Minutes of September 22, 2004 meeting

J. Cassel, M. Weber, M. Gaunt, J. Gardner, S. Harrington, R. Gardner, J. Niessen, K. Mulcahy, T. Glynn, F. Perrone (recorder), R. Tipton
J. Maxymuk, J. Still
R. Bogan

[Approved November 12, 2004]


1. J. Cassel called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. There was difficulty with the video connection to Camden, so unfortunately J. Maxymuk missed part of the meeting.

2. Agenda: J. Cassel proposed a brief discussion of the Faculty Increment Service Program (FASIP) before the Report of the University Librarian. The Agenda was approved.

3. The Minutes of the Coordinating Committee Meeting of May 19, 2004 were approved.

4. Role of the Planning and Coordinating Committee. J. Cassel distributed excerpts from the Faculty Bylaws and a list of current committee members. An inconsistency in the Bylaws was noted, which was referred to the Rules of Procedures Committee.

Everyone on the committee introduced themselves and identified their function as a member of the Planning and Coordinating Committee. Discussion ensued about the role of the new committee. It has several functions, including serving as an advisory body to the University Librarian on planning issues, representing constituent groups, such as campuses and councils, and facilitating communication. Two members are also appointed to provide diversity in areas of expertise.

5. Task Force on Diversity Report. J. Cassel distributed the report of the Task Force on Diversity, dated August 17, 2004. A full discussion of the report followed. It was pointed out that some of the Task Force recommendations as regards advertising positions were already being carried out. M. Gaunt noted the difficulty of attracting a diverse pool of applicants, and recommended additional outreach efforts. Overall, she praised the comprehensiveness of the report, but raised a question about the report's recommendation for search committees to consider recent M.L.S. graduates for open positions (4.G.), because of the difficulty of gaining reappointment and tenure for inexperienced candidates. It was agreed that this recommendation probably did not fit into this report, and was part of a larger problem not exclusively connected with diversity, which should be considered elsewhere. Similarly, it was noted that recommendation 5.C., which called for the establishment of a formal mentoring program, could apply to all new faculty members. It was noted that in the past, there had been opposition to the establishment of a formal mentoring program. Other suggestions including establishing partnerships with library schools, particularly those offering joint subject doctoral/M.LS. degrees, as well as special, academic, and school libraries. It was generally agreed that the issue should be revisited, perhaps in the form of creating a roster of volunteer mentors for those who were interested. M. Gaunt offered to find out how other academic departments approach mentoring of new faculty members, and M. Weber and J. Cassel offered to search the literature on the topic.

It was agreed that points regarding the composition of search committees and the search process needed to be qualified. Including students on search committees was probably not viable, except possibly doctoral candidates in some cases. Most people also questioned the usefulness and practicality of creating and maintaining a diversity web site.

In conclusion, the Committee decided not to make a statement on the report, but to include it on the Agenda at the next Libraries Faculty Meeting.

6. Organizational Structure for DLI II Strategic Plan: Discussion ensued over the structure of the strategic planning process. M. Gaunt recommended looking at the ACRL Strategic Plan in the latest issue of College and Research Libraries and at the Universitys strategic goals, in the context of drafting our mission statement and identifying our own strategic goals. The various documents and reports which have been produced over the past year will serve as background information. It was recommended that a small steering committee will be appointed to write the document based on input and feedback from other groups. Some work can be done using already existing committees, or these can be expanded. Teaching faculty and RUL staff should be invited to participate and the University- wide Library Advisory Committee should be included in the process. Strategic areas already identified for inclusion are information literacy, information infrastructure, communication, assessment, and collaboration with UMDNJ and NJIT. Some kind of cooperation with RUCS, now know as the Office of Information Technology (OIT) in developing information infrastructure, is anticipated.

The work of validating assessment criteria has already begun: M. Gaunt has been meeting with university administrators, who have emphasized the importance of integration with the University and serving our constituents. Susan Beck has met with key individuals representing NJ citizens. It was recommended that a new title was needed for the strategic plan, probably incorporating the term integration, which will be a major theme. M. Gaunt suggested that open forums on the Libraries mission and core values be held on all three campuses, followed by an open forum on key questions. Everyone agreed on the importance of open forums. Discussion followed on the size and composition of the steering committee, with recommendations that it consist of five or six people.

7. FASIP Disclosure: J. Cassel transmitted a message from Dr. Furmanski that faculty are being asked if they want to maintain their current policy as to disclosure of FASIP awards within individual units. The Committee members agreed to communicate this message to the units.

8. Report of the University Librarian: In the interest of time, M. Gaunt referred the Committee to the recent Cabinet minutes.

9. J. Cassel summarized the Committee's discussion.

10. Future Agenda Items
a. Continuing Business: None
b. New Business: A question was raised over the term of office of the New Brunswick Libraries representative on the Planning and Coordinating Committee, which was referred to the Rules of Procedure Committee.

11. The meeting was adjourned at 12:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Fernanda Perrone
Faculty Secretary

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