Minutes of May 23, 2013 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Judy Cohn, Judy Gardner, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Jackie Mardikian, Laura Mullen (Deputy Coordinator), Janice Pilch, Caryn Radick, Mary Beth Weber, Ryan Womack (Faculty Coordinator), Tao Yang (Secretary)
Gideon Thompson
Jeanne Boyle, Vib Cvetkovic, Tom Glynn

1) Call to order (RW)

The meeting came to order at 9:34am.

2) Adoption of the agenda (RW)

The agenda was approved without change.

3) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (RW)

The report of the Faculty Coordinator will be included in the discussion of old business.

4) Old Business

Research Services (RW)

Womack has some editing to do regarding the final report on research services. He will contact committee members individually about additional revisions. Prior to the meeting, he sent out a list of research services that are classified as leadership and collaborative services. He also suggested appropriate RUL committees or units for each service. The group discussed the list and suggested a few changes: adding Committee on Scholarly Communication to "Scholarly Networking", adding Media Team to "Capturing Presentations and Conferences", and adding Planning and Organizational Research to "Copyright and Licensing". Womack also explained the difference between scholarly networking and research community: research community is about bringing people together in person while scholarly networking achieves the same goal via electronic means. The committee agreed to recommend respective RUL groups take on these services as part of goals for next year. The incoming Faculty Coordinator Mullen will also follow up on this in next year's Planning and Coordinating Committee.

Faculty Lines in the Future (all)

Womack summarized the survey results. A total of 48 RUL faculty members entered the second round of the survey and 45 completed it. The participants represented a substantial portion of the RUL faculty, even though the number is slightly less than the first round. Womack needs more time to process the results, but he shared some highlights:

Members found the results about technology and personal qualities are particularly interesting. It was suggested that future job advertisements may emphasize highly ranked skills and qualities, such as teaching and collaborating. Even for specialized skills that only a few people need to have, we should ask the question whether our current level of staffing is adequate.

Survey participants wrote additional comments during the survey. Womack will include both the survey results and the comments in the report that will be distributed to the library faculty.

5) New Business

Faculty Lines in the Present (all)

Members reviewed the concept document for one SC/UA faculty line - New Jersey Regional Studies Librarian and Head of Public Services. Radick provided background information on the position. It is an existing line vacated through retirement. The title was changed slightly and additional tasks were added to the position. Some changes were suggested to the position description, including adding "collaboration with other librarians" to the first bullet under responsibilities and changing the requirement of professional experience to preferred (in order to expand the pool of candidates). The group agreed that the position is necessary and endorsed the concept document.

Dealing with the D-Word: Diversity Planning at RUL (GT)

Womack invited Thompson to talk about diversity issues at RUL. Thompson gave a PowerPoint presentation in terms of the good, the bad, and the complicated.

Members discussed ways to increase diversity at RUL, including working with the LIS department, cultivating the career interests of Rutgers Scholars and undergraduate student employees, and reviewing the search process as to how thorough the search committees have reached out to potential diversity candidates.

Thompson's slides will be posted in the committee's Sakai site. As the incoming Faculty Coordinator, Mullen will carry on the work on diversity next year.

June Business Meeting planning (all)

At the faculty meeting on June 7, Womack will give an update on the work of the Planning and Coordinating Committee. Gaunt will give an overview of UMD integration (a separate meeting on UMD integration is scheduled for June 10th). No post meeting is scheduled. Because UMD librarians will continue to occupy staff lines before their current contract expires, there is no need to vote on Bylaws changes at the faculty meeting.

6) Report of the University Librarian (MIG)

Gaunt had a discussion about digital humanities with faculty of History and English departments and the Dean of SAS in New Brunswick. It was a broad-ranged discussion. Faculty compared how digital humanities are represented on the Rutgers website with other CIC members. It was noted that no faculty will be tenured based on digital prowess; they will continue to be tenured on disciplinary basis. The importance of a physical base was discussed. Gaunt agreed to use the space of the former Social Science Data Center in SCC as the space to include digital humanities work; SAS may also put a dedicated server there. SAS may appoint a faculty member to head the digital humanities unit at some point. They have also identified a few faculty members who might be interested in teaching differently (especially in using the special collections), which will provide an undergraduate focus that is needed. Gaunt will fund the creation of a website to have all the information about digital humanities, which will establish Rutgers' online presence in digital humanities. Faculty already knew the Digital Humanities Librarian in Newark and thought this should be a campus-wide initiative. There may be donors interested in funding a digital humanities center at Rutgers, but we need to start with something right now in order to show donors what we have done. It is important to involve graduate students with digital humanities.

Gaunt will go to the CIC meeting next week. She has received a lot of reading materials for the meeting. She will debrief on the meeting after coming back.

7) Summary of meeting outcomes (RW)

Womack summarized the meeting outcomes: the final version of the research services report and assignments of tasks to RUL groups were discussed; the preliminary results of the faculty survey were reported; the position in New Jersey collection was approved; the diversity issue was discussed; the agenda of the June business was set; and the University Librarian reported.

8) Future agenda items

There will be no meeting in June.

9) Adjourn

Womack will step down as Faculty Coordinator at the end of June. Gaunt and the group thanked Womack for his leadership and service. The meeting adjourned at 11:45am.

Submitted by Tao Yang, Faculty Secretary.

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