Minutes of September 24, 2014 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Judy Cohn, Adriana Cuervo, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Francesca Giannetti (recorder), Tom Glynn (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Triveni Kuchi (Faculty Coordinator), Linda Langschied, Yu-Hung Lin, Laura Mullen (guest), Laura Palumbo, Jane Otto (guest), Jane Sloan, Minglu Wang, Zara Wilkinson
Megan Lotts

1) Call to order (Kuchi)

2) Adoption of the agenda

Glynn requested to add under New Business (6) a discussion of the NTT position in SC/UA. Kuchi requested to reverse the order of Old Business (5) and New Business (6). Both approved.

3) Minutes of the July 23, 2014 Meeting

The July minutes were voted on and approved at the September 24, 2014 meeting.

4) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Kuchi)

Glynn worked with Stephanie Bartz and Sam McDonald to update and clarify PlanCo titles on the Rutgers University Libraries (RUL) website.

Linda Schulz from Dr. Edwards' Office has been in touch regarding the University Librarian search. Kuchi was requested a list of faculty nominations. She worked with Tom Glynn and submitted a list of nominations. Edwards' Office will look into the search firms that Gaunt suggested. Any feedback will be shared with PlanCo members.

The visas of the two librarians from Myanmar were accepted; they are coming on October 1, 2014 for a month. The Scholarly Communications Center (SCC) and Technical and Automated Services (TAS) will host a Fulbright Scholar from Belarus in December.

The NTT promotion process is moving along as scheduled. RUL will post the instructions and guidelines on our webpage. The University is also planning to create a web page providing information on the NTT promotion process.

5) Old Business

a) Faculty visibility report and recommendations - (Kuchi, Wilkinson, Lotts, and Mulcahy)

It was noted that an import of data from academia.edu or LinkedIn into Drupal would not likely work. The faculty visibility committee has submitted its final report and a new implementation team with Kuchi, Wilkinson, and Hartman will be formed. There was a suggestion to explore implementing faculty profiles as a database rather than as static pages. For example, clicking on hyperlinked 'data' will lead to retrieval of all librarians with data expertise. It was also mentioned that a mechanism for updating profiles, removing the profiles of librarians who no longer work at RUL, and other kinds of scheduled check-ins, need to be set in place. Faculty requested login permission to start entering their profile information. It was agreed that PlanCo's approval was sufficient to proceed. Kuchi will contact IIS regarding this matter.

6) New Business

a) NTT position in SC/UA (Glynn request)

Requirement for MLS: Position posted as Librarian IV NTT, requesting an MLS or an MA in History or related field. This has triggered confusion. The "University Library Policy with Respect to Qualifications for Appointment at Librarian Rank" document was referenced where our library faculty positions require an MLS degree, except in "exceptional cases." Ron Becker expressed concern about the MLS requirement. In his view, archivists are different than librarians. It is sufficient to have archival experience and a master's degree in history." It was noted that not all RUL archivists have the MLS. This is a grant-funded position; we cannot wait too long before filling it, as the position ends June 2015. There was consensus that archives may constitute an exception because there are specialized programs within the MA in History degree for archival studies. There may are also be exceptions in other areas where specialized experience or degrees may be needed, such as bioinformatics, digital humanities, etc. It was agreed to revisit the qualifications policy. Glynn will communicate with Becker and Fredenberg so we can move this position along, and bring an update to the next PlanCo meeting.

b) Open Access policy compliance within libraries - (Mullen and Otto)

September 2015 is the implementation date for the university's Open Access policy. Each department or unit will be responsible for developing an implementation plan for compliance with the policy. RUL, as an early adopter, should develop this plan sooner to act as model unit. We can then provide feedback to Mullen and Otto on the functionality of RUcore, and the ease of implementation. It would also be good for RUL to demonstrate leadership in supporting open access with our scholarship being more visible within RU. The statistics reporting feature of SOAR encourages the use of altmetrics, which have the potential to make for stronger T&P packets. Statistics also support other assessment measures. The Implementation team is looking for ways to make the implementation easy and not burdensome to faculty in RUL, a suggestion was made to tie the use of SOAR to the Area Updates to VP Edwards so that persistent URLs can be included. The question was raised about the possibility of automatically generating area updates from SOAR. This is a reporting mechanism that other departments might want to implement. Rather than stress the "compliance" issue, it may be better to focus on the benefits of implementation.

SOAR will have its soft launch in January 2015. Otto and Mullen will be leading workshops to guide users through the process. It was suggested sending regular e-mails about the workshops to RUL faculty as a reminder to participate.

c) Core Values of library faculty report (Glynn, Langschied)

Glynn and Langshied shared values statements from a variety of libraries and organizations. Many were quite similar. It was noted that the preamble of the RUL bylaws hint at core functions and values. It was also shared that RUL already has a mission statement and a vision statement; only an expression of values is missing. Conversation ensued about whether or not the preamble should be paraphrased and/or embellished. There was consensus that the discussion of core competencies will be framed by and should reflect the core values. The report of the core competencies subgroup may yield fresh insights on the core values statement.

d) Agenda and plans for Oct 31st Faculty meeting and program (All)

Please email any agenda items or program topics suitable for faculty and staff to Kuchi and Glynn.

e) Professional Development programs for library faculty; Charge for Scholarly & Professional Activity Committee (SAPAC)

RUL has three administrative entities that are charged with career development and training: SAPAC, the Training and Learning Committee (now called Professional Development and Continuing Education), and the LEAD committee (now an administration committee). It was asked if attendance at events would improve if these three groups merged activities in some way. It was noted that LEAD is a very specialized program that does not overlap with SAPAC (focus on faculty scholarship) or the Professional Development and Continuing Education Committee (focusing on faculty and staff topics: conflict resolution, technology, time management). It was determined that collaboration on areas of common interest would be appropriate and some programs could be co-sponsored.

7) Report of the University Librarian (Gaunt)

a) From most recent Deans' council: the RU Promotion and Review Committee is changing. Instead of campus chancellors, campus provosts will be on the PRC. This will include the provosts for Camden, Newark, New Brunswick, and RBHS-Newark, and RBHS-NB. Edwards, as EVPAA chairs the PRC and is a non-voting member. The Vice Presidents of Research and Undergraduate Education are also included. The major change is the new position of provost, which results from the merger legislation. The provost's role focuses on faculty business: recruitment, retention, promotion, etc. Provosts will always be recruited internally.

b) At the recent Senate meeting, the president was questioned on the slowness of faculty negotiations. He noted that in comparisons of salaries within the public AAU institutions full professor salaries at Rutgers are among highest in AAU. Associate professor salaries are near the top, and assistant professor salaries are at mid-range. It was noted that Rutgers has fewer NTT faculty as a percentage of total faculty than other AAU public institutions. The Board of Trustees is exploring benchmarks to measure faculty productivity taking all responsibilities into consideration.

c) The Libraries are receiving more requests from visiting scholars to spend time visiting the Libraries. Not all of them are working in areas that are germaine to the work of the Libraries, and we have suggested other departments as more appropriate. It is important to ensure that visiting scholars to the Libraries are doing work that is of value and importance to us.

d) It is challenging to assess the impact of the budget. We need to be clear in how we express our budget data. RUL was given a permanent increase of $750,000 to cover the cost of our merged subscriptions and cut $1.3 million. This is an actual cut to our permanent budget of $550,000. So, from the university perspective, we have only been cut by $550,000. This does not, however, cover our real financial situation. We are not receiving extra funds to cover permanent salary increases of $500,000. There is an $800,000 deficit for serials primarily due to inflation. $300,000 was committed to join the CIC and its obligations. In reality, we have a shortfall in our state budget of t $1.8 million in FY15. In addressing the shortfall we have three areas to consider: collections, salaries (positions), or operating funds. Various budget reduction scenarios are still being examined. Because we had frozen positions last year, we can use some of these for our reduction scenarios. But they may not be in the places we would really want to cut, so going forward with the budget, vacancies may not get filled where they occur. An internal review will take place whenever a vacancy occurs. There was a question about where the monies for campus construction originated. Most of the funding is coming from the bond issue.

e) Note was taken of a recent article in The Star Ledger about endowments (RU at bottom of the CIC). Barchi mentioned that Rutgers became a state university relatively late and is still catching up. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2014/09/big_ten_why_is_rutgers_behind_in_the_fundraising_game.html

8) Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items (Kuchi)

Broader discussion of MLS requirement moved to October agenda

NTT faculty position for SC/UA: Glynn will work with Becker and Fredenberg to see if tweaking is necessary

OA policy implementation within RUL on Faculty agenda (Oct 31)

Core values were discussed and will be discussed further after the core competencies report

Faculty visibility subgroup presented its final report. Wilkinson, Kuchi and Hartman will continue on the content/implementation committee, and report to PlanCo in November or December.

9) Announcements/Information Sharing

Lanschied announced that USAWG sponsored program was being held at 2:00 pm in the SCC.

10) Adjourned at 12:07pm.

Next Meeting - October 29, 2014

Minutes submitted by Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary) and recorded by Francesca Gianetti.

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