Minutes of February 26, 2014 Meeting

Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Laura Mullen (Faculty Coordinator), Triveni Kuchi (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Jeanne Boyle, Julie Still, Zara Wilkinson, Jim Niessen, Caryn Radick, Kevin Mulcahy, Judith Cohn (RBHS), Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary), Ka-Neng Au, Krista White, Tom Glynn
Stephanie Bartz & Vib Cvetkovic (for Rules of Procedure) Note: Cvetkovic is a member of PlanCo but is currently on sabbatical.

1. Call to Order- Laura Mullen

2. Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with a minor change in Old Business. Agenda item "4b. Councils in the Bylaws: Brief Discussion" will be discussed at a future meeting.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Laura Mullen)

Stephanie Bartz will be presenting on behalf of RoP regarding the changes in bylaws to be voted on at the March Faculty meeting. Thanks to Stephanie, Vib Cvetkovic, and the Rules of Procedure Committee for working on this task. The LEAD committee has been taken out of the faculty bylaws. Please remember to take part in the vetting process and vote on the PlanCo meeting minutes. There will be more discussion about the NTT resolution in future PlanCo meetings.

4. Old Business

  1. Brief Bylaws review: (Stephanie Bartz & Vib Cvetkovic on behalf of RoP) - Stephanie and Vib went over the final updates that will be voted on at the March Faculty meeting. They noted that at the March Faculty meeting there will be an opportunity for a Q & A session. These bylaw changes are a recommendation coming from RoP, vetted by PlanCo, and now ready to be voted on by the faculty. It was decided that there will be two representatives elected to USC and three representatives elected to LRC this year. The Social Sciences representative to LRC will be elected only for a one year term, so that two representatives can be elected to each of the councils next year and in each succeeding year. Kevin Mulcahy moved and PlanCo members agreed to endorse this motion. For the New Brunswick faculty election, RoP will use an electronic ballot that will go out Monday March 3rd. Newly hired faculty members (starting after Jan.1) are not eligible to run for this year's election.
  2. Councils in the Bylaws: this discussion was tabled for a future PlanCo meeting.
  3. Continued Discussion/Vetting of Faculty Positions- the committee continued vetting positions. Following further discussion, PlanCo will have a final wishlist of positions compiled should faculty lines become available. Remaining positions after this meeting include:
    1. GIS librarian
    2. E-Science/Science Data
    3. Distance Learning Librarian
    4. Next Generation Reference Librarian (Newark)
    5. Bioinformatics/Translational Medicine Librarian
    6. Systematic Reviews & Evidence Based Practice Librarian
    7. Nursing or Public Health Related Professions Librarian
    8. Processing Archivist for Dana Collections (Newark)
    9. Librarian with responsibilities for ontologies/controlled vocabularies
    10. Cataloger/metadata librarian (Special Collections)
    11. Processing Archivist (Spec Collections)
    12. Librarian with scholarly publishing responsibilities (still to discuss)
    13. Scholarly Communication(s) Librarian (still to discuss)

5. New Business

  1. Report of environmental scan subgroup studying "scholarly communication organization" at peer/aspirant libraries- A small subgroup including Caryn Radick, Triveni Kuchi, and Laura Mullen was charged to look at RU's peer/aspirant libraries to see how they organize "scholarly communication". In the committee's initial research it was noted that defining "scholarly communication" is difficult, and we may need to look outside of RU's peer/aspirant libraries to find out which libraries are tackling this issue best. The committee is interested in the scope of activities included under scholarly communication. How are they organized, and how are they promoted? Only library websites were studied at this point. One concern is that the library patron does not know what scholarly communication is, and would they in fact use this terminology to find the services they are looking for. The subgroup will continue to look into this topic but anticipates that this study would need to be followed up with a survey and or interviews in order to adequately inform any future PlanCo discussions.
  2. Plan March 7th Faculty meeting- Plans for the March 7th faculty meeting include a presentation and review of proposed bylaw changes by Stephanie Bartz and Vib Cvetkovic. There will be a report from the Graduate Experience Team about their recent community conversations with Rutgers graduate students. Marianne Gaunt and Laura Mullen will provide reports. Following the meeting there will be a discussion about the Libraries strategic plan.
  3. Business Librarian Position (NBLF/RIS) Discussion- the Business Librarian position has been approved and is ready to be sent out for recruitment.

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian (Marianne Gaunt)

  1. Strategic Planning Open Forum post faculty meeting- The goal of the forum is to make sure the Libraries have lots of good ideas and strategies that will help us achieve university goals. Gaunt reported that she will use the forum to report on what all units have provided thus far on the Libraries strategic plan; and she will ask RUL members who are on the strategic plans committees for the Newark, Camden, and RBHS campuses to update everyone on campus planning. All faculty members are asked to please keep your eyes and ears open on any discussions taking place on the campuses that would help inform our own planning.
  2. RCM committee- The University is looking to move to a new model for budgeting and fund distribution. VP Michael Gower will be in charge of RCM. All funds generated by departments will be kept by departments. All departments will be charged a support services fee for central services, such as OIT, the Libraries, HR services, etc... This is intended to be a transparent process that will give units more responsibility and accountability for their budgets.
  3. NTT faculty agreement- The NTT faculty agreement between the university and the AAUP-AFT was ratified. Three new series title were created: a teaching title series, professional practice series, and librarian title series. Our title for NTT is Librarian of Practice. There will be career ladders to follow and the base level salary is now being established. Faculty who have successfully been re-appointed after 6 years will get a minimum of a two year re-appointment. NTT faculty upon request can be considered for next rank at least every 6 years. All promotion criteria must be made publicly available.
  4. Currently in negotiations with AAUP related to legacy UMD librarians- Discussions have begun regarding the status of UMD Librarians becoming faculty. We would like them to become faculty and it's very early in the discussion. Multiple outcomes are possible and Marianne will continue to report on this topic.

7. Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items

There was a review of the bylaws changes and they are ready to be voted on at the March Faculty meeting. PlanCo endorsed electronic voting for faculty positions. The committee continued to vet faculty wishlist positions. There was a report from the "scholarly communication organization" PlanCo subgroup, and an update may be presented at a future meeting. The Business Librarian position was approved and is ready to be sent out for recruitment.

8. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn made by Kevin Mulcahy and seconded by Jim Niessen.

* Minutes submitted by Faculty Secretary, Megan Lotts

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