Minutes of May 19, 2010 Meeting

Katie Anderson, Jeanne Boyle, Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic (Coordinator), Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Judy Gardner (Deputy Coordinator), Marianne Gaunt, Tom Izbicki, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Bobbie Tipton
Helen Hoffman, Linda Langschied, Farideh Tehrani

Call to order, adoption of the agenda, approval of minutes of April meeting

Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic called the meeting to order at 9:30 am. The agenda was adopted. The minutes of the April meeting were reviewed and approved by voice vote.

Report of Faculty Coordinator

Cvetkovic congratulated Tom Izbicki on receiving the Board of Trustees Research Award for Scholarly Excellence.

Cvetkovic reported that Mary Fetzer and Judy Gardner have been asked to continue through the 2010-11 academic year as Acting Assistant University Librarian and Deputy Assistant University Librarian (AUL) for Research and Instructional Services. She asked the unit and campus representatives from the Planning & Coordinating Committee (P&CC) to consult with the faculty to see if there are any concerns about Gardner continuing as Faculty Coordinator while serving as Deputy AUL. If any concerns surface, the unit and campus representatives will bring them to Cvetkovic's attention.

Old Business

Faculty blog

Cvetkovic will follow up with Tibor Purger, Director of Integrated Information Systems, for feedback on the blog.

Handbook - Planning and Coordinating draft page

Cvetkovic has distributed a draft of the online faculty handbook and is awaiting feedback.

Faculty elections

Jim Niessen has been elected Deputy Faculty Coordinator for 2010-11.

P&CC Information Literacy Task Force

Triveni Kuchi gave an overview of the report of the Information Literacy Task Force. A discussion followed on assessment of information literacy and on the definition of information literacy. It was agreed that the report would reference the Middle States definition. Kuchi will revise the report and present it at the June faculty meeting.

Follow up - Liaison presentation at the SCC, May 7

Marianne Gaunt gave an overview of the symposium that took place on May 7th. She will touch base with Bob Sewell and suggest that the group that was involved with the initial discussions be reconvened to discuss RUL's next steps.

New Business

Goals and objectives for Planning & Coordinating for next year

Cvetkovic reviewed P&CC's goals and objectives from 2009-10, which were as follows:

All goals and objectives for 2009-10 have been met. The overarching theme for the year was improving communication.

After discussion, P&CC approved the following goals for the 2010-11 academic year:

Cvetkovic will compile the objectives into a rough draft. By the next P&CC meeting, P&CC members should be prepared with activities, outcomes, and indicators for the objectives.

Agenda setting for June faculty meeting

Gaunt suggested the following agenda items for the June faculty meeting:

Report from University Librarian

Gaunt reported that the budget is worse than anticipated. RUL planned for a $1.7 million cut over two years, but instead is faced with a $2.8 million cut over one year. Frozen lines will be given back on July 1st. Vacant lines will be under consideration. The budget plan is predicated on a 15% cut, a tuition cap, and the unions not renegotiating. If any of these factors change, the budget may be better. Scenarios need to be sent to Executive Vice President Phil Furmanski by June 7th. Gaunt has asked cabinet members to propose additional cuts. Originally they were asked to cut 5%, but now their projected cuts are closer to 6%.

The state has instituted a new task force on higher education. No major changes could happen before December, when the task force's report will be released. A proposed merger of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey with Rutgers and NJIT is also on the table.

Summary of meeting outcomes and Future agenda items

Any additional agenda items for June should be sent to Cvetkovic.


The meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary, 2009-2011

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