Minutes of September 23, 2009 Meeting

Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic (Coordinator), Marianne Gaunt, Farideh Tehrani, Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Tom Izbiki, Linda Langschied, Jeanne Boyle, Triveni Kuchi, Bobbie Tipton, Katie Anderson, Judy Gardner, Rhonda Marker (Guest)
Marty Kesselman, Helen Hoffman

1-3. Call to order, Agenda, Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. The agenda was approved. The minutes of the June 16, 2009 meeting were approved.

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator

New Jersey Snapshot Day

On October 7, 2009, RUL will be participating in New Jersey Snapshot Day. Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic is serving as coordinator. The New Brunswick libraries participated last year, but this year Camden and Newark will also participate. Statistics and data will be compiled from each campus for one day, creating a "snapshot" of a single day in the libraries. Cvetkovic will send out a call for volunteers.

Strategic Goals

The Faculty Coordinator and Deputy Faculty Coordinator are collecting strategic goals of the RUL Standing Committees and Councils. Members of the Planning and Coordinating Committee (P&CC) will review the strategic goals of other committees, discuss over email, and vote at the October meeting to select P&CC goals for the coming year. A Committee/Chair site to share information has been created in Sakai.

5. Old Business

Collective Research (Boyle)

Jeanne Boyle distributed a revised copy of the collective research document discussed at the June meeting. P&CC is charged with reviewing the document and forwarding feedback to Boyle and Farideh Tehrani. Boyle and Tehrani will then incorporate all concrete changes and revise the document for the October meeting. Tehrani suggested that the document more accurately reflect faculty concerns.

6. New Business

Rules of Procedure Committee's proposed changes to the RUL Faculty By-laws (Marker)

  1. P&CC granted support for the following proposed changes to the RUL Faculty By-laws, with regards to faculty elections:
    1. ROP should investigate the possibility of conducting electronic elections for the faculty nominations and elections process in future years.
    2. The announcement of future election results will include vote tallies.
  2. P&CC approved the following changes to the RUL Faculty By-laws:
    1. All style changes.
    2. All other minor changes.
    3. Add "AUL for Digital Library Systems" to USC membership. [VI.2.b]
    4. Eliminate the two alternate members of the Committee of Review to meet the "not to exceed four members" mandated by University policies. [VII.3]
    5. Reduce the membership of the Rules of Procedure Committee from six to five. [VII.5]
    6. Add the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) to the list of standing committees. [VII.6 & VII.7]
    7. Add description of the role of parliamentarian.
    8. Add the Associate University Librarian for Planning and Organizational Research to permanent membership on P&CC.
  3. P&CC rejected the following changes to the RUL Faculty By-laws:
    1. Reduce the membership of the Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee from five to four. [VII. 7 (now VII.10)]
    2. Section VIII.3: "There shall be an established procedure for library faculty to provide input upon matters of appointments, promotions and non reappointments." Presumably this references UPL 50.1.7 which says that department chairpersons will consult "with the members of the department on indefinite tenure to recommend appointments, reappointments, promotions, non-reappointments, and dismissals in accordance with University policies and regulations." Should we give this some context, for example, add "within each unit?"

      There are already procedures in place for each of these situations, as governed by university policy. There would be no context for units to have their own procedures.

  4. Other discussions:
    1. Linda Langschied recommended the addition of an elected faculty member to represent digital library systems, adding a fourth subject category represented on the committee. It was suggested that the representative not necessarily be limited to faculty from Technical and Automated Services (TAS).

      Outcome: ROP will finalize the title and description of the office to make it clear that it is open to faculty outside of TAS, and then present the final recommendation to P&CC in October.

    2. ROP recommended changing representation from unit to functional area in the by-laws for the following offices in LRC and USC:
      • Head, Cataloging and Metadata Services
      • Head, Acquisitions
      • Representative, Institute of Jazz Studies
      • Representative, Special Collections and University Archives
      • Representative, TAS
      • Co-chair of CSC
      • Head, Distributed Technical Services
      • Representative, Access Services
      • Chair, IRIS Public Access Committee
      • Chair, Instructional Services Committee
      • Chair, Web Advisory Committee
      • Head, Systems
      • Head, Access Services

      Having representation from a functional area will reduce duplication in representation, and also prevent the by-laws from having to be revised every time a unit changes its name or merges with another unit. However, AUL titles will remain as unit representatives because AUL positions do not change functional roles.

      Outcome: P&CC members were charged with returning to their units to get feedback. A subcommittee was formed to work with ROP to create a list of functional areas that will need to be represented. Members of the subcommittee are: Katie Anderson, Bobbie Tipton, Judy Gardner, and Farideh Tehrani. The subcommittee's target date is the next P&CC meeting.

    3. How many "Budgeted faculty lines" do we have? The University Policy Library says that "The University Libraries shall be represented by one senator for each 45 budgeted faculty lines or major fraction thereof."

      Outcome: Marianne Gaunt confirmed that we have 84.6 faculty lines, and so representation by two senators.

    4. The university by-laws call for every legislative body to have a Courses of Study committee. Does this apply to the libraries?

      Outcome: Gaunt will ask Phil Furmanski.

    5. Section VII.10.c concerning statutory and standing committees states that "A written annual report shall be submitted for distribution by June 30th." Annual reports are not mentioned in the University Policy Library.

      Outcome: Currently, reports are distributed electronically before every faculty meeting. However, this is not written in the by-laws. Cvetkovic suggested adding this provision to the proposed handbook for committee chairs and officers. The consensus of the P&CC is to leave this provision out of the by-laws.

    6. Is the dvisory Committee on Appointments and Promotions in violation of the bylaws and university policies, which state that it should have four to six tenured faculty members? RUL currently has seven members.

      Outcome: There is never a situation when all seven members are used. We only use six. The university has already reviewed this policy, and approved it. P&CC requested that a statement appear on the website to explain this.

    7. Can elections for council members be staggered? Rather than filling eleven positions every two years, can one council extend its terms for one year? Or can both councils stagger their elections, asking some representatives to volunteer to extend their terms one year. All four areas could be elected each year, so that not all the elections from a particular area are held in the same year.

      Outcome: P&CC approved. ROP will contact chairs of both councils to ask for volunteers to extend their terms by one year.

Discussions Tabled for Next Meeting

7. Report of the University Librarian

Budget update

Marianne Gaunt reported that the university is waiting for union negotiations to close before making decisions about salary giveback. Projections for next year are not good. The university recommends thinking of the coming years as a two-year budget cycle. This year's target for cuts is $522,163. The target for next year is an additional $1,174,195. Equalized, this would come to $1.1 million per year. Gaunt will provide Exec.Vice President Furmanski with a "devastation scenario," based on the total cuts. The deadline to develop a revised plan is the first week of November.

Update on Organization Review Task Force

The task force has met and spent time going over their charge. Of the ten areas outlined by the Cost Saving and Efficiencies Task Force, three are currently up for review: grants process, materials delivery, and reference services. After the task force reviews these three areas, the other seven will be addressed.

AUL for Research and Instructional Services vacancy

Mary Fetzer has been appointed interim AUL. This position will not be sacrificed in the budget crisis, and the listing will be posted as soon as possible. The New Brunswick Libraries have formed a small working group to discuss the job description. Gaunt suggested that the position as currently described may be too much responsibility for one person. She is considering either lessening the responsibilities, or splitting the position to have a second-in-command. She asked P&CC for advice.

Outcome: Cvetkovic recommended adding this to P&CC's to-do list. The old job description will be loaded to Sakai. Newark and Camden representatives are charged with going back to their constituents for input.

8. Summary of meeting outcomes

9. Future agenda items

10. Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary

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