Minutes of January 15, 2014 Meeting

Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Laura Mullen (Faculty Coordinator), Triveni Kuchi (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Jeanne Boyle, Julie Still, Zara Wilkinson, Jim Niessen, Caryn Radick, Kevin Mulcahy, Judith Cohn (RBHS), Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary)
Ka-Neng Au, Krista White, Tom Glynn

1. Call to Order- Laura Mullen

2. Adoption of the Agenda

The motion to adopt the agenda was made by Kevin Mulcahy and seconded by Jim Niessen.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator- Laura Mullen

The bylaws recommendations document has been sent to RoP, and the vote for these changes will happen at the March Faculty meeting. Zara Wilkinson will be replacing Vib Cvetkovic on PlanCo as Vib is on sabbatical for the spring 2014 semester. The minutes are up to date and a final copy of the December minutes will be sent to RUL_ everyone. Tom Glynn sent information to Laura Mullen about the status of the NTT negotiations. When Tom is back from his Research Leave, he can give any further updates about the NTT resolution. Marianne Gaunt reported that the resolution has been presented for ratification, but the timeline is uncertain. Once ratified, PlanCo will look at previous documentation about NTTs again. In terms of PlanCo's focus on "scholarly communication organization," the environmental scan sub group (including Laura Mullen, Triveni Kuchi, and Caryn Radick), will report at the February PlanCo meeting. The "faculty visibility group," which includes Kevin Mulcahy, Triveni Kuchi, Zara Wilkinson, and Megan Lotts will report at the March PlanCo meeting. The faculty positions wishlist will be vetted further at this meeting and subgroups will be formed. In February, PlanCo will begin planning the March faculty meeting. This library faculty meeting will include discussions on all current revisions to the bylaws, and also introduce the faculty move to electronic voting.

4. Old Business

a. Vetting faculty positions on the current wishlist

PlanCo will continue to vet the faculty positions wishlist. Subgroups will be formed to flesh out the following positions which will be discussed further at the next meeting. The goal is to come up with a compelling list of positions that would benefit the RUL organization.

  1. GIS librarian- Minglu Wang, Ryan Womack, Judy Cohn, and Ron Jantz will be asked to provide more information so that we can better discuss this position.
  2. Distance learning librarian- Julie Stills, Leslin Charles, and Judy Cohn (will assign someone) will be asked for their expertise on this position. This position discussion generated interest.
  3. Next Generation Reference and Instruction Librarian (Newark) (emerging technologies with teaching) - Jeanne Boyle and Krista White will bring back more information on this position.
  4. E-Science Librarian (Newark) - Minglu Wang and Ryan Womack will be asked for their expertise on this position.
  5. Civic engagement project librarian (Camden) - Julie Stills will touch base with Vib Cvetkovic to get more details on this position.
  6. Bio-informatics and translational medicine librarians with focus on genome sequencing/proteomics- Judy Cohn will be asked for her expertise on this position.
  7. Systematics Reviews & Evidence Based Practice Librarian- close in priority as bio-informatics- Judy Cohn will be asked for her expertise on this position.

The following group of positions was not discussed but will be introduced instead at the Feb. PlanCo meeting:

  1. Processing Archivist for Dana Collections (Newark) - Jeanne Boyle will bring input on this position.
  2. Processing Archivist for Special Collections- Caryn Radick will be asked for her expertise on this position.
  3. Librarian w/responsibilities for ontologies/controlled vocabularies- will be discussed further at the February meeting.
  4. Electronic records archivist- Caryn Radick will be asked for her expertise on this position.
  5. Cataloging/metadata librarian- Caryn Radick will be asked for her expertise on this position as this was submitted by Special Collections.
  6. RIS/TAS or other- Positions will be discussed further at the February meeting. This will include positions focused on scholarly publishing (1) and scholarly communication(s) librarian (2)

5. New Business

a. Introduce remaining bylaws issues for discussions and recommendation

  1. "Two term rule"- The Rules of Procedure specify a two term limit for all elected and appointed members of bylaws mandated committees. There are currently one or more members violating this specification. There was a motion made by Kevin Mulcahy to strike the 2 year- term limit, and all committee members were in favor of this motion. PlanCo will send this suggestion to RoP.
  2. Councils/CSC in Bylaws- There was a discussion about maintaining the Councils and CSC in the bylaws, as their membership is often changed and their structures confusing. The Councils will likely remain in the bylaws. PlanCo will discuss the issues of the Councils at a later date, No changes will be recommended just now.
  3. Senate Bylaws, 4. - The Senate is a University committee and not part of the Libraries organization. Our bylaws state, "The number of University Senators and qualifications to serve shall be as specified in the University Policy Library, Section 50.2.1". This statement can be removed from the bylaws. However, if we chose to keep it in the bylaws we should include a statement concerning how these representatives are chosen, as this is within our purview. There was a suggestion for RoP to look at other elected/appointed positions that librarians hold on University committees. Do we need to add language about elections or appointments for any of these positions to the bylaws? An example would be Faculty Councils on the campuses.
  4. LEAD committee- The LEAD committee has reached a two year limit and should either be disbanded or written into the bylaws. This committee could be put under the University Librarian, not in the bylaws, as it is concerned with administrative funding. The positions may remain elected by faculty. It will be recommended that LEAD not be included in the bylaws.
  5. Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) - There will be recommendations made in coming months for the evolution of the CSC committee but it is likely the structure will remain as is for the next year.

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian (Marianne Gaunt)

  1. NTT- this part of the report was discussed during the report of the Faculty Coordinator.
  2. Draft of academic position profile for director of IJS- The search committee for the Director of Dana Library is underway and determining candidates to bring to campus. The next step is to recruit the position for the Director of the IJS.
  3. Mentoring- As the Libraries are recruiting more positions, we will need to think about recruiting additional mentors. Tenured faculty will be asked to please consider volunteering to be a mentor.
  4. Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) - Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) will is moving forward at the University under the direction of President Barchi. This is a variation of all-funds budgeting currently employed by the academic units. Its focus is pushing down budgeting to the local level. Marianne Gaunt will represent the Libraries on one of three committees being established to help plan and implement the program.
  5. ALA- ALA Midwinter will be happening in Philadelphia, PA in January. For those attending please network and continue to look for people we might want to recruit for positions at Rutgers.
  6. Appointment to Faculty I workshop- There will be a workshop on promotion to Faculty I in the spring. This program is open to all faculty, not just those desiring to be promoted to Librarian I.

7. Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items

At a future PlanCo meeting there will be further discussion about the NTT resolution. The position description for the Director of the IJS will be circulating soon. PlanCo will continue to vet the faculty positions wishlist. Bylaws recommendations have been made by PlanCo and will be forwarded to RoP. There will be no further discussion of the LEAD committee being added to the bylaws. In February PlanCo will begin planning for the March faculty meeting and the open forum. At the February meeting there will be a report from the environmental scan subgroup on scholarly communication.

8. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn made by Kevin Mulcahy and seconded by Jim Niessen.

*Minutes submitted by Megan Lotts, Faculty Secretary

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