreement that the broad questions will be useful. Possible questions for the student focus groups were discussed as well, including asking about course reading, class assignments, use of textbooks, and impediments to completion of class work. It was agreed that we need to find out how the students feel about the library as a place, both in terms of studying quietly and of working on team projects. M. Gaunt will rephrase the questions for the students and distribute them to the Coordinating Committee for comments. We still need to find additional faculty members and students to invite to join focus groups.

6. New Business: None.

7. Report of the University Librarian: The communications consultants, Library Communication Strategies, Inc. has visited the New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden campuses, making presentations and meeting with key influencers. M. Gaunt also reminded the Committee of the Faculty Publications Exhibition March 25, which will be the first event in the newly renovated Douglass Library. The Planning Committee has been working with Marilyn Wilt on an information literacy symposium; the Committee is seeking co-sponsorship and looking for possible faculty members to invite. M. Wilt will also be working with the Planning Committee on the program to introduce the DLI II. A tentative date has been chosen in June. The Route 18 Task Force continues to meet.

8. Other Business: None

9. R. Marker adjourned the meeting at 11:25 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Fernanda Perrone
Faculty Secretary

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