Minutes of May 7, 2008 meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Kayo Denda, Marianne Gaunt, Tom Glynn, Michael Joseph, Elizabeth Leister, Jackie Mardikian, Rhonda Marker, Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen, Myoung C. Wilson.
Remote: John Maxymuk, Bobbie Tipton.

1.-3. Call to order, Agenda, Minutes

The meeting being called to order, its agenda was adopted and minutes for April 16 were approved with minor changes.

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Joseph)

The faculty resolution regarding the university contract was sent to the AAUP.

Mary Page is leaving Rutgers. Who will occupy her ex officio position on the Library Resources Council in the event of a reorganization in TAS? We may be facing this issue soon.

A Dean's evaluation survey has been distributed to RUL faculty. Tipton informed the Planning & Coordinating Committee (P&CC), as a member of the Dean's Evaluation Committee, that this survey is meant specifically for RUL Faculty and not for others. "It is being sent to the people who are being asked to respond." Joseph asked Tipton to share this information with RUL Faculty, and he will confirm it with Professors Leath and Fabian as co-chairs of the committee.

Joseph asked if P&CC cared to meet in June the same week as the RUL Faculty meeting. The committee agreed that this was unnecessary, and it was suggested that we consider on our RULF agenda the possibility of making it a policy for P&CC not to meet after the end of the academic year. Joseph proposed therefore that we agree tentatively to cancel the June meeting.

5. Old Business

Budget strategies related to open faculty positions (Gaunt)

Various lines were examined with regard to 3% or 7% budget cut scenarios

Handout: Report on Status of Open Lines in the RUL Libraries Faculty, May7

An offer for the Newark Campus Director position has been accepted
Reference/Instruction: to be given back in the event of a 7% cut
Social Science: to be given back in the event of a 3% or 7% cut
Access Services: on hold

Business: to be given back in the event of a 7% cut
Instruction Technology Devt Librarian: to be given back in the event of a 7% cut
Physical Sciences Librarian: on hold
Area Studies: on hold
Environmental Studies: to be given back in the event of a 7% cut
Olin line is frozen: to be given back in the event of a 3% or 7% cut
7 positions vacant and frozen

Robeson: Reference/Instruction on hold

Mary Page line will be vacated in July
Bogan line is frozen
Multimedia & E-Monographs Catalog and Metadata Librarian position is on hold

Vacant positions will remain fully funded if not given back; funds from frozen positions are being used for collections. All frozen positions, which are part of a permanent give back by the individual units, will be moved into a central pot. They could be "bought back" by any unit in the future if they have the funds to fill them.

Gaunt indicated that all deans are being asked to model 3% and 7% cuts; deans can determine how they wish to proceed with searches and hires within their units.

Bob Sewell gave a presentation to the New Brunswick Faculty Council that showed, among many other things, that the ranking of RUL's collections budget fell during the past twenty years from 9th to 49th. This one line got the attention of SCILS faculty who highlighted it in a distribution to the SCILS faculty list.

Gaunt distributed a list of "Potential New Positions" representing "blue sky" thinking for the long term.

6. New Business:

Planning & Assessment (Strategic Planning in a Time of Crisis): Boyle

Boyle distributed the Strategic Plan 2006-11 booklet. She noted that Lucye Millerand has gone on leave from RUL to take a position as president of the Rutgers staff union, noting that we have the opportunity to use her position for a planning project coordinator. This may be very useful as the Planning Group works on practical strategies to carry out the plan. She also distributed a fifteen page document, Rutgers University Libraries Strategic Plan Goals Action Plan, FY 2007/08. This document identifies annual priorities for achieving the goals laid down by the plan in terms of objectives, tasks, outcomes, indicators, responsible cabinet members, and current (in this case mid-year) status. This document will be placed online under Staff Resources. The Planning Group aims to generate longitudinal data using MINES and LibQual. We're also examining ClimateQual as a tool for assessing the diversity environment.

In conclusion: The Action Plan document will be "continuously updated" twice a year, with successive versions preserved for purposes of comparison. Going down the list of goals in the document, one can observe which goals are more or less difficult to accomplish. There is an informal relationship emerging with SCILS for purposes of assessment, with much interest in student projects that perform assessment.

Boyle attended a symposium about assessment hosted by the New Jersey State Library where she presented the Action Plan and people were impressed by it.

Planning for the Open Forum after the June Faculty Meeting on June 13. Ideas:

Gaunt noted that there has been a discussion about presenting a forum on Open Access for the fall. Potential speakers are being identified.

P&CC reached consensus on a June open forum on RUcore as an activity that supports RUL's central role on campus and our strategic plan. This can engage everyone because there are many issues and concerns. The forum will present a vision of what RUcore will achieve, what it will mean for the university community. A panel of people can talk about what RUcore can do, with an FAQ at the beginning and a summary at the end. There will be a subcommittee to organize the forum, chaired by Gaunt, with Niessen, Denda, Boyle, and Tipton.

7. Report of the University Librarian

Dr. Furmanski distributed a memo regarding the responsibility of staff and faculty to comply with the new State Ethics Committee's regulations. Some of the compliance will require that staff and faculty sign and return certain forms. Gaunt will provide an update on these issues at the June Faculty Meeting.

New Jersey Knowledge Initiative (NJKI): Gaunt previously reported on the loss of $1M in state funding for the NJKI this year. Now it appears (according to the State Librarian, Norma Blake) there if the $2 million in the FY09 budget for NJKI remains, it will be primarily for Reference USA (priority #1) and Academic Source Premier (priority #2). NJKI would not fund the science and business databases for academic libraries or the small business community. The determination of which databases to include in NJKI is solely up to the State Library. RUL is getting estimates from vendors about the cost for us to fund the other databases, and it appears to be in the $700-800,000 range. Dr. Furmanski's Budget Advisory Committee will meet next week.

8. Concluding Outcomes, Tasks

9. Other Agenda Items

Agenda for the June Faculty Meeting:

10. Adjournment

Preceded by a fulsome yet concise valedictory by the outgoing Faculty Coordinator

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Niessen, Faculty Secretary

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