Minutes of February 23, 2011 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Judy Gardner (Coordinator), Rebecca Gardner, Marianne Gaunt, Tom Glynn, Nancy Kranich (Guest), Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen (Deputy Coordinator), Michelle Oswell, Jane Otto, Roberta Tipton (Remote)
Katie Anderson, Gene Springs

Call to order, adoption of the agenda, approval of minutes of January meeting

J. Gardner called the meeting to order at 9:35 am. J. Boyle moved to adopt the agenda. L. Mullen seconded. The minutes of the January meeting had been approved over Sakai and distributed to RUL_Everyone prior to the meeting.

Report of the Faculty Coordinator

J. Gardner noted that co-chair of the Rules of Procedure Committee Rhonda Marker had distributed an email about upcoming faculty elections. J. Gardner encouraged all Planning & Coordinating Committee (PlanCo) members to nominate themselves or others for available positions.

A faculty blog, established by the 2009-10 PlanCo, is still in the test phase. This will be an agenda item for a future PlanCo meeting.

Old Business

Discussion of the Liaison Action Team report, "RUL Liaison Relationships: a Vision for the Future," with Nancy Kranich.

N. Kranich reported that the Liaison Action Team has developed a vision statement, which was distributed to PlanCo prior to the meeting. In addition to the vision statement, the action team has identified four key areas to examine:

  1. Identify what a job description would look like, with the vision in mind.
  2. Launch a liaison assembly. This would be a no-agenda brown bag discussion of how we do liaison work, and an opportunity to educate one another about opportunities and assets.
  3. Initiate conversations with the RU community. What can we do that would be meaningful to the community?
  4. Identify what liaisons are covering now and what liaisons need to cover.

Discussion focused on the language we use to describe the libraries, our role, and our vision, and on the best methods to promote engagement and collaboration with the faculty. Following questions about the first page of the vision statement, J. Otto volunteered to write a revision on PlanCo's behalf. This will be posted to Sakai for review and further discussion.

Discussion of ARL Statistics on Staffing Levels

R. Tipton, J. Niessen, J. Boyle, and J. Gardner have compiled ARL statistics on staffing levels in Rutgers' peer and aspirant institutions. J. Gardner distributed this data and asked PlanCo to review it in preparation for discussion of staffing levels at the March meeting.

New Business

March 4, 2011 Faculty Meeting Agenda and program

J. Niessen distributed a proposal for the public forum following the faculty meeting, entitled "Prospects for E-books in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Scholarly Perspectives." J. Niessen would moderate a panel of three faculty members (including one library administrator) and one graduate student in the humanities and social sciences fields. The panel members would ideally be early adopters of e-books and information technology. Questions would be provided ahead of time.

After discussion, it was determined that more time was required to plan the forum. Since the faculty business meeting agenda was also sparse, it was determined that the faculty meeting would be rescheduled from Friday, March 4th to Wednesday, April 27th with this forum afterwards.

Report of the University Librarian


The governor has released his budget report. Higher Education will be given a flat budget. Money allocated for facilities construction and renovation will be cut.

The unions have not come to any agreement related to increases.

State of the Libraries

The State of the Libraries is scheduled for February 28th. M. Gaunt will provide a brief overview of what we have accomplished in the strategic plan. The new strategic plan process will be presented. N. Kranich will provide an overview of work done for changing liaison roles. Grace Agnew will talk about organizational change in the area of technical services. There will be a showcase in the morning.

Task Force on Higher Education Report

The governor has recommended a task force to review medical education in NJ including the Robert Wood Johnson merger. Their report is due September 1st. RUL will continue to gather data related to the impact of the merger on the libraries, but no action will be taken before September 1st.

Robeson Library

The Camden City Public Library located near Robeson Library was closed last year due to budget cuts. Camden County has agreed to support the city libraries, but will not reopen the library that was closed. In order to ensure that a children's library remains open in the neighborhood, the County Libraries have asked Rutgers to provide space for a children's library in the Robeson Library. The children's library would tie in nicely to the early childhood studies program at Camden. A space with a separate entrance has been identified in Robeson for this purpose. Discussions are underway on the feasibility.

Summary of meeting outcomes and future agenda items

The next PlanCo meeting is scheduled for March 23, 2011. Agenda items will include blog issues, a continuing discussion of liaison roles, ARL statistics, and an update of the strategic plan.


J. Gardner called a motion to adjourn, which was moved by J. Niessen and seconded by R. Tipton. The meeting adjourned at 11:35 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary, 2009-2011

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