Minutes of October 21, 2009 Meeting

Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic (Coordinator), Marianne Gaunt, Farideh Tehrani, Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Tom Izbicki, Linda Langschied, Triveni Kuchi, Bobbie Tipton, Katie Anderson, Judy Gardner, Marty Kesselman, Rhonda Marker (Guest)
Jeanne Boyle, Helen Hoffman

1-3. Call to order, Agenda, Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. The agenda was approved. The minutes of the September 23, 2009 meeting were approved.

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator

Report on NJLA Snapshot Day

Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic gave an overview of NJLA Snapshot Day and thanked everyone for their help.

5. Old Business

Report on changes to the Collective Research document (Boyle and Tehrani)

Because Jeanne Boyle was on vacation, Farideh Tehrani suggested this item be tabled for the November agenda.

Final recommendations regarding by-law changes (Marker, representing Rules of Procedure)

Rhonda Marker presented the Rules of Procedure Committee's (ROP) final recommended changes to the by-laws, which had been discussed at the September Planning & Coordinating Committee (P&CC) meeting. Marker reviewed the substantive changes to the by-laws as approved at the September P&CC meeting. This included recommended changes to the Library Resources Council (LRC) and the User Services Council (USC). Because titles of positions and names of departments and sections change so frequently, ROP requested using broad functional responsibilities to designate representative positions on the Councils. Marker explained that ROP was hoping this would result in less frequent changes to the by-laws, as library functions change less often than position titles and section names. A discussion followed on the composition of the Councils, and on whether they may be too large.

At Cvetkovic's suggestion, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, and Katie Anderson formed a committee to work with ROP and the chairs of USC and LRC to examine the composition of the councils and to frame discussion points for the March faculty meeting. The goal of this committee will be to make recommendations with ROP to bring forward a by-law change to reflect the revised composition of the two councils.

Marker updated the recommended change to the by-law about representation to the councils to be a simple change in language, to account for modifications in position titles and section names. With this update, Cvetkovic called a motion to approve all other recommended changes to the by-laws. The motion was carried.

6. New Business

Election of replacement for Mary Fetzer's position as Generalist Representative to the LRC

P&CC held a secret ballot. Gene Springs was elected to replace Mary Fetzer as Generalist Representative to the LRC.

Discussion of goals and objectives for P&CC

Marianne Gaunt recommended an addendum to the goals document. Another goal was added as a result of the by-laws discussion. A motion was called to approve the document and the addenda. The motion was carried. A total of five goals were outlined for P&CC this year:

1. Coordinate the creation of an RUL Faculty Governance Handbook for elected and appointed officers and committee chairs.

2. Create a Sakai site for all elected and appointed officers and faculty committee chairs.

3. Establish recommended procedures for when/how faculty committees will elect their new chairs, establish goals and objectives for the following academic year, and convene the first meeting of the academic year.

4. Conduct an educational program regarding the changing nature of liaison roles. (Addendum from Gaunt).

5. Make recommendations with ROP to bring forward a by-law change to reflect the revised composition of the two councils. (Goal added as a result of by-laws discussion).

The group referred back to P&CC's charge, and determined that goals #1-3 fall under the charge, which states, "The committee shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of the Faculty and its committees."

Cvetkovic nominated herself, Judy Gardner, Triveni Kuchi, and Tom Izbicki to form a committee to work with ROP on Goal #3. Their progress will be reported at the November P&CC meeting.

A motion was called to approve these goals for the coming year. After a vote, the motion was carried.

Planning for November RUL Faculty Meeting

The preliminary agenda for the November faculty meeting was reviewed. Three presentations were suggested for the program following the meeting: Paul Kantor to speak on "Library Performance Measurement;" a discussion of the ARL Liaison Report with faculty presentation responses; and Jim Neal to speak on the future of academic libraries. The agenda was approved, with the suggestion that the liaison discussion be handled separately, and that Gaunt ask Jim Neal to discuss the future of academic libraries.

Draft of the Libraries' Instructional Mission Statement (Kesselman, added agenda item)

Kesselman presented a memo from USC, seeking input from P&CC on the statement they drafted on library instruction at the libraries. The statement reads:

"The Libraries' instruction program teaches members of the Rutgers community to transform information into knowledge."

After discussion, the group felt the statement could benefit from some specifics. Cvetkovic requested that members send her their comments via email. She will then combine the comments and submit them to Kesselman and Sara Harrington, chair of USC. P&CC members should submit their comments to Cvetkovic by Nov. 3rd for the Nov. 5th USC meeting.

7. Report of the University Librarian


By November 1st, Gaunt needs to prepare a report on give-backs for Exec. Vice President Furmanski. This year, RUL is being asked to cut $522,000. This will come from below the line and collection funds. Anticipated budget cuts for next year equal $1.78 million. A portion will come from the return of frozen lines (15 positions equaling nearly $900K), the remaining will be split between collections and the units. Units have the choice as to where to administer cuts. RUL is hoping for additional stimulus money next year. A more detailed analysis will follow at the State of the Libraries.

Organizational Review Task Force

Mark Winston and the steering committee have invited members to form review teams for each of the sub- areas that will be reviewed. As soon as that is finalized, review committees will be announced. Progress will be reported at the State of the Libraries.

AUL Vacancy

Gaunt presented three documents: Leadership for New Brunswick Libraries Needs and Requirements, compiled by the New Brunswick library faculty; an Academic Position Profile for the position from December 2006 when it was last posted; and Discussion Draft AUL Research and Instructional Services. The third document described the difference between system-wide responsibilities for User Services and activities that are unique to New Brunswick Libraries, both of which this position was overseeing.

Gaunt reported that she wants the position filled as soon as possible, but needs to settle on the parameters of the position. She hopes to have a job description together by the end of the year. She has asked Mary Fetzer and Judy Gardner to use this time to assess the positions. In drafting the position description, we need to think of what the libraries' needs are for the future. Lila Fredenburg has been asked to look at AUL positions for instructional services at other institutions to see how they are structured, and also to look at the organizational structure of other institutions. In shaping this position, it has been noted that Newark and Camden directors are not members of any standing system-wide committees besides Cabinet, and until decided otherwise the AUL's will be the voice for the directors between university committees and Newark and Camden. The position described is big, with personnel responsibilities making up a large percentage, so work for two people is logical.

A debate followed about whether the position should be split into two administrative positions: one AUL for Research and Instructional Services and one director for New Brunswick Libraries, or if the job can be done with one AUL and an assistant. Kuchi reported that the New Brunswick Libraries have recommended one administrator or AUL for Research and Instructional Services and one three to five year rotating faculty chair/director/deputy AUL to be elected/appointed from tenured faculty.

Gaunt thanked P&CC for their feedback. She will gather additional information from Lila, Judy, and Mary, and report back when a position description is completed.

8. Summary of Meeting Outcomes

9. Future Agenda Items

10. Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary

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