Minutes of March 21, 2012 Meeting

Katie Anderson, Jeanne Boyle, Joseph Deodato, Melissa Gasparotto, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Jim Niessen (Coordinator), Roberta Tipton, Ryan Womack (Deputy Coordinator), Tao Yang (Secretary)
Rebecca Gardner, Jane Otto
Grace Agnew, Jackie Mardikiann

1. The meeting came to order at 9:35am.

2. Adoption of the agenda

The RUL blog policy was added to the agenda after the email announcement went out. The amended agenda was approved. Niessen also changed the order of agenda items to accommodate the guests' schedule.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Niessen)

In response to the Governor's plan to merge Rutgers-Camden with Rowan University, the RUL faculty passed a resolution opposing the plan at its March meeting. The final version of the resolution was sent to RUL-everyone and it will be covered in the next issue of the E-ssentials newsletter (Anderson will also submit it to the main website opposing the merger). Jane Otto and Laura Mullen gave a presentation on open access at the faculty meeting.

4. Report of the University Librarian (Gaunt)

Over seventy individual items were received for this year's Celebration of Recently Published Faculty Authors exhibition. The reception will be held at 5pm today. The Executive VP Richard Edwards will speak and the keynote will be given by Prof. Angus Gillespie who recently published a book on the Lincoln Tunnel. Gaunt invited all (especially liaisons) to the reception.

The Cabinet talked about the University's plan to start a joint campus in China with the South China University of Technology. The Board of Governors may discuss the concept in April. The library was asked a week ago to provide an estimate for the cost of starting a library on the China campus. Boyle coordinated the response in Gaunt's absence and provided an estimate to David Feingold, who is in charge of the project on Rutgers side. While we were asked for collections data only, we did provide information on technology and staffing. . Boyle added that formulating the library's response was a group effort that included the contributions of Grace Agnew, Tom Izbicki, Lila Fredenburg, and Yang.

The University has sent out a RFP for a distance learning program. A presentation was given to the Dean's Council.

The University continues to work on both implementing the merger with RWJ Medical School and also stopping the takeover of the Camden campus by Rowan. The RUL faculty resolution contributes to the public pressure against the Camden-Rowan merger (Anderson added that the Camden campus is united against the merger). Gaunt was also concerned about the Governor's statement that the universities involved can absorb the cost of the mergers.

Gaunt sent Executive VP Edwards the criteria for Non-Tenure Track (NTT) faculty promotion and has not heard back. This will be on the agenda of next Committee meeting. Fredenburg may seek best practices from peer institutions.

5. Old Business

RUL blog policy (Anderson and Tipton)

The RUL blog is ready to go. The common sense guidelines can be made a blog post so they are always there. Anderson also asked Yuhwei Ling to see if people can post to the blog from their email accounts. The differences between blog posts and RUL-everyone messages were discussed. The document about the blog that was first drafted two years ago is being updated. It may be helpful to have a brief information session for both library faculty and staff. Anderson and Tipton will send out an announcement about the blog and include the updated document. A member recommended that the Google crawler should be prevented from indexing the blog posts when it comes to crawl the library website.

Organizational structure and technology supporting public service (Agnew)

Niessen first gave some background information about the organizational structure review. Agnew then introduced the three primary arms in technology: RUcore, Web Board, and PC Working Group. She described RUcore in great detail. There is a new coordinating group for RUcore, including Agnew and three repository managers ( Rhonda Marker for scholarship materials, Caryn Radick for Special Collections and other primary source materials, and Ryan Womack for RUresearch), as well as Isaiah Beard (Digital Data Curator) and Peter Konin (Digital Project Coordinator). There are 36 ongoing RUcore-related projects and all of them come from faculty directly or from librarians representing faculty. She feels good about the ability to handle these projects at the same time. The priority is given to projects with public timelines (such as faculty teaching interests or grants deadlines). Agnew also shared with the group the RUcore statistics and new improvements (particularly the award-winning video analytic tool).

While commending the achievements of RUcore, some members expressed a concern that we are lacking in basic digital services. Agnew responded that she will turn her attention to the Web Board now that RUcore has taken off nicely. Together with Melissa Just, Agnew will examine whether the charge of the Web Board is too broad. She reiterated that the Web Board reports to the USC. Members also suggested to her that the findability of electronic resources and the coordination between technology groups are the priorities for developing digital user services. As for the process of starting a digitization project, Agnew recommended that people should discuss their ideas with one of the three repository managers (Marker, Radick, and Womack) first.

6. New Business

RUL travel policy and sabbatical leaves (Jackie Mardikian)

An NBL faculty member who will go on sabbatical next academic year recently discovered that the RUL travel policy prohibits the use of travel funds by faculty on sabbatical. Niessen invited Mardikian, the travel committee chair of NBL faculty, to the meeting in order to draw upon her expertise. Mardikian asked whether the policy should be changed. Niessen noted that the university's travel policy on sabbaticals appears to allow for the possibility of using university travel funds. After some discussion, members agreed to change the corresponding clause in the travel policy to: "Faculty on sabbatical leave may receive travel funding; Faculty on leave of absence will not receive a faculty travel allocation."

Niessen will work with Mardikian on the exact wording of the policy change. Gaunt will check if the proposed change can be voted on by faculty soon. A link to the travel policy should be added to the RUL sabbatical guidelines.

7. Summary of the meeting outcomes

Anderson will prepare a message to RUL-everyone, announcing the new blog and sharing the updated blog document. The Committee also heard an informative presentation by Grace Agnew about technology initiatives. Following a discussion about digital support for user services, Agnew indicated she will be devoting increased attention to the Web Board. A change to the faculty travel policy was proposed to allow faculty on sabbatical to receive travel funding.

8. Future agenda items

NTT faculty promotion criteria will be on a future agenda.

The meeting adjourned at 11:40am.

Submitted by Tao Yang, Faculty Secretary.

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