Minutes of December 18, 2013 Meeting

Marianne Gaunt, Caryn Radick, Kevin Mulcahy, Judy Cohn, Ka-Neng Au, Jim Niessen, Triveni Kuchi, Laura Mullen, Megan Lotts, Julie Still, Jeanne Boyle, Krista White
Vibiana Cvetkovic, Tom Glynn
Ryan Womack

1. Call to Order

Laura Mullen noted that Zara Wilkinson will replace Vib Cvetkovic, who is on sabbatical spring semester, as representative from Camden starting January 2014.

2. Adoption of the Agenda

Motion was made by Kevin Mulcahy and agenda adopted.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator

  1. The November minutes have been added to the Sakai site. Please read and vote on the minutes, and send any edits to Faculty Secretary, Megan Lotts.
  2. There was a vote on NTT resolution at the recent Faculty meeting and we will get an update from Tom Glynn at the next meeting.

4. Old Business

1. Finalize PlanCo charge/membership

  1. Instead of one system wide representative position, it is recommended that PlanCo membership include two reps: one that will cover a Special Collections and IJS, and one that will represent TAS (Technical and Automated Services).
  2. The last three changes to the PlanCo membership/charge document were discussed. Now that the document has been reviewed by PlanCo, it will move to the next stage. The document will next go to RoP and the changes will be voted on at the March Faculty meeting.

2. Follow up on Bylaws issues presented at last meeting

  1. Stephanie has made all the changes in the bylaws document suggested by PlanCo thus far, and will be invited to come back to the Feb PlanCo meeting. Before that meeting, PlanCo will specifically look at the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) part and the Senate representation. The plan is to get everything finalized by the February meeting so there can be a vote on the bylaws changes at the March faculty meeting. Two remaining issues for discussion are the "two year rule" for committee membership, and the topic of the inclusion of committees such as the Councils in the bylaws. As of now, it seems there is desire to keep the Councils and CSC in the bylaws.

3. Ryan Womack, Guest for mid-year reports and discussion on leadership/collaboration research services

  1. Womack began with a review of the Research Services Report, which was completed prior to the integration with the health sciences libraries. This document is a snapshot of the interest of the library faculty at that point in time. A description was fleshed out of each of t the likely or potential activities the library could focus on to make a big impact. This included: Leadership Services- Scholarly Publishing, Scholarly Communication & Open Access, Research Data Management, Copyright & Licensing, Citation Management Tools, and Capturing Presentations & Conferences. Also included were Collaborative Services: Digital Humanities, Research Community, and Scholarly Networking. Other Services we could consider: Assessment Support Center for Training and Learning, Data Services, Media Production, Research Design & Methodology
    1. Scholarly Publishing (Mullen,CSC)- the focus last year was to formalize the journal program and to determine if we should grow this project. Progress has recently been made with the OA journals, including plans to add DOIs, as well as moving forward with archiving current journals in RUcore. A webpage for the journals is being prepared, and will be represented on the research services webpage (developed by CSC). The topic of journals will resurface looking at undergraduate research & work at Rutgers. RUL may in the future look at the idea of publishing e-books. RUL joined the Library Publishing Coalition.
    2. Scholarly Communication & Open Access (Mullen, CSC) - The organization of the work of scholarly at RUL is a current focus of PlanCo's work. There is expected to be growth in many areas of scholarly communication within RU/RUL. Digital priorities were recently established for the next six months by Cabinet, some of which are related to scholarly communication. There is a current focus on implementation of the Rutgers Open Access Policy as a timeline has now been set. There is much work going on behind the scenes to ensure a successful rollout of the policy university-wide.
    3. Research & Data Management (Womack, RUResearch Data Team) - One development has been an expansion of the team to include health services librarians as well as Camden representatives. Currently they are not accepting data but not focusing on education until further data policies are in play. Aletia Morgan and Ann Watkins will be co-chairing the committee while Womack is on leave in spring 2014.
    4. Copyright & Licensing (Boyle, POR) - in just over 2 years, Janice Pilch has handled 1176 copyright questions by email, phone, ask a librarian, and in person. This is roughly 42 queries a month. Also in the last 12 months, Pilch has presented 16 copyright sessions and lectures. Outside of RUL she is assisting faculty on various topics including basics, contracts, digitization, dissertations and theses, public performances, and many more. This demonstrates the need and desire for copyright information at RU.
    5. Citation Management Tools (Mullen, CSC) - This topic went to USC & CSC. CSC has plans to go forward with a citation management page which will be represented on the aggregated research services webpage. Yingting Zhang has created a page for EndNote users, and she will work further with Minglu Wang to develop this content.
    6. Capturing Presentation and Conferences- (Mullen provided a brief report sent by Jane Otto, Chair, Media Team) this topic was sent to the Media Team and CISC (Cyberinfrastructure Steering Committee). .J. Otto and Matt. Gallagher (coordinator of the service) drafted web content to formally announce this service, met with T. Purger, I. Beard, H. Glazer, B. Puglisi, and presented to LRC, made minor revisions to documentation and workflow, and explored the possibility of integrating new IIS video capture and VOD services into this one. Contacted M. Just to discuss fee schedule. Will present to USC Friday. There will be further discussion on this service.
    7. Digital Humanities (Mulcahy, LRC) - Library Resources Council appointed a team, asked for volunteers, and gave a preliminary report in November. They are doing an environmental scan on the campuses. The goal is to build a structure and a strategy for the library. Potentially a digital humanities team may be formed which would include representation from many RUL departments. We are looking at our work as a partnership, not as a service. There is anticipation of a final report in the early spring semester.
    8. Research Community (Mullen read report provided by Nancy Kranich, Chair, Liaison Action Team). The Liaison Action Team kicked off a graduate community conversation. There was a great group of students participating and there is a lot of room for collaboration. More conversations will happen in January 2014. We want to know what the graduate students need & want. Students want to collaborate and many of them feel silo-ed in their own department. Students' work is very inter-disciplinary now and they would like a secure environment where they can interact with other RU students.
    9. Scholarly Networking- the libraries are interested but not sure where we can go with this topic. VIVO is an interesting tool, but it's something we think the graduate school would/should configure. We don't have the info in the libraries to set up a system of this nature. There would need to be a coordinating librarian as well as a team of people working on this. The students want inter-disciplinary access to all information and this is a topic that would require significant resources. There may even been a question of who will start this conversation.

4. Gather remaining faculty positions for "wish list"

There were a few additional positions sent to Laura after the November Faculty meeting and they were added to the list being discussed at this meeting.

5. Continue discussion of scholarly communication organization: description of work of environmental scan subgroup

Caryn Radick, Triveni Kuchi, and Laura Mullen will be working on this subcommittee. They have looked at what peer & aspirants are doing and how they are organized in terms of scholarly communication. They will begin looking at websites to see how scholarly communication organizations in peer and aspirant libraries are presented. Mullen mentioned that the CIC has a scholarly communication website to which we may want to contribute.

5. New Business

  1. Identify PlanCo subgroup for work on "faculty visibility on the RUL website"- There is an issue that there is not a visible library faculty presence on the website. Triveni Kuchi, Kevin Mulcahy, and Megan Lotts will begin working on this task. They will focus on how our peer & aspirants represent their library faculty and report back to PlanCo.
  2. Wish list of faculty positions: PlanCo began vetting the "wishlist" positions that were gathered. The positions were discussed and a more concrete list was created of what might RUL might want or need in the future. A position was added for a processing archivist for IJS. Please feel free to contact PlanCo with any further suggestions of positions. The list will be organized into categories and brought back at the next meeting for more in-depth discussion.

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian

  1. Searches- NJ Regional Studies Librarian search has started and hope to have interviews completed by the end of January. The Metadata and Continuing Resources Librarian search is complete. The committee has given their report to Grace. Digital Humanities search in NB is underway and most likely will not finish until January. The Dana Library Director committee has been asked by Melissa Just to review the applications and will convene soon. The Access Services position description created as a result of Judy Gardner's retirement has been finalized and will be published for recruitment soon. Librarian position vacated by the departure of Gene Springs is being discussed. Marianne has given a report on faculty recruitment to Executive VP Edwards and we have been given approval to move forward with our vacant positions.
  2. Digital priorities- There was a good discussion in Cabinet. There is a lot of work to be done in the digital arena, and Cabinet wanted to make sure the infrastructure was in place to ensure that time and resources were available to get the work done. Digital priorities will now be reviewed every 6 months.
  3. Digital Humanities- Krista White led a great retreat on digitizing oral histories. Because the Newark campus has a lot of oral histories and is engaged in many projects, the Libraries are using one of their projects as a case study on what is involved in such digital projects. There are numerous rights issues concerning what the Libraries and what users can do with these oral histories including, audio, video, and transcripts. RUL may require funding from units that have such projects if it is determined that we cannot support the costs of digitizing, investigating and clearing rights, cataloging, and making them accessible on our own. This case study will help us address these issues.
  4. Strategic Plan- the president has asked each campus to create or update their current plan to reflect university priorities in the university's plan. There will be four campus plans. Then all schools and departments will work on this process is spring. We anticipate there will be some templates for these plans. These templates will be provided by Chancellors of each campus. Cabinet has taken our current plan and mapped this plan into the pillars structure of the university plan. Cabinet added a few more tactical objectives. Now the directors and AUL's will be looking for input from their units. Ideas will be collected in January and Cabinet will do first vetting. Post vetting all input will be sent out to everyone for prioritizing, possibly using Qualtrics. Besides the strategic plan we need to develop metrics so that we will be able to report yearly. RUL will need to tell the president how much we have invested into the strategic plan on a yearly basis. The goal is to have everyone's input.
  5. New chancellor for RBHS- Chancellor Brian Strom seems to be a great library supporter and works collaboratively and also internationally. He is very interested in how RUL supports the NIH mandates. We anticipate seeing a lot of movement in the Health Sciences. There is a lot of opportunity for engagement and this also opens door for scholarly communication and open access.

7. Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items

PlanCo will continue to look at bylaws in January and send all changes to Rules of Procedure. Next meeting there will be more about the environmental scan on Scholarly Communication. At the next meeting the committee will look at more vetted positions "wishlist". A subgroup for faculty presence on the website was formed and will report at a future meeting. Research services update was completed and PlanCo will hear an updated report in June. Please make sure to vote in the poll for the minutes by Dec 24th.

8. Adjourn

Meeting was moved to adjourn by Kevin Mulcahy and ended at 11:35am.

*notes submitted by Art Librarian, Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary)

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