Minutes of August 15, 2012 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Jeanne Boyle, Vib Cvetkovic (remote), Judy Gardner, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Tom Glynn, Jackie Mardikian, Laura Mullen (Deputy Coordinator), Caryn Radick, Ryan Womack (Faculty Coordinator), Tao Yang (Faculty Secretary)
Janice Pilch
Mei Ling Lo

1. The meeting came to order at 9:35am.

2. The agenda was adopted.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator

Womack introduced new members who came on board after the July meeting: Tom Glynn (representing the User Services Council), and Janice Pilch (representing Library Resources Council).

4. Old Business

Bylaws changes on participation of NTT faculty

There was some confusion over the Bylaws language about the participation of NTT faculty on soft money in committees. This issue needs to be addressed right away and cannot wait until after the University adopts the new policy on NTT appointment and promotion.

The discussion focused on Section I ("Membership") of the Bylaws. Womack suggested defining the RUL faculty as Librarians I-V who report to the VP for Information Resources and University Librarian, while librarians at Rutgers who are not RUL faculty may be invited at the discretion of the Faculty Coordinator and become "invited members". It was also recommended to remove no. 2 in the same section to open the committees to all NTT librarians. For no. 4 in this section, it was suggested to remove the reference to the Committee of Review. Lo will bring the committee's recommendations to the Rules of Procedure.

5. Goals for 2012/2013

Three potential goals were proposed at the July meeting. In addition to research services and faculty lines proposed by Womack, Joseph Deodato suggested studying the best ways of collecting data on user needs. Since Deodato is no longer with the committee, he has agreed to pursue this goal in other venues. We can try to incorporate Deodato's idea of talking to users while addressing the issue of research services, but it will not be a standalone goal. It was confirmed that there will be two goals for this year: research services and faculty lines. Womack asked members to consider volunteering to work on one or both goals.

Womack then led the discussion on research services. He hoped the brainstorming today will lead to a draft document in September and then a recommendation for the faculty meeting in November. He went over a list of services he has identified.

Members then discussed the following questions and ideas about research services:

Several people suggested additional services for Womack's list. He will send the expanded list to the committee after the meeting and invite volunteers to look at them.

6. Report of the University Librarian

Gaunt reported that the new RUL strategic plan has been finalized. It looks very good. All the RUL committees will be asked to work on the goals in the strategic plan. She thanked Boyle for leading the effort.

Gaunt will invite the new president to the Libraries after he starts at Rutgers.

We do not have the budget for this year yet. Because the tuition increase was low, we are unsure of the budget impact, but she has not heard anything about budget cuts. We will not know for sure until the end of September.

After some discussion, President Barchi has decided it is not the right time to pursue a new joint campus in China. But the University's other programs in China will continue. The Libraries will invite a librarian from Tongji University in China to come to Rutgers, with all expenses paid for. Hopefully the visiting librarian will be with us from October through December, and she will benefit from exposure to the culture of working with faculty closely. Melissa Just is the point person for hosting the visiting librarian.

The Rutgers/UMDNJ merger work is accelerating. There are 12 high-level committees and the Library Sub-team reports to the Academic and Educational Programs Integration Team. Gaunt and Judith Cohn of UMDNJ co-chair the Library Sub- team. The sub-teams will meet weekly. There are several working groups within the Library Sub-team: the Facilities working group is put on hold; a new working group related to campus and organizational issues will be created, with Boyle, G. Golden, M. Winston, L. Fredenburg, and UMDNJ people on it. The library sub-team will put forward justifications for considering the library as a single system, but she is not sure about the final outcome. In addition, the sub-teams will not be compensated for their work involved in the merger process, but we may recommend that costs be covered for actual purchases identified in implementing the merger recommendations. There is an incredible amount of work ahead for people involved.

7. Summary of Meeting Outcomes

Womack summarized the meeting outcomes. We reviewed the Bylaws and suggested an expanded definition for the RUL faculty. We also reviewed and confirmed the goals for this year. The discussion of research services has begun.

The meeting adjourned at 11:35am.

Submitted by Tao Yang, Faculty Secretary.

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