Minutes of September 24, 2008 meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic (deputy coordinator), Kayo Denda (coordinator), Marianne Gaunt, Helen Hoffman, Tom Izbicki, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi (guest), Linda Langschied, Jim Niessen (secretary), Bob Sewell (guest) Farideh Tehrani, Bobbie Tipton (remote)

1-3. Call to order, Agenda, Minutes

The meeting being called to order, its agenda was adopted and minutes for May 7 were accepted without change

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Denda)

The Library Resources Council and User Services Council were constituted in July, selected chairs and have been functioning smoothly.

5. Old Business

Report from the Committee on Scholarly Communication (Sewell)

Bob Sewell presented a report of the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC), which he co-chairs along with Jim Niessen. Other members of the CSC, Boyle, Hoffman, and Kuchi, also contributed to the discussion.

There was a discussion on the role of the CSC. The Cyberinfrastructure Steering Committee relies upon the CSC for its policies regarding RUcore, which the co-chairs presented today. CSC is also working more broadly on the role of open access and digital collection development. There is progress on a new scholarly communication web page, which will be addressed this semester.

Discussion turned to the RUcore collections policy. There were questions about the process by which materials are accepted. CSC members emphasized that deposits are essentially self-regulating, based on faculty/staff NetID authentication and the depositor's affirmation of copyright clearance. The content of RUcore to date is 68 faculty deposits and 238 ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations). In response to a concern about accelerating growth of the collection, it was agreed to explore the possibility of working directly with an academic department to solicit faculty output. Rhonda Marker has been working with Karen Hartman to create a subcollection of Bloustein School ETDs. Denda will consult with her and Repository Manager Rhonda Marker about this project. A link from RUcore to the Rutgers Survey is under development. This will also incentivize faculty deposits. We might also look at harvesting of relevant material from other repositories and at shared repositories.

Langschied will place the RUcore policies document on the agenda of the Cyberinfrastructure Steering Committee. It is suggested that CSC also consider formulating use policies for RUcore.

Status of Open Lines (Gaunt)

Gaunt distributed a report on the status of open lines in the RUL Faculty. Some lines were given up as the result of recent budget cuts. Open lines, by campus:

The Planning & Coordinating Committee (P&CC) members encouraged greater openness to younger candidates, with less emphasis on experience. Young double degree candidates from programs like Indiana University and Stuttgart Media University (which has the only music librarianship program in Europe, and recently began a collaboration with SCILS) were encouraged.

Gaunt requested endorsement by P&CC for the NB positions to go forward, and it was given.

Robeson Library: Reference/Instruction Librarian: interviews underway

TAS: 1 position vacated, on leave until the end of 2008

The APP for the Instructional Technology Development Librarian position indicates it may be faculty or staff. Some P&CC members queried the insertion of these alternatives. This position was created from a faculty line, and colleagues expressed concern that the search may result in a reduction in the number of faculty lines. Gaunt indicated the Libraries will decide about the hire's status based on qualifications, and indicated concern about the line's faculty status would be considered at that time. Search committee members indicated the current applicant pool has strong candidates with both MLS and non-MLS backgrounds.

It was suggested that we endorse the proposition that candidates can be hired with faculty status without an MLS if "equivalent degree" is understood to mean any advanced degree. This suggestion prompted vigorous discussion in the P&CC. As a result the proposition will be on the agenda for the November Faculty Meeting.

6. New Business

Collective Research Planning (Boyle)

Boyle has called various reports of outside bodies to the attention of RUL:

Consequently Cabinet believed it would be valuable to discuss these issues in the P&CC. We should be doing more research on our work, and have a research foundation for what we do. There are two possible ways to do this:

  1. Provide more research-based information in our reports
  2. Provide techniques for discovering what is out there

The Councils would benefit from more proactive research in their areas of responsibility, e.g. the strategies pursued by aspirant institutions.

P&CC noted that SAPAC also can serve a role in calling relevant research to the attention of colleagues. We can use SAPAC to share in the communication of what we do and ground it in the missions of the Councils. For instance, the User Services Council will develop a "user research agenda." Denda endorsed the transformation of the role of SAPAC in this sense, will create a subgroup of P&CC to address it.

RUL plans to address academic units' relocation (Gaunt)

Rutgers plans to move the professional schools in New Brunswick/Piscataway (except SCILS) to Livingston Campus. Question: is it a concern that collections will not be in proximity to the academic programs? Do we have to change services as a consequence of distance from the programs? P&CC agreed that the location of RUL faculty and staff is more important than that of the collection. However, we need to notify academic programs, and Vice President Furmanski, to the implications of these program moves for library services. It is also noted that Sociology will be moving to Douglass, and Philosophy to College Avenue. Librarians have not been drawn into the discussions regarding the program moves, and it would be desirable that they were.

7. Report of the University Librarian

Mentor Program Update

Currently six librarians are being mentored: Karen Hartman, Tao Yang, Li Sun, Laura Mullen, Tom Izbicki, and Fernanda Perrone. Only one of the mentors, Connie Wu, has two mentees. There will soon be a fresh call for mentors by the University Librarian. Mentors and mentees meet periodically.

Normally mentors and mentees are matched in similar or related fields or specialization, but normally mentors and mentees are in different units, in order to maximize candor. However, this may have the consequence of reducing the degree to which the mentor has relevant subject expertise for the mentee's career path.

RUL/SCILS Internship Program Evaluation

Interns to date, with their current positions, have been

  1. Lonnie Johnson: Plainfield Public Library
  2. Angel Falcon: Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY
  3. Melissa Johns: part-time at Kilmer Library, considering a new career direction
  4. Caroline Caviness: current intern

It would be good to have all four back for a directed discussion and luncheon. This would help us judge whether the program is succeeding in its goal of moving people into the profession. Our applicants and candidates will always be taken from the pool of SCILS applicants. There needs to be a better connection between SCILS admissions and the Internship Selection Committee in RUL; we need to see that SCILS incorporates this program into its recruitment process.

It is suggested that we need to get the word out more. Up to now the interns only find out about the program internally, from SCILS after they have been accepted for admission. SCILS earlier about recruitment for the next cycle.

Rutgers Work and Family Issues Committee

Postponed for a later meeting.

8. Concluding Outcomes, Tasks, and Accomplishments

Denda will contact Hartman and Rhonda Marker regarding an RUcore project with the Bloustein School.

The November Faculty Meeting will include an agenda item on hiring library faculty without the MLS.

Collective Research Planning: Denda, Kesselman, and Boyle will follow up.

Gaunt will confer with the Chair of the Diversity Committee and investigate marketing and calendar to highlight the internship program.

9. Future Agenda Items

None were identified

10. Adjournment

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Niessen, Faculty Secretary

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