Minutes of April 21, 2004 meeting

Jeris Cassel (convenor), Marianne Gaunt, Rebecca Gardner, Mary Beth Weber, Pat Piermatti, Ryan Womack, Mary Page, Tom Glynn, Fernanda Perrone (recorder), Ann Watkins, Jim Niessen, Brian Hancock, Ron Becker, Triveni Kuchi, Patricia Libutti
John Maxymuk
Rhonda Marker

J. Cassel called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.

1. The Agenda was adopted.

2. The Minutes of the last Coordinating Committee meeting were approved.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator: None.

4. Old Business: Planning and Coordinating Committee Bylaws Update. R. Womack, Chair, Rules of Procedures Committee, and R. Becker, Chair, Planning Committee, circulated a memorandum about the proposed merger of the Planning and Coordinating Committees. Most of the changes related to Section VII, concerning the selection and composition of the new committee. It was decided to delete the phrase "In accordance with University Regulations," from Section VII.4. The Rules of Procedures Committee will be adjusting the language describing campus elections. Discussion ensued. It was suggested that faculty members from other New Brunswick/Piscataway units be invited to the next New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting to hold a campus election, or that an election be held via electronic mail.

5. Continuing Business: Digital Library Initiative II (DLI)

a. Focus Groups. M. Gaunt distributed a document, "Focus Group Outline and Questions for the Libraries' Strategic Plan-Faculty," and reported on a discussion with the facilitators over the nature and number of questions, in which the facilitators suggested limiting the number of questions but group by topic and have a brief introduction. The facilitators also recommended a different format for the student focus groups including general and specific questions. These changes will facilitate the integration and analysis of data gleaned from the focus groups. It was suggested that faculty be asked about strategies for keeping up with new resources and technology. Four focus groups are being held this week and several more will be held over the next two weeks.

b. Liaison Reports. P. Libutti distributed a draft summary of the reports from faculty liaisons, as well as a few additional reports, and presented preliminary results. The summary suggested certain differences among disciplines, although the responses from all disciplines showed the continuing importance of monographs. Discussion ensued. P. Libutti will incorporate the additional material and complete the report. There was further discussion over how to respond to written comments by individual faculty members. All comments will be noted and kept on file. J. Cassel thanked P. Libutti, the liaisons, M. Weber, and T. Kuchi for collecting and compiling the information.

c. Planning Committee Program on the Planning Process. R. Becker, Chair, Planning Committee, introduced the program planned for July 22, 2004, and distributed an article written by Clara Lovett, the featured speaker. Clara Lovett is president emeritus of Northern Arizona University and President of the American Association of Higher Education. Dr. Lovett will speak on changes in higher education and how they will affect libraries. M. Wilt was thanked for selecting the speaker. Dr. P. Furmanski will also be attending. The group was asked how they would like to organize the day-long program and what sort of information should be given to Dr. Lovett beforehand. Discussion ensued. It was decided to give Dr. Lovett general information about the Rutgers Libraries such as the Annual Report. The afternoon will probably be spent in breakout sessions based on themes. There was concern over attendance at the program because of the mid-summer date. Faculty from the Graduate Schools of Education, the School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies, and librarians from other institutions can also be invited. R. Becker urged everyone to contact the Planning Committee with suggestions.

6. New Business:

a. Assessment Committee Update.

S. Beck, Chair, Assessment Committee distributed a draft document. The Assessment Committee has been charged to come up with indicators to measure how well RUL is meeting its goals. The chart that the Committee is developing is based on the work of Brent Ruben, which is similar to the Balanced Scorecard or Benchmark created by Carol Kaplan at Harvard. At Rutgers, this method is being referred to as the "dashboard," and is also being used at Utah State University. The committee is reviewing and expanding on the work started by Cabinet earlier this year. The Assessment Committee will coordinate with the DLI liaison surveys and focus groups, using the information that they collect as well as existing data. Discussion ensued over the methods and structure of the survey and how to elicit different perspectives. The University Librarian thanked S. Beck and the Assessment Committee for their hard work in preparing this document. She explained that some goals would remain constant each year, while others would change from year to year as priorities change. The purpose of the document is to develop ways to measure excellence based on what is important to different constituencies. It is not prescriptive, but measures what we are doing in relation to what is important.

b. Information Literacy Symposium Update.

J. Cassel reported on the Information Literacy Symposium to be held on May 6. This half-day program will be held in the TLH and will be video-conferenced. Terrence Mech and Ilene Rockman will be speaking. Jeanne Boyle and the Instructional Services Committee coordinated and planned the program. She urged everyone to come and to invite faculty members. Dr. Furmanski has also sent invitations to appropriate faculty members and administrators.

7. Report of the University Librarian: M. Gaunt and Grace Agnew attended a Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) meeting in Washington, D.C. last week. This group includes campus computing administrators, library directors, and associate university librarians, and reports on technology and libraries. G. Agnew gave a presentation about the Moving Images Collection. Ed Ayres, Dean of the Faculty, University of Virginia, a leader in the field of electronic text in the humanities, was the keynote speaker. There were also several sessions on the nature of data produced during research. In the research of the future, the mining of data will be more important than conducting experiments. Therefore, preserving databanks will be of the greatest importance, and National Science Foundation grants are moving towards requiring proposals to include plans for preserving and organizing data. RUL should work with Rutgers faculty members who have received NSF grants.

Dr. P. Furmanski has asked all units to prepare plans on the recruitment and retention of under- represented groups. The plans will be filed and the units will be required to do progress reports each year. The Libraries will be setting up a task force to look at this issue.

The Cabinet has updated the Libraries' travel policy as a result of changes in university regulations. There will be an increase in funding and clarification of procedures. Information will be posted shortly.

8. Other Business.

J. Niessen reported that the New Brunswick Faculty Council has approved a resolution on scholarly communication, and that Dan Fischman will be the Chair of the Council's Library Committee next year. T. Glynn, Collection Development Council, reported that we are acquiring JSTOR Arts and Science II. B. Hancock reported that a computer engineer from England would be setting up the grid next week and giving a presentation. P. Libutti reported that the Instructional Services Committee would be looking at Faculty Web Pages and Resource Centers. It was announced that Ron Jantz has been awarded the Technology Award at the NJLA College & University Section/ACRL-NJ luncheon at the NJLA annual conference, and that RUL was well represented at the conference.

9. J. Cassel adjourned the meeting at 11:25 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Fernanda Perrone
Faculty Secretary

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