Minutes of February 25, 2009 Meeting

Grace Agnew (guest) Jeanne Boyle, Kayo Denda (coordinator), Marianne Gaunt, Helen Hoffman, Tom Izbicki, Martin Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi (guest), Linda Langschied, Jim Niessen (secretary), Jane Sloan, Farideh Tehrani, Roberta Tipton, Vibiana Cvetkovic (remote)

1-3. Call to order, Agenda, Minutes

The meeting was called to order, and the Agenda and minutes for January 28 were approved.

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator

Denda has been in communication with Sara Harrington (Rules of Procedure, RoP) about upcoming faculty elections.

5. Old Business

Report from the Committee on Scholarly Communication (Niessen)

Niessen reported as co-chair of the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) on the activities of the committee in recent months.

Denda noted that the CSC is still an ad hoc committee, and asked P&CC how RUL could best address these issues in the future. The notion of dividing the charge of the CSC by discipline received some support, but most of P&CC agreed that an overarching committee was needed. P&CC decided to renew the CSC in its current status as an ad hoc committee of the faculty reporting to the P&CC. Denda congratulated the CSC for its accomplishments and requested that Niessen report again in March with the CSC's recommendations as to how its membership would be composed.

Agenda for open forum after the March 6 Faculty meeting

(faculty presentation on No Brief Candle: Reconceiving Research Libraries for the 21st Century, http://www.clir.org/pubs/reports/pub142/pub142.pdf)

No voting issues are expected, just communications. P&CC invited Niessen to present an update on the work of the CSC at the meeting.

Five faculty members have been invited to provide précis on individual essays in No Brief Candle: Kesselman, Natalie Borisovets (from Newark), Cvetkovic (from Camden), Ryan Womack, and Jane Otto. After a brief general discussion, the presenters will convene five breakout sessions. The sessions will not be limited in subject matter to the convener's own essay focus, and each session will have its own note-taker. The discussion and presentations should be related to RUL's Strategic Plan, how the subject matter relates to us. Presenters can conclude with questions for discussion. Gaunt noted that No Brief Candle is a stimulating document that has "gotten a lot of play" in the profession.

6. New Business

Diversity Committee (DC) Update (Kuchi)

The membership of the DC is actively engaged. There is a robust sakai site and website. The latter hasn't yet been announced, but Harry Glazer will do a news story about it. The website has a broad statement about diversity, which Kuchi distributed to the P&CC. She requested comments from P&CC about the websites and the statement. In response to a question, Kuchi replied that the committee uses a very broad definition of diversity that goes beyond race and ethnicity. The DC is working on a "language and cultural diversity" report and a "multicultural lexicon." Womack is chairing an RUL World Languages Task Force, which is preparing welcome messages for the RUL website in various languages. The DC is in discussion with Mary Fetzer about faculty orientation and diversity, and is planning an RUL diversity fair or festival, tentatively scheduled for 2-4 PM on May 5 in the Pane Room with the title Eating the Potato: Culture, Communication, and Cameraderie. Meanwhile Lila Fredenburg's diversity education initiative is continuing, with a showing this spring of the PBS series on race. We will invite student groups to this event. Gaunt has organized a mentoring group (Kuchi, Myoung Wilson, and Sara Harrington) for the SCILS resident, which will be meeting on March 12. Finally, Fredenburg is on the planning committee for a diversity in libraries conference, co-sponsored by the Princeton University Libraries, that is envisioned for 2010.

Kuchi asked P&CC for its ideas on how we might further the goal of permeating our worklife with the principles of diversity. Three suggestions were made:

  1. The World Languages Task Force can gather information about the use of language toggles on public PCs.
  2. Diversity in our everyday work environment should not be the sole responsibility of the committee, but is everyone's responsibility
  3. "Thinking globally" should be foregrounded as a core activity of the committee and not something separate.

Kuchi noted that the DC is ready with insights for search committees on how they can further diversity. Boyle noted that the ARL and University of Washington have produced worklife surveys about diversity climate. She will discuss these with Fredenburg.

P&CC asked Kuchi to report to the March faculty meeting about the work of the DC.

Denda noted that diversity relates to citizenship and democracy, is something we should talk to instruction librarians about.

Assessment of the LRC and USC and the election of their chairs

Denda suggested a mechanism is needed for staggering the elections. In addition, should the Faculty Coordinator continue to convene the Councils for their initial meeting of the new fiscal year as she did last summer? It was agreed to invite one chair to report to P&CC on these matters in April, and the other in May. Feedback is needed from RoP about the staggering of elections.

Fund Raising Operations (Tara McDonnell)

McDonnell formerly worked for the New York Public Library Foundation and the New York Botanical Garden. She stated she is looking for "elevator speeches" for "every potential donor." Rutgers is in the quite phase of a $1 billion campaign. McDonnell hopes to partner more with librarians and use their knowledge of programs and library users. We need to assess the changing role of development funding for various library operations. In order to sell RUL to donors, we need to focus on what we do well. McDonnell would like to partner with academic programs. This is a new initiation of the Rutgers Foundation, which aims to give donors a bigger picture, connecting faculty and scholarship and collections.

Current RUL project priorities are

  1. The unfinished floor of the Dana Library
  2. A new science library on Busch Campus
  3. Robeson Library renovations
  4. Various digital initiatives
  5. Endowments for collections and positions

The capital campaign's priority is the establishment of endowments: a minimum of $25,000 is required, but we aim at $1 million for new collections endowments. The 2009 stimulus package has no money for new construction, only for renovation, but this may be an opportunity for a planned renovation of the Dana and Robeson libraries. McDonnell is in consultation with Sewell about an NEH challenge grant for the endowment.

7. Report of the University Librarian

Budget Update

There evidently will not be a give-back during the current fiscal year, but 3.9% will be cut on July 1. We have identified 10.5 lines for the coming give-back. Otherwise, searches that have been frozen can be reactivated, for instance the Music search. Acceptance is awaited on the Area Studies position, acceptance has been received for the Robeson hire, and an offer has been made for a diversity hire in Newark.

Doug Greenberg, Executive Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS)-New Brunswick, attended the RUL Cabinet meeting, and Gaunt attended Greenberg's cabinet. There was great interest there in information literacy, both for undergraduate and graduate students. Gaunt presented Sewell's recently created PowerPoint on collections funding trends. SAS expressed great interest in this, and in breaking the current vicious circle in scholarly communication. At the SAS meeting Joanna Regulska expressed concern about international collections "being cut first."

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) recently issued a report on universities' role in the dissemination of faculties' scholarship, which will be a topic on the agenda of an Advisory Committee meeting.

Gaunt held a meeting with Dr. Furmanski, and will be going over peer institutions' statistics with him. She will attend the Deans' Council in March.

8. Concluding Outcomes

  1. The Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) will report in March on its recommended membership composition
  2. The CSC and Diversity Committee will report at the March RUL Faculty meeting.
  3. The LRC and USC will report at the April and May meetings of the P&CC, and Denda will consult with Rules of Procedure about the possibility of staggering the elections for their chairs.

9. Future agenda items

-RUL mentoring program

10. Adjournment

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Niessen, Faculty secretary

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