Minutes of March 26, 2008 meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Kayo Denda (substitute chair), Marianne Gaunt, Tom Glynn, Elizabeth Leister, Jackie Mardikian, Rhonda Marker, John Maxymuk (remote), Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen (secretary), Bobbie Tipton (remote), Myoung C. Wilson, Ryan Womack. Michael Joseph (excused).

1.-3. Call to order, Agenda, Minutes

The meeting being called to order, its agenda was adopted and approval of the February 20 minutes via email was noted pending minor corrections.

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator

Joseph will draft a short resolution thanking retiring faculty for their contributions to the Libraries, to the profession, to the University, and to the State to be read aloud at the June faculty meeting; any individual resolutions will be subsumed into it and their texts appended to the faculty minutes.

5. Report of the Deputy Faculty Coordinator (Denda)

The University Librarian requested that this body advise her on talking points for the occasion of the retirement of Gus Friedrich as Dean of SCILS: what accomplishments and library-related experiences she ought to note in her presentation. It was noted that Friedrich actively supported librarians in his personal interactions. He was a generous and unconditional supporter of the Libraries. He was Dean when the RUL/SCILS Internship/Residency Programwas created.

6. Old Business

Non-tenure track faculty (Gaunt)

The University Librarian will be reporting to the university task force on this matter. She distributed a draft document with her talking points. The document enumerated three occasions when non-tenure track appointments are used in the Libraries and five unusual circumstances when they may be justified on a recurrent basis.

Discussion ensued regarding the three occasions and five circumstances. It was agreed to eliminate one of the circumstances as it was adequately covered elsewhere. The justification for flexible short-term appointments must make clear the need for the skills and scholarly aptitude associated with faculty appointments.

Committee on Scholarly Communication (Denda)

Denda noted that the purpose of the discussion was to learn about the activities and goals of the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) and decide whether to renew it for another year. Is the committee needed, or can its functions be served adequately through other bodies?

Niessen distributed the CSCís document, Report and Proposal for Renewal of the Committee on Scholarly Communication, summarized the report of its activities and goals, and explained the rationale for the renewal of the committee and an increase in its membership. P&CC agreed that CSC filled a valuable function not served by other RUL units, and that it needs to be nimble and responsive to current conditions. It was agreed to renew the CSC with continued monitoring for the fulfillment of its stated goals and interaction with the new councils. P&CC will make a new determination regarding the renewal of the CSC in Spring 2009. P&CC asked CSC to resolve the following issues by June 30:

  1. Determine outstanding policies for RUcore, and
  2. Identify the infrastructural requirements that follow from these policies.

The CSC will be renewed without change in membership and will fast track these two items, then report to P&CC by the end of 2008 on its activities and future goals.

7. New Business

Budget Strategies (Gaunt)

VP Furmanski is convening his budget advisory to examine the big issues. He hasnít provided a modeling percentage. The requisite reductions may be more or less than 10%, and there is much uncertainty about this. We need to model a high figure and a low figure.

The governorís budget provides $2 million for NJKI, as opposed to its projected total cost at $3 million. However, we donít know which databases might be cut from the package and we would have to then fund on our own.

We are facing at least a 5% and at most a 10% cut in the RUL budget; the latter would mean $2.6 million. Should be consider layoffs to reach the target, or exclude them? How can we use salary savings strategically? What data can we provide to RUL units to help them make decisions? The University Library is consulting with Human Resources and the Budget Office about these options. Freezes of positions may not be mandated, but should be considered. In collections, we should prepare another analysis of database overlap, using overlap tools at our disposal such as Directors Station and Searchlight and our usage statistics.

RUL may consider moving more agressively toward Open Source software; lessons learned from open source development will be a theme of the May Meeting of the ARL. We can also reconsider the payment of institutional membership fees, such as for RLG. We can consider may collect overdue fines more agressively, but the managerial expense of doing this may not be proportionate to the revenue achieved.

8. Report of the University Librarian (Gaunt)

Report on the Status of Open Lines

A search can be frozen at any point. A recommendation has been made for hiring a Newark campus director. In New Brunswick, interviews are being scheduled for the Business position. The Instruction/Reference position for Camden has been approved, and interviews are being scheduled for the Metadata position in TAS. We donít know if we will lose a position permanently if we freeze it. It will be at least June before we know something more definite about our budget. The University Librarian asked that P&CC advise Joseph and Denda as to whether members believe positions should be frozen until the end of the fiscal year or later.

9. Concluding Outcomes, Tasks, and Accomplishments

--The committee advised the University Librarian regarding RUL experiences with Gus Friedrich.

--The committee made revisions to the document of talking points about non-tenure track librarians.

--The CSC will be renewed for another year, report to the P&CC by June 30 on collection development policies and infrastructural needs and how it proposes to pursue its other goals. It will report to the P&CC by the end of 2008 about its accomplishments and goals.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Niessen, Faculty Secretary

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