Minutes of June 16, 2010 Meeting

Katie Anderson (Remote), Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic (Coordinator), Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Judy Gardner (Deputy Coordinator), Marianne Gaunt, Tom Izbicki, Triveni Kuchi, Linda Langschied, Farideh Tehrani, Bobbie Tipton
Jeanne Boyle, Helen Hoffman, Marty Kesselman

Call to order, adoption of the agenda, approval of minutes of April meeting

Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic called the meeting to order at 9:40 am. The agenda was adopted. The minutes of the May meeting were reviewed and approved by voice vote.

Report of Faculty Coordinator

At the May meeting of the Planning & Coordinating Committee (P&CC), Cvetkovic had charged campus representatives to ask their colleagues if there is a conflict of interest in serving as Interim Deputy AUL of Research and Instructional Services while simultaneously serving as faculty coordinator. Campus representatives reported back to Cvetkovic that this is not a conflict of interest because the position does not have administrative status the way an AUL does. However, questions and concerns have been expressed about the difference between faculty status and administrative status. After discussion, it was agreed that this would be an agenda item for a future faculty meeting.

P&CC has been working closely with the Councils. Cvetkovic asked the chairs if they have concerns about the size or structure of council membership. Karen Hartman, Chair of the Library Resources Council responded that the membership structure is fine and no changes are recommended. Response from the User Services Council is forthcoming.

Old Business

Faculty blog

Julie Still and Katie Anderson are working in conjunction with Tibor Purger on the faculty blog. Work will continue through the summer, with plans for a September rollout.

Handbook - Planning and Coordinating draft page

Cvetkovic has not received much feedback. If there is no support for the handbook, it may not go forward. Progress will be reexamined over the summer.

Faculty elections

Jim Niessen has been elected Deputy Faculty Coordinator for 2010-11.

P&CC Information Literacy Task Force

Triveni Kuchi discussed feedback that she received after her report at the June 11th faculty meeting. Comments focused on segmenting information literacy in terms of undergraduate and graduate studies; the need for programmatic involvement, planning, and budget; and whether or not Rutgers will combine information literacy with computer or media literacy. Kuchi will add more detail to the comments and then circulate them with P&CC again.

Committee Goals and Objectives for 2010-11

Cvetkovic presented P&CC with Strategic Goal V from RUL's strategic goals: "to support library faculty in their continued professional and organizational development." At the May P&CC meeting, the committee composed the following activities in support of this goal:

Gaunt reported that Cabinet is already working on the first activity, and distributed a draft copy of their Committee/Task Force Template.

After discussion, it was agreed that some of the activities needed to be revised, particularly the third activity which could be a part of the fourth. The importance of fundraising was also discussed. Gaunt noted that this would not fit under Strategic Goal V, but could fit under another goal.

New Business

Summer meeting schedule for P&CC

Since past practice has been that P&CC does not meet in July and August, the next P&CC meeting will be held in September. Gaunt has alerted campuses to elect new representatives.

The group congratulated Kuchi on her new one-year assignment, Director of the South Asian Studies Program.

Report from University Librarian

Gaunt reported that the faculty meeting went well. She distributed a handout outlining the budget process. A synopsis of her faculty meeting report on the budget has been sent to RUL_Everyone.

The state budget is likely to be approved one week early. There is no talk of funds being restored to higher education, but some funding will be restored to public libraries.

Summary of meeting outcomes and Future agenda items

Work will continue on the goals of P&CC for Academic Year 2010-11. Cvetkovic thanked the group for the opportunity to serve as chair this year, and wished Judy Gardner luck as Faculty Coordinator next year.


The meeting adjourned at 10:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary, 2009-2011

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