Minutes of January 28, 2009 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Vibiana Cvetkovic (attending remotely from Camden and recorder), Kayo Denda (Chair), Tom Izbicki, Marianne Gaunt, Linda Langschied, Jane Sloan, Robert Tipton (attending remotely from Newark)

Call to Order: 9:45 AM


Due to a winter storm, several committee members and the Chair of the RUL Diversity Committee were unable to attend this meeting. The committee decided to table the Diversity Committee report and the discussion of the RUL "Planning 21st Century" until the next meeting.

The modified agenda was approved.


The minutes were approved as submitted by general consent.

Old Business

Jane Sloan's suggestion that the names of the Faculty Units be listed in the faculty by-laws and posted on the RUL web site was approved. Unit names need to be checked for accuracy. The corrected unit names will be submitted to RUL web Administrator.

Planning for agenda for the next RUL faculty meeting - March 6, 2009 - was begun and will continue at the next Planning and Coordinating meeting in February. There was a discussion of the presentation "RUL in the 21st Century" which will make up the second half of the meeting. Gaunt reported on the impact of the CLIR report on the future of research libraries, "No Brief Candle," and how it could serve as a focal point for the meeting presentation and discussion. There was a brief discussion regarding better RU library/faculty communication through presentations and forums. Denda suggested revisiting these suggestions at the February Planning and Coordinating Meeting.

Izbicki will be unable to attend the March faculty meeting but will appoint a colleague to represent the Arts and Humanities group in any discussions and presentations.

The committee discussed how RUL can position itself to address some of the challenges raised in the CLIR report. Izbicki renewed a suggestion for greater resource sharing and cooperative planning among research libraries. Langschied suggested an emphasis on raising teaching faculty awareness of RUL resources through presentations and forums. Denda suggested inviting the teaching faculty to gives presentations to RUL regarding their research. Izbicki proposed an analysis of RU departments' research needs and concerns. Gaunt suggested that the authors of the CLIR report might be invited to present at a RUL faculty meeting this semester (Spring 2009).

Report from the University Librarian

Regarding the budget, Gaunt reported that is was highly unlikely that RUL be required to submit further givebacks for the New Jersey state budget. As a result, some of the frozen lines were released and candidates are being interviewed. The rest of the positions will be released on March 15 (barring unforeseen circumstances). Gaunt noted that once a faculty contract is signed, the position is secure for three years. In addition to the job lines, some of the money saved through subscription cancellations can be released for collection development. However, Gaunt noted that budget cuts are anticipated for next year; the extent of the cuts is unknown.

Gaunt reported on the January visit to the RUL Cabinet meeting by Dr. Douglas Greenberg, the new Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences for New Brunswick. Gaunt and Greenberg are continuing discussions about the integration of information literacy into the university curriculum.

Gaunt gave the committee an update regarding the ARL Board Meeting at Midwinter ALA in Denver. There was much concern regarding the continuing financial crisis and its impact on library budgets. This has created a discussion regarding the future of research libraries which is addressed in the CLIR report, "No Brief Candle." Other ALA news includes a major push to re-imagine the Federal Library Depository System. Concerns and objections by a vocal group of government document librarians are currently putting major changes to the system on-hold.

Summary and Process Check (Denda)

The names of the RUL faculty units, as corrected, will be submitted for posting to the Web site.

Denda will send a note to RUL faculty regarding the CLIR report, "No Brief Candle," in preparation for the March faculty meeting.

Triveni Kuchi, the Chair of the RUL Diversity Committee, will be an invited to give a report at the next Planning and Coordinating Committee meeting.

Planning will continue at the next Planning and Coordinating Committee meeting for the agenda for the March library faculty meeting.

Adjourned at 11:20 AM.

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