Minutes of April 16, 2014 Meeting

Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Laura Mullen (Faculty Coordinator), Triveni Kuchi (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Jeanne Boyle, Julie Still, Zara Wilkinson, Jim Niessen, Caryn Radick, Kevin Mulcahy, Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary), Ka-Neng Au, Krista White, Tom Glynn, Judy Cohn (RBHS)
Lila Fredenburg & Melissa De Fino

1. Call to Order- Laura Mullen

2. Adoption of the Agenda

Agenda adopted.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Mullen)

The March minutes are currently in the vetting process. The subgroup working on the NTT draft will discuss criteria for promotion and the development of the NTT 1-L form. Thanks to PPAAC for revisions of the guidelines and documentation for tenure and promotion. PPAAC will also present these changes at the June library faculty meeting. There will be a Digital Humanities report from a subgroup of LRC. This will be PlanCo's final discussion on faculty wishlist positions and we will ask for committee members to create brief position descriptions.

4. Old Business

a) NTT documentation/criteria: review of subgroup recommendations

Melissa De Fino and Lila Fredenburg (guests), along with the Plan Co subgroup working on the documentation presented recommendations and changes to the documentation and forms. The NTT documentation and new NTT 1-L form will be posted as "draft" on the library website, comments will be collected by Mullen, the subgroup will revise the draft, and after approval and final vetting at the June faculty meeting, the documents will become final. All NTT documentation can be found under "Library Faculty" on the RUL website.

b) Scholarly Communication Librarian position (final position for discussion for "wishlist")

This suggestion for a new position came from RIS and TAS and will remain on the wishlist. There are issues with the parameters of such a position and whether much of the responsibilities are already part of current library faculty positions. Mullen was asked for more information and will work with Niessen on a description that can be further discussed.

c) Assign groups to all wishlist positions for fleshing out titles and descriptions

The following positions will be further investigated to create titles and descriptions: GIS Librarian, E-Science Librarian (Newark), Science Data Librarian (not of immediate interest but will remain on list), Distance Learning Librarian, Next Generation Reference and Instruction Librarian (Newark), Bioinformatics/Translational Medicine Librarian, Systematic Reviews and Evidence-Based Practice Librarian, Nursing and/or Public Health Related Professions Librarian, Dana Library Archivist, Librarian with responsibilities for ontologies/controlled vocabularies, Cataloger/Metadata Librarian, Processing Archivist (SC&UA), Librarian with scholarly publishing responsibilities, Scholarly Communication Librarian (still under discussion; questions remain).

5. New Business

a) Digital Humanities report from LRC: follow up from PlanCo2012/2013 (Research Services Report)

Krista White & Kevin Mulcahy reported that a new sub group of LRC has been formed to discuss the topic of Digital Humanities. Committee members are Ron Jantz, chair, Krista White, Jon Sauceda, Zara Wilkinson, Francesca Giannetti, Mary Ann Koruth, and Caryn Radick. The team is working with administrative issues and discussing how they will move forward. An environmental scan is being done to see what's happening at Rutgers. The team hopes to define the mission and goals based on what can be done on all the campuses at RU.

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian (Gaunt)

a) Ryan Womack submitted a proposal for a science collaboratory to the New Brunswick Strategic Planning Committee in response to a call for proposals from Exec. VP Edwards. This proposal of a Sciences and Social Sciences place would bring together graduate students, faculty, and IT staff so they discuss both different and common methodologies for doing their research. The collaborator could host workshops and programs, and bring graduate students from a variety of disciplines together. This would give the libraries an opportunity to help educate students about what we have to offer. There would also be an opportunity to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration. This is a competitive process and those submitting proposals may be contacted next month.

b) Currently RUL is interviewing two candidates for the director of John Cotton Dana Library. There will be a public presentation in Newark today at 2:50 with video to Camden and New Brunswick.

c) Cabinet looked at the input from more than 100 staff and faculty survey responders and prioritized activities for RUL's strategic plan. Cabinet member are pulling the information together and writing the sections that are modeled on the format of the university's strategic plan and the report on the first 100 days. This will go out in draft form and be discussed at June faculty meeting.

d) RUL now has Scopus as part of our renewal of the Elsevier Science Direct database. We can use Scopus for finding out the strengths of RU's faculty. We expect to have additional training for Scopus.

e) The university has acquired Academic Analytics, new software designed by academics for academics. Each Dean was given one user access and anyone who would like to try this software may. We will plan a demo for Cabinet and the Library Faculty.

f) There are two dean searches going on in New Brunswick - the Dean of the Graduate School of Education and a Dean for School of Arts and Sciences.

g) Gaunt will be discussing the budget reduction scenarios with VP Gower and VP Edwards on Monday. We may have a better idea of our budget going forward after that meeting. We have gathered data compared to our CIC peers, and we have a story to tell.

7. Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items

Thanks to Julie and PPAAC for revisions to the promotion and tenure documentation and guidelines. These will go to June faculty meeting. PPAAC has also been asked to work on "service" guidelines. The NTT documentation and new NTT Form 1-L will be posted as a draft and taken to June faculty meeting. The digital humanities working group reported on how the committee is moving forward. Teams have been created to work on fleshing out faculty wishlist positions. The wishlist will be brought to the June faculty meeting and discussed at Cabinet. More to come on faculty budget.

8. Adjourn

*Minutes submitted by Megan Lotts, Faculty Secretary

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