Minutes of June 18, 2014 Meeting

Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Laura Mullen (Faculty Coordinator), Triveni Kuchi (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Julie Still, Zara Wilkinson, Jim Niessen, Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary), Ka-Neng Au, Krista White, Judy Cohn (RBHS), Caryn Radick, Jeanne Boyle, Kevin Mulcahy, Tom Glynn.

1. Call to Order- Laura Mullen

2. Adoption of the Agenda

3. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Mullen)

The May minutes are currently in the vetting process and will go to vote Thurs June 19th. The faculty wish list is almost complete; thank you to all for submitting specific titles and current position description draft for each position. A list will be collated and taken to Cabinet for its June 24th meeting. Please note that Triveni Kuchi will be the new Faculty Coordinator, and Tom Glynn will be Deputy after July 1. The NTT documents outlining criteria for appointment, reappointment, and promotion of NTT library faculty are complete and have been added to the RUL website. This documentation was approved at the June RUL faculty meeting. PPAAC will begin working on the guidelines and documentation for the "service" category for reappointment and promotion of library faculty. This documentation will complement newly revised documentation for the categories of librarianship and scholarship recently presented at the RUL faculty meeting. PPAAC will bring the new service document back to PlanCo in the fall. The attendance for the June faculty meeting was good and the program following on futures thinking for academic libraries was interesting to many. Please note the next deadline for short research leaves (SRA) is July 5th, 2014. Thanks to PlanCo members for all of their work on the various subgroups this year.

4. Old Business

Final discussion of "research services" end of year update

Each of the services identified below was referred to an appropriate RUL committee for reporting back at the end of a year's time:

The completed "wish list" of desired library faculty positions; presentation of titles/descriptions

Mullen shared the final compilations of the positions wish list with PlanCo, and the group briefly discussed the various position descriptions. Many PlanCo members spent considerable time developing and consulting widely on the final draft descriptions. The final result is a useful list that can be used when opportunity arises to fill a faculty line with new or different expertise. Thanks to everyone who helped put the faculty wish list position descriptions together. PlanCo will consider this the final wish list and Mullen will take this back to Cabinet on June 24th for further feedback.

Any final recommendations or thoughts on scholarly communication organization

It is hoped that PlanCo, CSC, and others will continue to discuss an optimal organization for our combined scholarly communication efforts. PlanCo began, but did not finish the year with specific recommendations on this issue. It is also suggested that Cabinet may want to discuss this issue as well. Many library positions will include elements of scholarly communication work.

Faculty visibility on the library website: subgroup report and update

The subgroup received a positive outcome from the presentation at the June faculty meeting. There was a question if the faculty profiles could be updated directly from other places that faculty already update such as LinkedIn, the faculty survey or Academia.edu. The subgroup will continue this conversation with Tibor and Yuhwei and report back to PlanCo in July with recommendations.

5. New Business

Final business discussion of this year (all); items for next year's agenda to begin in July

There was a question about what topics PlanCo should work on next year. In the context of getting together faculty wish-list positions, it was suggested that professional standards or core competencies of librarians could be a topic for discussion next year. Articulation of a common core of what librarians do and orientation for new or newly assigned library more clarity in the definition of the responsibilities of liaisons were some of the suggestions. Further, there was recommendation to involve SAPAC for bringing more training and development programs for librarians. Another suggestion was to include Altmetrics to measure external activities of library faculty.

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian

7. Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items

Research services updates were presented. The Faculty wish list is complete and will go to Cabinet in June. Aspects of scholarly communication discussion will continue on in the future. The faculty visibility subgroup will continue with the intent to provide a report to PlanCo in September. Items for next year PlanCo, such as the identification of core competencies were discussed.

8. Adjourn

*Minutes submitted by Megan Lotts, Faculty Secretary

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