Minutes of February 21, 2007 meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Jeanne Boyle, Howard Dess, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Marianne Gaunt, Tom Glynn (recorder), Karen Hartman, Michael Joseph, R. Marker, J. Maxymuk.(teleconferenced), Jane Sloan (chair), E. Stec, R. Tipton, Ryan Womack.
R. Sewell, J. Still.

Executive Summary:

The Faculty Chair will draft a charge for the Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (PPAAC) to develop guidelines for writing position descriptions, including traits and skills common to all faculty positions.

Prior to the Faculty meeting on March 2, the committee will conduct a brief, simple survey of the Library Faculty regarding faculty governance and council structures.

The committee approved a new travel policy.

The Associate University Librarian for Collection Development and Management presented a draft charge of a new faculty Committee on Scholarly Communication.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am. The minutes of the January 2007 meeting will be approved via email.

1. Report of the Faculty Coordinator – J. Sloan

The faculty Coordinator has spoken with Julie Still, chair of the Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (PPAAC) about developing a set of core competencies for librarians. She will draft a charge to the committee that will also include the development of guidelines for the writing position descriptions, including traits and skills common to all faculty positions.

2. Report of the Chair of the Planning Committee – M. Joseph

The Planning Committee has expanded its membership. Andy Martinez and Rodger Smith from Access Services and Laura Mullen from the Library of Science and Medicine have joined. At present, members of the committee are meeting with different groups in the Libraries to discuss the strategic plan. The goal is to determine which councils or committees will be assigned “ownership” of different strategic goals. Jeanne Boyle has met with the Collection Development Council, the Public Services Council, and the Technical Services Council to discuss the plan. Boyle and Michael Joseph have discussed it with Access Services and will discuss it with Systems shortly.

3A. Old Business: Faculty Governance Survey – J. Sloan

The committee discussed at some length the faculty governance survey that the Faculty Coordinator presented in January. It was decided that, as a preliminary step, we will conduct a very short, very simple survey prior to the RUL Faculty meeting on March 2. The results will focus and give direction to our discussion of faculty reorganization at that meeting. It will also help ensure a higher response rate. A number of issues relating to the survey were considered, including whether respondents would provide their name and unit and whether there would be a “no preference” option. The committee decided the first question will ask “which of the three Faculty Council structures do you like the most” and the second will ask “which . . . do you like the least.” In each case, one will be able to respond with “no preference.” The survey asks for the respondent’s campus, but not his or her unit. Providing one’s name and additional comments will be optional.

3B. Old Business: Travel Policy – J. Still

Julie Still, chair of PPAAC, presented a new draft of a travel policy that incorporates the comments and suggestions offered at the January meeting. The committee approved the policy and thanked Julie and PPAAC for their hard work. The question was raised whether it was too late to include this as an agenda item to be voted on at the March 2 Faculty meeting. The Faculty Coordinator will confer with Natalie Borisovets, the Faculty Parliamentarian on this point.

4A. New Business: Establishment of a new Faculty Committee on Scholarly Communication – R. Sewell

Robert Sewell, Associate University Librarian for Collection Development and Management, handed out a rationale and draft charge for a new faculty committee on scholarly communication. The intention is to establish a permanent body to provide direction and engage faculty and staff in issues relating to the development of the RUcore and scholarly communication generally. The committee will develop in two stages. The first, core group of library staff and faculty will determine basic policies and procedures, such as processes for selecting and managing materials for the repository. Then, probably after no more than several months, the membership will be expanded to include colleagues from outside the Libraries. Scholarly communication is an important part of the strategic plan and this committee is an important step forward, now that the RUCore is functional and we can explore ways in which we can use it. It will require representation and direction beyond the developers of the platform. It was emphasized that we should make it relatively simple to propose a project or it will be difficult to interest the teaching faculty in participating. The AUL for Collection Development will refine the draft, share it with the Faculty Coordinator, and present it at the Faculty meeting on March 2.

4B. New Business: March Faculty Meeting Agenda – All

The committee proposed the following agenda:

  1. Adoption of the Agenda (1 minute)
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the December 8, 2006 Faculty Meeting (1 minute)
  3. Introduction of New Faculty and Guests (1 minute)
  4. Unfinished Business
    • Faculty Reorganization Survey Report and Discussion – J. Sloan (20 minutes)
    • Planning Committee – M. Joesph (5 minutes)
  5. New Business
    • Travel Policy Proposal – J. Still (15 minutes)
    • Hiring Guidelines for Faculty lines (30 minutes)
    • Scholarly Communication Committee -- R. Sewell (20 minutes)
  6. Report of the University Librarian – M. Gaunt (15 minutes)
  7. Report of the Faculty Coordinator – J. Sloan (5 minutes)
  8. Communications
  9. Report of Members Serving on University Bodies (10 minutes)
    • University Senators
    • Campus Faculty Council Representatives
    • Questions and Discussion of Reports Disseminated Previously via Email
  10. Reports of Standing Committees (5 minutes)
    • Questions and Discussion of Reports Disseminated Previously via Email
  11. Adjournment

Following the meeting, there will be an open discussion of the RUCore, led by Grace Agnew. All library faculty and staff are invited.

5. Report of the University Librarian – M. Gaunt

The University Librarian reported on open lines. In the Rutgers Libraries administration, the search committee for the Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services has met and is reviewing resumes. We plan to begin recruitment for a Director of Administrative Services shortly. In Newark, the search committee for a director is reviewing resumes and there are two lines filled with librarian Vs. In New Brunswick, two committees, for an East Asian Librarian and a Social Sciences Data Librarian, are reviewing resumes, and a third, for a Humanities Librarian, is conducting interviews. There are also seven positions vacant or filled with librarian Vs. In addition, we will probably begin recruitment for a tenure-track Instructional Technology Development Librarian in New Brunswick after we have hired an AUL for Research and Instructional Services. In Technical and Automated Services, there is one frozen line and two positions that are vacant or filled with librarian Vs. For the time being, TAS still intends to fill the non-print cataloger position, which the Planning and Coordinating Committee discussed in January, with a librarian V. However, it may change to a tenure-track line if funds become available.

“Guidelines for Advice to the University Librarian on Priorities for Faculty Personnel Line Assignments and Recruitment,” a draft document authored by Mary Fetzer, Rhonda Marker, and Jane Sloan, will be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting. Cabinet will vote on whether to approve the draft.

Rutgers University Libraries is participating in an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant proposal to build a digital video portal for the state of New Jersey. The proposal seeks approximately one million dollars over three years to make lectures, commercial videos, and videos produced at New Jersey institutions available to schools, museums, and academic and public libraries. Faculty at William Patterson University are the principal investigators and NJEDge is also participating.

The New Jersey Presidents' Council and the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education are discussing proposed new regulations for licensing academic institutions in the state. They include sections on libraries and address specific functions, such as acquisitions and liaisonship. In particular, they address the issue of information literacy in some detail.

The Rutgers Foundation has received approximately seven hundred proposals for the upcoming capital campaign. The University Librarian and Francoise Puniello, Acting Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services, are on the Priorities Committee The committee will advise the Foundation in prioritizing the proposals and developing a coherent set of projects for the campaign.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

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