Minutes of May 21, 2014 Meeting

Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Laura Mullen (Faculty Coordinator), Triveni Kuchi (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Julie Still, Zara Wilkinson, Jim Niessen, Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary), Ka-Neng Au, Krista White, Judy Cohn (RBHS)
Vib Cvetkovic, Stephanie Bartz, and Yuhwei Ling
Jeanne Boyle, Caryn Radick, Kevin Mulcahy, Tom Glynn

1. Call to Order- Laura Mullen

2. Adoption of the Agenda

A change to the order of the agenda was approved. The committee will discuss old business in the following order, bylaws, faculty visibility, and scholarly communication.

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Mullen)

PlanCo is currently up to date with minutes. The NTT subgroup (Mullen, Kuchi, Radick, De Fino, Fredenburg) will be meeting next week, and they are currently collecting feedback on documentation. Draft documentation and the NTT Form 1-L (composed of Form 1-L without the scholarship section) have been posted on the library faculty's webpage. Following the current comment period, any revisions will be taken to June Faculty meeting. All remaining suggestions for revisions will be gathered at the faculty meeting. There were questions about the 1-L form used for promotion and tenure of library faculty, and whether changes can be suggested. Periodically, the university asks for changes, and the Libraries suggest revisions as needed. PPAAC (Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee) has taken on editing the guidelines for "service" documentation, and hopes to have a draft done by June 2014. PPAAC has recently revised the documentation and guidelines for promotion and tenure, taking into account revisions suggested by Mary Fetzer. The faculty election was completed successfully, and Rules of Procedure (RoP) will report on a few outstanding issues. Tom Glynn will be new RUL Deputy Faculty Coordinator, and will begin his term in July, with Triveni Kuchi as Faculty Coordinator. PlanCo will meet in July, but not August, and a list of new representation is being gathered now. There is still work to do on faculty wish list, and ideally we hope these titles/descriptions will be completed by June 11th. Please send title/descriptions to Laura Mullen and cc Triveni Kuchi. These position descriptions for the wishlist will be collated, taken back to PlanCo, and then presented to Cabinet for final feedback. Please include title, description, and no need for boiler plate information. At the June PlanCo, the research services identified earlier will have one final report. This is an update from PlanCo's work on research services from Ryan Womack's time as chair.

4. Old Business

Bylaws & election follow up (Bartz, Cvetkovic, guests, RoP)

Faculty Election- The recent faculty election used an electronic method of voting that went very well. There was a good turnout, and no negative feedback was received. There was a problem with some voting invitations getting caught in spam filters, and the committee will continue to work on this issue with the intent to have this solved by the next election. Thanks to Stephanie Bartz for all her work using Qualtrics to make electronic voting happen. There was also an issue of concern voiced about publically posting vote tallies in election results, and in the future these will not be posted. This will be a transparent process, and any faculty members may visit HR for a complete list of the results. It was also asked that HR provide a list of faculty on sabbatical to the RoP committee each semester. In the future there may also be an opportunity for individuals running for elections to write a statement about why they may want to run.

Changes to Bylaws- There have been additional changes to the bylaws, and these changes will need to go to the RUL faculty two weeks prior to the June faculty meeting. If you have questions, comment, or concerns, please let Stephanie Bartz or Vibiana Cvetkovic know. Please plan to attend the faculty meeting because a quorum is needed to vote on the changes. Thanks to RoP for all the hard work on these documents, and for all of the revisions to the Bylaws completed this year.

Faculty visibility subgroup update

The faculty visibility subgroup including Kevin Mulcahy, Megan Lotts, Triveni Kuchi, and Zara Wilkinson has been working on a landing page and on a few individual faculty profiles as a pilot. The landing page is an example to highlight librarians' roles and work based on how a user might seek information and research help. Further, it was mentioned that 'Find a librarian' page position might be a good fit on the 'FIND' menu item on the home page, and listed under 'Popular Resources' In addition to the landing pages, individual level faculty visibility on website was presented. Yuhwei demonstrated the drupal forms (boxes similar to libguides' boxes) for filling out descriptions and other details that library faculty may want to add to better represent their work to the user. Sample profiles of the sub-group members were presented to show the flexibility of this system. Discussion ensued. Many thanks to Yuhwei Ling and Tibor Purger for their participation and hard work on this initiative. The work of this committee will be presented at the June faculty meeting. Please send any feedback to a member of the subgroup. This group's work will continue.

"Scholarly communication organization"

Although this was a topic that was presented this year in PlanCo, the discussion of optimal organization of our scholarly communication ecosystem will need further discussion, and Mullen would like to see it brought to Cabinet. We were aiming for inclusion and better coordination of efforts. We did not find any cohesive plan in our environmental scan of peer and aspirants' organizations. Mullen brought back the "umbrella" that Kuchi designed with all services underneath, a support structure holding it up, and an advisory body above. PlanCo took a final look, making suggestions about other missing pieces to our "umbrella" of research/scholarly communication services. This exercise will inform future discussions. Please send feedback to Laura Mullen if you find anything to be missing in terms of services represented. This discussion will need to continue as our scholarly communication environment is growing and evolving quickly.

5. New Business

Plan June Faculty Meeting

The next RUL faculty meeting will be held on June 6th. Besides the general business reports, PPAAC will also be presenting their documentation for updated guidelines for promotion and tenure. RoP will discuss bylaws changes. There will be a report on progress of the open access policy implementation, and an update from the faculty visibility subgroup. Following the meeting there will be a report and discussion led by Marianne Gaunt and Melissa Just about the recent ARL meeting. An engaging Discussion will focus on the possible future of academic libraries in the year 2033.

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian (Gaunt)

President Barchi has extended the planning time to the campuses for their Strategic plans to September 1st. Marianne met with Vice President Edwards last week for the yearly planning meeting. Among the issues discussed included faculty hiring, key initiatives and how RUL will assess these. He is very supportive of our work and specifically interested in the Kuali OLE open source integrated library system under development, which RUL does not plan to implement until end of fall 2015/16. At this point the university does not have an update on the state or university budget. We do not expect to know more until the summer.

There has been a change in the composition of the university promotion review committee. The three campus provosts will replace the chancellors. The campuses provosts are new positions created by the state legislature as part of the merger legislation and are being filed internally by faculty. . Their main role is focused on faculty personnel issues, such as recruitment, retention, mentoring, etc…The University remains in negotiation with the legacy UMD AAUP regarding the status of the Health Sciences librarians who are currently classified as staff in the contract. Possible negotiation outcomes include their remaining staff, becoming NTT, or tenure-track positions. RUL hopes this will be settled soon.

Judy Cohn, Laura Mullen, Rhonda Marker, Yingting Zhang and Aletia Morgan attended a research facilitator's group program coordinated by Eileen Murphy in the office of the VP for Research that was attended by 25-30 participants. The librarian presenters covered topics including NIH public access, Federal mandates, RU Open Access Policy, Research Data Management & RUcore. It was a very good presentation, with lots of questions. Based on the positive response to the information presented, we anticipate opportunities for more RUL engagement and the ability to elevate the library presence among researchers and the research office.

Please send feedback to Melissa Just, chair of the search committee, for the last interview candidate for the director of Dana Library.

Today is the final interview for the Head of Access Services, please send comments to the committee.

RUL collaborated with the Beth Mardutho Syriac Institute on an annual symposium last Friday attended by faculty from around the world. RUL is also collaborating on the digital preservation of their collection which was amassed by George Kiraz, the library director, and contains significant materials in sport of our program in Middle Eastern Studies.

7. Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items

Please send the final descriptions for the faculty wishlist positions to Laura Mullen cc:ing Triveni no later than June 11th. Next faculty meeting will finalize the NTT documentation. The faculty will be asked to vote on the bylaws updates at the June 6th meeting. PlacCo approved that the election results will not be public, but available upon request. Faculty Visibility subgroup will present at the June faculty meeting. Please vote for PlanCo minutes.

8. Adjourn

*Minutes submitted by Megan Lotts, Faculty Secretary

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