Minutes of July 27, 2011 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Joseph Deodato, Melissa Gasparotto, Jim Niessen (Coordinator), Roberta Tipton, Ryan Womack (Deputy Coordinator), Tao Yang (Secretary)
Katie Anderson, Rebecca Gardner, Marianne Gaunt, Jane Otto

Call to Order

The meeting came to order at 9:40am.

Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was approved with one change: because Marianne Gaunt was away, the University Librarian's report was dropped from the agenda.

Report of the Faculty Coordinator

Members introduced their roles in the Committee. Two members are playing double roles. The charge of the Committee is dated 2004, but the Bylaws is current. Niessen stressed the importance of communication and encouraged frequent communication between the Committee members and other library faculty, and between area/campus representatives and the respective AUL/campus directors. Along the line of information sharing, he also emphasized the relevance of the minutes and hoped the minutes convey both the decisions made at the meetings and the substance of the discussions. Discussion of these topics followed.

Since the size of the Committee is reduced due to the double roles played by some members, the Committee might evaluate which areas are not represented in the Committee and ask the University Librarian to appoint people from those areas. The co-chair of the Rules of Procedure Committee is not against doubling up. Is there a lack of interest in serving on the Committee among faculty members? The group agreed to continue to discuss the "double dipping" issue in the future.

The charge of the Committee refers to its responsibility of advising the University Librarian on issues "in relation to resource allocation", so receiving budget updates may be something the Committee can do in the future.

Continuing on to the topic of minutes, the Committee reviewed the procedure of approving the minutes. The Secretary will send the draft of the minutes to the Coordinator, the Deputy Coordinator, and the University Librarian for the initial review, then upload the revised version to the Committee's Sakai site, ask the Committee members to vote on it, and announce the voting result once the voting period is over.

The dates of the future Committee meetings in this fiscal year are: August 17, September 14, October 19, November 16, December 21, January 25, February 15, March 21, April 18, May 16, and June 13. Also, the dates of the RUL faculty meetings are: November 11, March 9, and June 8.

There is a new Sakai email address for the Committee. The current group email address is: plan_co@sakai.rutgers.edu. Members should send messages to this address instead of using the less reliable mailing tool in Sakai. Members who have switched to rulmail may need to update their email addresses in the Rutgers directory service, in order to successfully send messages to the group from their rulmail.

All new officer and faculty Committee chairs have been elected or appointed.

Old Business

Leadership development programs

The Committee reviewed the charge in relation to leadership development programs. The issue was tackled from various angles in a long discussion, which covered:

After the discussion, the group decided to take the following actions in light of the charge and the September 1 due date given by Gaunt:

  1. Relevant documents from the previous Committee will be placed on the sakai site.
  2. Gasparotto and Deodato will update the inventory of leadership development programs;
  3. Niessen and Yang will develop an inventory of leadership opportunities and roles within Rutgers, with the help of Boyle;
  4. Boyle and Niessen will survey our peer institutions regarding their practices in this area.

Strategic plan

The University Librarian sent emails to both the Committee and RUL everyone to ask for input on the new strategic plan. Boyle described the planning process and timeline and noted that the RUL leadership committees, including this Committee, have been asked to provide comments by October 15. Everything in the plan is open to discussion.

New Business

Annual goals of the Committee

Niessen noted that last year the Committee had two goals and both were accomplished - analyzing the ratio of faculty vs. staff and discussing the new roles of liaison librarians. For this year, he suggested three potential goals:

Womack then shared with the group two "themes" he was thinking of when he was running for the Deputy Faculty Coordinator:

These two "themes" can be included as potential goals for future discussion.

Summary of Meeting Outcomes

Niessen summarized the progress achieved in the meeting and noted the actions in relation to the leadership programs.


The meeting adjourned at 11:35.

Tao Yang
Faculty Secretary

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/fac_coordinating_com/minutes/coordcom_11_07_27.shtml
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