Minutes of January 26, 2005 meeting

J. Cassel, M. Gaunt, J. Niessen, J. Gardner, K. Mulcahy, S. Harrington, T. Glynn, F. Perrone (recorder), M. Weber, R. Marker, R. Gardner
R. Tipton, J. Maxymuk


Executive Summary

  1. Distribution of the Minutes of the Planning and Coordinating Committee: In future, the minutes will be distributed and approved via electronic mail.
  2. Continuing Analysis of Unedited Data Summary from Sheila Creth: The Planning and Coordinating Committee will hold a joint meeting with Cabinet to discuss structural issues. The next Faculty Meeting will include an agenda item on structural and cultural issues.
  3. Research Salons: A research salon on grid computing will be held in the open portion of the March Faculty Meeting. A separate open session will be held to discuss the Libraries' Strategic Plan.
  4. Travel Policy: The University Librarian clarified the revised Library Travel Policy. A separate allocation for staff travel will be considered.


1. J. Cassel convened the meeting at 9:37 a.m.

2. Adoption of the Agenda

Two additions were made to the agenda under New Business: 1) a proposal for a research salon; 2) the distribution of the minutes of the Planning and Coordinating Committee. The amended agenda was adopted unanimously.

3. Minutes of the previous Planning and Coordinating Committee Meeting

R. Gardner's name was inadvertently listed twice. With this correction, the minutes were approved by consensus. J. Cassel proposed discussing the distribution of the minutes immediately. In the Coordinating Committee meeting of May 28, 2003, the following procedure was introduced: "After the meeting, the Faculty Secretary will compose the minutes and share the draft with the University Librarian, Faculty Coordinator and Deputy Faculty Coordinator for revision. After the revisions are made, the draft will be sent to the 'RUL EVERONE' list. It will also be sent to the Libraries webmaster for posting on the web with a 'date submitted' entry noted on the minutes. If subsequent revisions are offered, the Faculty Secretary will make those changes, and after the minutes are approved at the subsequent Committee or Faculty meeting, the final copy of the minutes will be posted to the web with a 'date approved' notation." It was decided that this procedure was appropriate for the minutes of the Faculty Meeting, but was not necessary for the entire faculty to see the draft minutes of the meetings of the Planning and Coordinating Committee. As an alternative, it was proposed that after revision by the University Librarian, Faculty Coordinator and Deputy Faculty Coordinator, the minutes will be circulated by electronic mail to the members of the committee with a deadline of one week for response. After the minutes are approved, they will be sent to RUL_EVERYONE. The committee agreed to try this new procedure.

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator


5. Unfinished Business


6. Continuing Business

a. Analysis of the Creth Report #2: Issues and Recommendations: J. Cassel distributed a revised chart "Issues and Recommendations on Structure and Culture." M. Gaunt distributed a survey of RUL committees compiled by Cabinet. Discussion ensued. In surveying the minutes of RUL councils and committees, J. Cassel noted there did not seem to be as much overlap in topics discussed as had occurred in the past, and noted the presence of task forces on specific topics. It was also noted that some of committees had been formed as the result of technological changes; for example, many related to the creation of the Rutgers Institutional Repository. In response to a question about how to approach the data, M. Gaunt suggested considering in which circumstances decisions should be make on a system-wide basis, locally, or by working groups looking at specific issues. Decisions involving budget may have to be made at the highest levels. J. Gardner cited Access Services, where cross-campus working groups were formed to deal with issues that affected all three campuses. System-wide groups have a mandate to share information, which does not currently exist for local committees.

A discussion ensued over marketing, as an example of an activity that is done simultaneously on a system-wide and local level. While RUL markets itself centrally, units concurrently market specific programs and services. Due to limited resources, RUL must be strategic about what it markets, and to balance the cost of marketing against the costs our collections and services. While it is possible to find inexpensive ways of marketing, such as through electronic mail, it is often difficult to measure the impact of marketing. The development of a marketing program also has implications for structure and budget. The Committee was referred to the statement of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Communications and Marketing, which is addressing these issues as part of the strategic planning process.

M. Gaunt posed a question about instruction in terms of local vs. system-wide organization. R. Tipton explained that the Instructional Services Committee was a system-wide committee with representation on the Public Services Council. In New Brunswick, an Ad Hoc Instructional Services Group only meets when a local issue arises. Discussion ensued. It was noted that sometimes instructional programs are developed quickly in response to an immediate campus need, but on occasion these could be adapted by the other campuses, which would save time and resources. The need to keep lines of communication open between campuses was stressed. J. Cassel asked the Committee to consider how structure can be more inclusive of individual campus cultures.

A joint meeting of Cabinet and the Planning and Coordinating Committee to discuss structural issues is being planned. The date will be finalized shortly. The issue will also be on the agenda of the next RUL Faculty Meeting.

7. New Business

a. Proposal for Research Salon: S. Harrington distributed a proposal from Brian Hancock for a program on grid computing to be given with Professor T. Corey Brennan of the Classics Department. After discussion, a motion was made to hold this program in the open part of the March faculty meeting. The motion was approved by consensus. A separate open meeting to discuss the strategic plan will also be scheduled this spring, which will be organized by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee.

b. Travel Policy: M. Gaunt the updated Library Policy on Travel Funds, which can be found on the RUL web site under [http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/admin/policies/travel_funds.shtml]

This policy has been created in response to the updating of the University's travel policy. M. Gaunt reviewed the document, noting several changes and clarifications: For instance, the unit allocation has been increased to $200 for tenured $400 for untenured faculty members, based on the number of faculty members in each unit. Librarians Vs are not part of this allocation, but can receive other types of reimbursement. M. Gaunt drew the committee's attention to the sections on invitational and administrative travel. A question arose regarding staff travel. While not included in allocations, staff members can receive system-wide, invitational or administrative travel funds. It was suggested that the question of including staff in formal allocations be considered to encourage more people to take advantage of the opportunity for professional involvement. M. Gaunt next reviewed changes in reimbursement, in response to new university rules, noting that now original boarding passes and itemized receipts are required for reimbursement.

8. University Librarian's Report

The Knowledge Initiative funds have been unfrozen by Acting Governor Codey. Because of the state budget situation, a change in funding has been made. The $6 million will be budgeted for March 2005-June 2007. As a result, we expect that only three databases can be purchased. The choice of databases and the logistics of reimbursement are currently being finalized.

The first meeting of the Strategic Plan Committee is February 3. All reports should be received by then and will be posted on the web site. M. Gaunt will serve as Acting Chair at this meeting.

Exhibitions of the works of recently published faculty authors are being held on all three campuses this semester. Selectors are encouraged to come. Announcements will be sent out shortly.

M. Gaunt attended a meeting of the library directors of New Jersey's public research universities to discuss future collaboration. J. Boyle, G. Golden, and L. Mullins will be giving updates from the OIT Strategic Planning Committee to Cabinet. They are serving, respectively, on the Governance, Teaching & Learning, and Research sub-committees.

9. Concluding Outcomes: J. Cassel summarized key outcomes, tasks and accomplishments from the meeting

10. Future Agenda Items

  1. Unfinished Business: None
  2. Continuing Business: Analysis of the Sheila Creth report
  3. New Business: None.

11. The meeting was adjourned at 12:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Fernanda Perrone
Faculty Secretary

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