Minutes of May 30, 2007 meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Howard Dess, Mary Fetzer, Marianne Gaunt, Tom Glynn (recorder), Michael Joseph, John Maxymuk (via conference), Jane Sloan (chair), Eileen Stec, Roberta Tipton, Mary Beth Weber (for Rhonda Marker), Ryan Womack.
Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman.

Executive Summary:

The next scholarly communication forum will be a brownbag event scheduled sometime during the summer. Perry Willett, head of the Digital Library Production Service at the University of Michigan, will address RUL staff and faculty following the faculty meeting on June 8.

To avoid confusion with the Scholarly Communications Center (SCC), the Scholarly Communication Committee has been renamed the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC).

There will be a presentation of the ARL MINES program on June 1.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. The agenda was approved. The minutes of the April 2007 meeting were approved via email.

1. Report of the Faculty Coordinator - J. Sloan

Following the merger of the Planning Committee and the Coordinating Committee, the Planning Committee was re-created in January 2007 as a subcommittee of the Planning and Coordinating Committee. It is charged with "monitoring the Strategic Plan, and adapting faculty committee activities, including the Councils, to its goals." At present it is working on the implementation of the two-council governance structure approved by the RUL Faculty in March 2007. The Planning Committee has been very productive since its creation and has been using Sakai very effectively to carry out its work. It is now included in the list of faculty committees on the Library Faculty web pages.

The next Library Faculty meeting is scheduled for June 8.

2. Report of the Chair of Planning - M. Joseph

The Planning Committee continues to work on implementing the two-council governance structure approved by the Faculty in March. The chair distributed a revision of the document that describes the composition and responsibilities of the Library Resources Council (LRC) and the User Services Council (USC) and summarized some of the more significant changes. Generally, the language has been refashioned to reflect the goals and objectives set out in the Strategic Plan. This is an important consideration and it may be necessary to review the role of the councils when we write our next strategic plan. Participation on the part of the associate university librarians (AULs) has been revised. The committee proposes that the AUL for Collection Development and Management and the AUL for Digital Library Systems serve on the LRC and that the AUL for Research and Instructional Services and the AUL for Facilities Planning and Management serve on the USC. The earlier draft specified that the chairs of the councils be faculty members. In the current revision, each council can elect any of its members to serve as chair. The Planning Committee also had a more general discussion of composition; whether the membership of the councils should be broader and more inclusive or somewhat smaller and conceivably more focused. The committee decided that this important question should be discussed by the RUL Faculty as a whole.

The Planning and Coordinating Committee discussed the draft document at length. It was not clear from the current revision whether "representatives" from the various units will be elected or appointed. It was suggested that the AUL for Digital Library systems should serve on both councils. Certain members also felt it was important that the Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services be a part of the LRC. The committee considered whether the Institute for Jazz Studies should have its own representative on the LRC. Some felt that it was this was disproportionate representation for a relatively small unit, while others stressed that the Institute, with its unique collections and international reputation, will play a central role on the Libraries' digital future.

The revised document will be presented and discussed at the Library Faculty meeting on June 8.

3. Old Business: Core Competencies - M. Joseph

The Deputy Faculty Coordinator met with Triveni Kuchi and Wen-Hua Ren from the Libraries Advisory Committee on Diversity to discuss the language used in position announcements to attract minority candidates. Kuchi, the chair of the committee, had gathered some representative samples of advertisements from a number of our peer and aspirant institutions. The three felt that certain terms, such as "race," "qualified," "nurturing," and "fostering" seemed somewhat patronizing and thus inappropriate. They agreed that the RUL ads were good, but could be stronger; they thought ads from John Hopkins (www.library.jhu.edu/about/employment/23487.html) and UCLA (polaris.gseis.ucla.edu/labuse/jobs/description.asp?id=1913) were excellent examples that we might emulate. They also discussed where in the position announcement a statement regarding diversity and affirmative action should appear. Placing it at the very end can make it appear pro forma and therefore ineffective.

4. New Business: Scholarly Communication Forum - M. Gaunt

On the date originally scheduled for the next scholarly communication forum, June 8 after the RU Faculty meeting, Perry Willett, head of the Digital Library Production Service at the University of Michigan, will be in New Brunswick. Since this is an excellent opportunity to learn about developments at an aspirant institution, the original forum will be rescheduled. Willett address RUL faculty and staff that morning. This will take place in the Teleconference Lecture Hall in the Scholarly Communications Center (SCC) and will be teleconferenced to Camden and Newark.

Since it may be difficult to schedule a time during the summer for the next forum, it might be best to plan a brownbag event. This would last approximately ninety minutes and we would try to find a date on which a most faculty and staff would be free during lunch.

The University Librarian announced that in order to avoid confusion with the SCC, the Scholarly Communication Committee has been renamed the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC).

5. Report of the University Librarian - M. Gaunt

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) annual membership meeting was extremely productive and informative. The following presentations were especially noteworthy:

Web and PowerPoint presentations from the program sessions may be viewed at: http://www.arl.org/resources/pubs/mmproceedings/150mmproceedings.shtml

There will be a presentation of the ARL MINES Program on Friday, June 1. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend. MINES (Measuring the Impact of Networked Electronic Services) will be an important tool for assessing the use of our digital resources.

The Virtual Academic Library Environment of New Jersey (VALE) is considering developing an open-source Integrated Library System (ILS) for New Jersey libraries. The State Library has expressed interest in the project. At present there are about twenty libraries in the state with no ILS at all. If this goes forward, we may consider it when we select our next system.

The University Librarian distributed a handout and reported on open lines system-wide. In the Libraries Administration, the position announcement for the Director for Administrative Services has been posted and resumes are being reviewed. The search committee for the new AUL for Research and Instructional Services position has made a recommendation and the University Librarian is acting on it. In Newark, two interviews are in progress for the vacant director's position. There are also two lines filled with temporary librarian Vs. In New Brunswick, the University Librarian is acting on recommendations received from the search committees for the East Asian Librarian and the Social Sciences Data Librarian. The newly hired Humanities Librarian will start work in the summer. We may begin recruiting shortly for a tenure-track Instructional Technology Development Librarian. There are also seven frozen lines in New Brunswick, some filled with temporary appointments. In Technical and Automated Services, there is one frozen line and two temporary appointments scheduled to expire at the end of June. In addition, there is an open line that will be used to recruit a cataloger as a librarian V or a tenure-track faculty, depending upon available funds.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

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