Minutes of September 27, 2006 meeting

Howard Dess, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Michael Joseph, Jane Sloan (Chair), Marianne Gaunt, Mary Page (for Rhonda Marker), Karen Hartman, Ryan Womack, Eileen Stec, and Roberta Tipton (Recorder for Sara Harrington).

Executive Summary:

Two faculty representatives to join Cabinet.

Subcommittee formed (Howard Dess, Ryan Womack, Jane Sloan) to write the charge for the second phase of the faculty reorganization before next meeting.

Subcommittee on faculty governance related to faculty reorganization formed (Eileen Stec, Jane Sloan) to meet and report back at next meeting.

Unanimous vote of thanks to Sara Harrington for all her hard work during the faculty reorganization discussions to date.

Travel policy sent back to PPAAC (Julie Still, Ryan Womack, Mary Fetzer, John Shepard) representing the committee) with approval of the concept of uniform reimbursement across the system. More discussion next meeting.

Faculty input on hiring priorities to be discussed again next meeting.

Capital campaign project proposals needed by November 1st.

Recruitment discussion put back to next meeting.

Minutes of the June 21, 2006, meeting were approved via e-mail before the current meeting.

1. Faculty Reorganization

The meeting began with a unanimous vote of thanks to Sara Harrington for all her hard work during the faculty reorganization discussions to date.

The group critiqued the process of gathering ideas for faculty reorganization and discussed next steps. Sara Harrington had prepared structured feedback from the meeting of September 22 (attached) for reference. Some criteria for workable solutions to the structure issues included: inclusiveness, accountability, logical workflows, and adequate flows of information.

The issue of duplication of effort with both a single council and Cabinet as advisory bodies with overlapping membership to the University Librarian was discussed. Questions: What would an agenda for a single council look like? What would its relationship to the existing councils be? What about the proposal from Friday's meeting relating to a digital services council? Three substantive suggestions were put forward: 1) That faculty representation (Faculty Coordinator and chair of the Planning Committee) sit on the Cabinet in place of the single council proposed; 2) That a digital services council replace the current Technical Services Council; and 3) That all council meetings be revamped so that less reporting takes place and more important issues get discussed and decided earlier. Two subcommittees were appointed as follows: 1) Charge for the Phase 2 Reorganization Committee -- Howard Dess, Ryan Womack, and Jane Sloan; 2) Faculty Governance Issues -- Eileen Stec, Jane Sloan. The implementation committee itself will be recruited from the faculty as a whole.

2. Travel Reimbursement

In the absence of Julie Still, Ryan Womack presented the preliminary proposals from the travel committee. It was suggested that levels of travel support for tenured and untenured faculty who attend, speak at, or hold leadership positions in the conferences of professional organizations be standardized across the system. The preliminary proposal was returned to PPAAC for final drafting.

3. Faculty Input on Hiring Priorities

Salary savings, current open lines, and annual appointments were discussed in light of our current and possibly future budget difficulties. A suggestion was put forward that the Planning and Coordinating Committee draft guidelines and principles for filling open lines twice a year so that administrators could work quickly when the opportunity to hire arose. The Strategic Plan will provide additional context and information for hiring priorities.

4. Capital Campaign Priorities

Julia Zapcic joined the committee to discuss priorities for the upcoming capital campaign. Meetings will be held around the Libraries to talk about the campaign and solicit ideas for desirable projects. Proposals for transformative activities with a 7 to 8 year time horizon will need to be completed and in to RUL by November 1. Participation on all levels of the organization will be needed. Julia Zapcic can help with research and possible funding sources.

5. Outcomes, Tasks, and Accomplishments

Please see Executive Summary.

Respectfully submitted,
Roberta Tipton

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