Minutes of September 28, 2005 meeting

Veronica Calderhead, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn (recorder), Karen Hartman, Marianne Gaunt, Jackie Mardikian, Rhonda Marker, John Maxymuk (via videoconference), Laura Mullen, Jane Sloan (vice-chair), Eileen Stec, Mary Beth Weber (chair)
Ron Jantz

Executive Summary:


The committee approved the draft of the Mentoring Program Proposal submitted in September 2005. An ad hoc committee will develop a program proposal along the lines of the committee s discussion and RUL faculty will vote on a finalized proposal.

Eileen Stec will lead a program on the SAILS information literacy assessment following the faculty meeting in November 2005.

SAPAC will consider changing the name of its brownbag series to reflect the scholarly nature of the programs.

Continuing Business

The Faculty Coordinator and the Deputy Faculty Coordinator will analyze the results of the RUL Group Questionnaire and report at the October meeting.

New Business


The meeting was called to order at 9:30am. The agenda was adopted after the addition of a new item of business, a discussion of the post-faculty meeting event for November. Minutes of the prior meeting had been approved earlier via email.

Report of the Faculty Coordinator- M.B. Weber

On September 15, the Training and Learning Advisory Committee offered a workshop on How to Run Effective Meetings. The program, facilitated by Karen Novick, Director of Professional Development at SCILS, was informative and well-attended. The University Librarian distributed copies of the handouts to the Planning and Coordinating Committee members. The Faculty Coordinator will distribute copies to all committee chairs.

Unfinished Business

RUL Group Questionnaire- M.B. Weber

This summer the Planning and Coordinating Committee distributed an RUL Group Questionnaire to all committee chairs. The questionnaire is designed to identify any duplication or redundancies among the various committees and councils within RUL and to suggest possible structural changes with the system. All of the questionnaires have been completed and the Faculty Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator will review and report on them at next month's meeting

New Business

Mentoring Program Proposal- M.B. Weber

The Faculty Coordinator distributed via email a draft of a Mentoring Program Proposal for Library Faculty. This is part of an ongoing discussion of mentoring for tenure-track faculty that began during the 2004-2005 academic year. Generally the committee agreed with the broad outlines of the program set forth in the draft and with the important issues such a program would need to address. Committee members offered a number of suggestions, including that participation by both the mentor and mentee be strictly voluntary and that both parties could opt out without repercussions or recriminations. The draft in its current form will be taken up by an ad hoc mentoring committee, which will report to the RUL faculty later in the semester. The faculty will have an opportunity to vote on a final proposal.

Post-Faculty Meeting Event- T. Glynn

The committee discussed the possibility of scheduling an event of general interest to the faculty following the RUL Library Faculty meeting in November. Tom Glynn, chair of the Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee (SAPAC), suggested a number of options that had been discussed by SAPAC via email. The Planning and Coordinating Committee decided that Eileen Stec will give a presentation on the Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy (Project SAILS), a nation-wide effort to survey information literacy among college students. This is a timely topic in light of the recent release of the university's draft report on undergraduate education.

The committee also discussed changing the name that SAPAC uses for its informal lunchtime presentations by library faculty and staff. A number of librarians have asked SAPAC members to consider a term other than brownbag. After a brief discussion, the committee suggested lunchtime seminar. SAPAC will confer and has authority to change the name.

Report of the University Librarian- M. Gaunt

Carol Herring, Vice President for Development and President of the RU Foundation, will attend the Library Cabinet meeting on October 4 to discuss the university s next capital campaign. Opportunities for fund-raising at Rutgers are outlined in a PowerPoint created by Marts & Lundy, an outside consulting firm. RUL has a large pool of dedicated supporters who give consistently over a long period of time, but relatively fewer donors who contribute very large sums. The Foundation will work with the Libraries to identify alumni and others who might become major benefactors.

Susan Beck has compiled a summary report of the data collected in the LibQUAL survey and will present it at the State of the Libraries in November. The survey explores users perceptions of the Libraries in three areas. First, the affective area relates essentially to service, how different user groups perceive various service points in terms of the knowledge, courtesy, and helpfulness of the library employees they encounter. Second, information control relates to materials, physical and digital resources we make available to users. Third, the survey addresses perceptions of the library as place.

On the aggregate level, users were generally pleased with the Libraries, particularly in terms of service. Nonetheless, LibQual will allow us to focus on specific problem areas, to identify for particular groups gaps between what users want and what they get. For example, university staff members were the only group surveyed that rated the Libraries poorly in the service affective area (customer service), in terms of responsiveness, courtesy, etc. To narrow this gap, so to speak, we might offer summer workshops for staff members in using online indexes or other library resources. After the State of the Libraries event in November, the councils will discuss the LibQUAL results and we will decide how best to address the challenges highlighted by the results.

Marybeth Schmutz, Assistant Director of University Relations, will attend the Library Cabinet meeting on October 4 as a follow-up to the University s Constituency Report on perceptions of Rutgers by persons outside the university. The report addresses, among other matters, the use of logos on web pages and documents by different units within the University. Inconsistency in design and the multiplicity of logos has made it more difficult to market Rutgers. The University will in future issue guidelines regarding logos. The Libraries consulted with University Relations in the design of our logo.

The Strategic Planning Committee is making progress on developing the Libraries next strategic plan. There will be another open forum soon, possibly in late October.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35am.

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