Minutes of June 13, 2012 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Melissa Gasparotto, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Jim Niessen (Coordinator), Roberta Tipton, Ryan Womack (Deputy Coordinator), Tao Yang (Secretary)
Katie Anderson, Joseph Deodato, Rebecca Gardener
Stephanie Bartz, Melissa De Fino, Elizabeth Leister

The meeting came to order at 9:35am

1. The agenda was approved.

2. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Niessen)

Niessen is working with Katie Anderson to send out the formal announcement about the faculty/staff blog. Minor revisions are being made to the document describing the responsibilities of representatives on library committees as agreed in the May meeting. A link to the document will be placed in the "Committee/Task Force Template" document on the staff page. In follow-up to our technology plan proposal for Cabinet that arose from our digital user services goal, planning for digital initiatives is on the agenda of next week's Cabinet meeting.

3. Old Business: Faculty mentoring program (Niessen and Gaunt)

Members discussed two documents related to the mentoring programs: an updated version of the original Peer Mentoring Program Report and the other on the Administrative Mentoring program (which will be renamed Group Mentoring).

Gaunt described the updated document on the Peer Mentoring program. The highlights of the new document are:

Niessen introduced a shorter document about Group Mentoring, which was based on the information Mary Fetzer provided about the Futures Group. He suggested the second document be inserted into the first document (right before the Appendix) and the title of the first document be changed to "Mentoring Program Rutgers University Libraries".

4. Old Business: New Liaison Roles: Update on ILIAC report (Tipton)

Tipton reported that the ILIAC report was endorsed at the User Services Council meeting. She was unable to attend the USC meeting due to scheduling conflicts, so she was unsure about what changes the USC has recommended. The report will be updated to incorporate the USC input. To prepare the report, the ILIAC team talked to 22 teaching faculty members whose classes require secondary research and asked how they teach research, what they want students to know about research, and how they work with libraries and use the librarians. The report provides both a list of action steps in two years and recommendations for the longer term, from the perspective that faculty is teaching the research process and we should collaborate with them to teach students about the research process.

Here are some of the main issues discussed at the meeting:

5. Old Business: Developing RUL policy for Non-Tenure Track (NTT) promotions (Niessen)

The library NTT faculty suggested some revisions in the May minutes, which will be updated accordingly. They also briefly described the makeup of the current library NTT faculty. The question list that Niessen prepared for the June 15 faculty meeting was the focus of the discussion.

6. Agenda for June 15 Business Meeting

NTT will be a major item. The Liaison Action Team report and the Open Access initiative report will be on the agenda, too. There will be no open meeting at the end.

7. Report of the University Librarian

Gaunt attended the NJLA meeting in Atlantic City. The Video Analytics tool developed by TAS received an award at NJLA. Gaunt attended the session on the State Library strategic plan for state-wide library services, in which librarians were encouraged to think about areas of collaboration in the "user's space". The State Library is expecting a very tight budget next year. Public libraries are doing interesting things.

Gaunt attended a symposium organized by David Feingold on distance education. A number of talks discussed the challenges facing the higher education. The topics include: the sustainability of the business model of higher education, the need for public-private collaboration, the value of academic degrees vs. non-degree credentials, and the involvement of venture capital (e.g. American Honors College will credential community college students at member institutions anywhere who meet certain criteria, for the purpose of transferring to member institution four-year colleges). The University is interested in expansions into distance education and is negotiating with a vendor who will market and provide infrastructure for distance education. Professional schools in the fields that require credentials (Social Work, Business, Nursing, Education ), as well as SC&I and Mason Gross are benefiting from distance education, but it is more challenging for Arts & Sciences to move in this direction. Where is the library's place in this? We need to assure that information literacy is present in the process.

VP for Student Services Blimling is returning to the faculty and the University is rethinking student services. VP for Research Pazzani is leaving Rutgers and his position may also change. From July 1 until September 1, EVPAA Edwards will also be the interim president; Karen Stubaus will be his chief of staff and in charge of academic affairs in this period. We can expect that some reorganization will likely happen when the new president arrives.

8. Summary of meeting outcomes (Niessen)

The document on the roles of representatives on library committees will be updated and posted online (with an appropriate link placed in the "Committee/Task Force Template"). The link to the Committee/Task Force Template will also be added to the staff pages for each library committee. Gaunt will announce the addition of the new document to the Cabinet and Niessen will ask Sam McDonald to post the document and add the links. The document on the RUL mentoring program will be further revised and also incorporate the group mentoring section. We also received an update on the ILIAC report. Some of the questions about NTT to be posed during the June 15 faculty meeting will be revised. Niessen will create PPT slides to facilitate the discussion.

9. Future agenda items (Womack)

The agenda for the July meeting will include a discussion of the goals for the new year and the NTT issue.

Niessen will rotate off in July after two years on the Committee. Members thanked him for his leadership and service.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45.

Submitted by Tao Yang, Faculty Secretary.

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