Minutes of October 20, 2010 Meeting

Katie Anderson (Remote), Jeanne Boyle, Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Marianne Gaunt, Judy Gardner (Coordinator), Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen (Deputy Coordinator), Michelle Oswell, Jane Otto, Gene Springs, Bobbie Tipton

Call to order, adoption of the agenda, approval of minutes of September meeting

Judy Gardner called the meeting to order at 9:35 am. A discussion of new faculty positions was added to the agenda. J. Gardner called a motion to approve the revised agenda. The motion was moved by Jim Niessen and seconded by Bobbie Tipton.

The minutes of the September meeting were approved through a Sakai poll and distributed to RUL Everyone prior to the meeting.

Report of the Faculty Coordinator

J. Gardner announced new chairs and goals of committees. Tom Izbicki will chair the Committee on Scholarly Communication. Rhonda Marker and Li Sun will co-chair the Rules of Procedure Committee.

J. Gardner reviewed the election process for vacancies that occur in committees. She will add this information to the faculty handbook.

Rhonda Marker has asked that the Planning & Coordinating Committee (PlanCo) review two discussion points at its November meeting from the Rules of Procedure Committee: staggered terms on the Library Resources Council and the User Services Council, and selection of functional and campus representatives to PlanCo.

Old Business

Agenda items and program for the November RUL faculty meeting

Rich Novak has been invited to speak about distance education at the November RUL Faculty meeting. Mei Ling Lo and Jill Nathanson will give a response to his presentation and will then discuss what RUL is currently doing to support distance education.

Other agenda items will include a discussion of one or both of PlanCo's goals.

New Business

Process for working on PlanCo's 2010-11 goals

Discussion followed on each of PlanCo's goals for the coming year:

Goal #1: The Planning and Coordinating Committee will provide information and analysis regarding the library faculty to the RUL strategic planning process. PlanCo will research the desired ratio of RUL faculty to staff, identify and describe the kinds of faculty positions needed in the future and what new positions could be created.

It was agreed that PlanCo members would review data available from Institutional Research to support a discussion of library faculty positions. Data will include ARL statistics and other relevant information from our peer and aspirant institutions. Growth areas in the university will also be examined. J. Gardner, Niessen, Tipton, and Jeanne Boyle will work on this together and provide whatever information they have gathered thus far at the November faculty meeting.

Goal #2: The Planning and Coordinating Committee will redefine the role of liaisons. Building on the work of and in collaboration with the Committee on Scholarly Communication and the Liaison Action Team, PlanCo will describe new liaison roles and their importance, and the resources needed to develop skills required to assume new roles.

J. Gardner will invite the chairs of the Committee on Scholarly Communication and the Liaison Action Committee to the December PlanCo meeting. PlanCo members should also encourage RUL faculty to respond to RLG'S "Supporting Research Dissemination - a survey of Liaison Librarian services." The survey's deadline is October 31st.

New faculty positions

Funds are available to hire two new faculty librarians. One position is the result of money put aside from the current AAUP contract to hire new tenure-track faculty. The other position will come from our Target of Opportunity Hiring Plan, a part of our diversity initiative to recruit outstanding individuals from under-represented groups. Cabinet has asked PlanCo to make recommendations by January 1, 2011.

After discussion, it was agreed that small groups would examine three potential areas for new positions. Tom Glynn and Tipton will look into information literacy and undergraduate education. Gene Springs, Michelle Oswell, and Laura Mullen will look at electronic resources and emerging technologies. Jane Otto and Jim Niessen will review digital initiatives and digital archives.

Report of the University Librarian

Cabinet retreat

The theme of the recent Cabinet retreat was "Vision for Rutgers Libraries." Cabinet members were asked to compose a 1-2 page document about their visions for their areas of expertise. Cabinet will be shepherding the strategic plan process this year. Themes, issues, and ideas from Cabinet members' vision statements will be used as a framework for a discussion of the strategic plan with faculty and staff. Among the opportunities to engage RUL in the development of the strategic plan will be the February State of the Libraries meeting, which will be devoted to the strategic plan.

NRC rankings

The University has a website for NRC rankings. Doctoral programs of 212 universities have been ranked. Sixty-two fields of study were included. The data is still being examined by each of the units.

Capital Campaign

The University has hosted a gala for the kick-off of the public phase of the Capital Campaign. Fundraising activities will be increased. The goal of the University is to raise $1 billion. It has raised $475 million thus far. The Libraries' goal is to raise $9.5 million, one third of which has already been raised.

Summary of meeting outcomes and Future agenda items

The next PlanCo meeting is scheduled for November 17, 2010. PlanCo members should send suggestions for agenda items to J. Gardner.


J. Gardner called a motion to adjourn, which was moved by Tipton and seconded by Boyle. The meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary, 2009-2011

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