Minutes of December 17, 2014 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Judy Cohn, Adriana Cuervo, Marianne Gaunt (Vice President and University Librarian), Francesca Giannetti, Tom Glynn (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Triveni Kuchi (Faculty Coordinator), Yu Hung Lin, Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary), Laura Palumbo, Jane Sloan, Minglu Wang, and Zara Wilkinson
Karen Hartman and Linda Langschied

1) Call to order

2) Adoption of the agenda

The report of the university librarian will be moved to after the report of the faculty coordinator.

3) Minutes of the November 19, 2014 Meeting

The November minutes are currently under review.

4) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Kuchi)

Marianne was acknowledged (as this is her last PlanCo) meeting and thanked for her invaluable guidance and advice to library faculty for so many years. Jeanne Boyle was congratulated and welcomed to her new position as the interim Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian. Kuchi reported that the faculty visibility implementation team will meet on December 22nd to review the librarian specializations. There were suggestions to review the existing subject specialist list for additions and perhaps re-naming based on the new positions included. The team will report at the January PlanCo meeting. Last year PlanCo charged PPAAC to create a Guidelines for the Evaluation of Service document. PPAAC has provided a first draft to Kuchi and Glynn. They will contact Mary Beth Weber and Melissa DeFino for their input and will be reviewing and sharing comments with PPAAC in January. This document will be discussed at the March Faculty meeting. Further, De Fino has suggested some changes to the Guidelines for the Evaluation of Librarianship document in the section for Technical services. The matter was opened up for discussion. PlanCo suggested since the latest update to that document occurred in Feb 2014, that another update so soon after seems unnecessary, since these documents are meant to be general guidelines. Kuchi and Glynn will take this to PPAAC for their input and discussion.

5) Report of the University Librarian (Gaunt)

  1. Gaunt has asked Mike Gower to come to the March Faculty meeting, and she is waiting for his response.
  2. RUL administration is creating a retirees listserv, and a note was added to the holiday cards inviting them to join this list.
  3. Tonight at 5pm Gaunt, Boyle, Fredenburg and DiPaolo will meet Gower, Winterbauer, Edwards, and the CFOs of the four universities to see where RUL stands on the budget. This is a preliminary review of RUL's budget to help educate them about RULs financial situation. An additional discussion about how the organization will move forward financially will be scheduled for January. The budget reductions will be implemented in January, and one-time money of $300,000 has been secured to cover the cost of the CIC.
  4. Currently negotiations are going on with union contracts. With the faculty discussions the current sticking point is the clause in the current contact which states that raises are "subject to allocation and appropriation by the State." In the last five years, the administration has unilaterally cancelled raises twice. There is no news on the Health Sciences librarians' status issue yet.
  5. The New Brunswick strategic plan has been circulated to all faculty, and the names for committees have been forwarded by all Deans.
  6. Gaunt was unable to attend the CIC directors meeting. The CIC will sponsor an open text book initiative spearheaded by the University of Minnesota. There is hope that RU faculty might help review open texts and potentially be given a stipend of sorts. The educational outreach faculty would like to develop a program that they could travel to universities to put open text books in a broader conversation. Every year the CIC sponsors a conference for staff and librarians, and each institution can send six people. This year the theme will be communication, outreach, PR, and marketing. Generally this happens in April, but no date has been announced.

6) Old Business

  1. Review faculty committee charges, representation, communication, and reporting of policies and decisions; discuss the network, relationships and connections between various committees - This was a follow up discussion from the November PlanCo meeting. There is concern that the staff resources page needs attention and many committees are not posting minutes on a regular basis. It was noted that there may be communication issues with RUL committees, and the use of best practices in terms of roles and representation maybe lacking across all units and campuses. PlanCo discussed further and ideas revolved around perhaps reviewing the larger groups such as LRC, USC and CSC (which are the policy decision making groups) especially regarding practices, such as agenda setting, participation, decisions made and implemented, etc. Planco plans to review groups and how they are all connected and/or report, and how decisions get implemented, and/or work gets done, etc. It also would like to look at the many teams or groups formed locally or unit wide such as the Undergraduate Experience team and their practices in terms of communications, assessment, review and implications for systemwide policies. Planco will continue discussing these matters at the next meeting.
  2. Core competencies update (Gianetti, Cuervo, Wang, Lin, Cohn) - The sub group met on Dec. 2nd to look more closely at professional development opportunities. The conversation was based around identifying specialized, "noncore" tasks that we would refer to a colleague with specialized skills or knowledge There was discussion about the role of the liaison, scholarly communication, open access, research data management, digital metadata, ETD's, copyright & licensing, digital humanities, database management, RUcore, and workflows issues. Perhaps these need to be categorized into fundamental and specialized. It was also noted that this group should take advantage of some of the work done for the Research Services report two years ago by Planco. There was discussion of the need to run a survey, but it was decided that the sub-group will look further at Ryan Womack's "Librarians of 2023" survey that was conducted for the Research Services report. The committee will continue to work on this task and report back to PlanCo at a future meeting.

7) New Business

  1. Review RUL faculty ballot regarding eligibility, nominations, restrictions, and representation- Rules of Procedure (RoP) is the committee that works on the ballots, and runs the elections. The ballot from last year is up on the PlanCo SAKAI site, along with information about nominations committees from Roberts Rules of Order. There was discussion that position descriptions for the elected positions on the ballot might be helpful for individuals to better understand the roles and responsibilities and representation of the position. There was further discussion about whether or not a few more elected positions need to be restricted to only tenured faculty based on the types of decisions required of that position, especially decisions involving the allocation of funds. Kuchi and Glynn will follow up with the RoP chairs to get further clarification of PlanCo's questions and report back at a future meeting.
  2. Reading committee issues- Due to lack of time, this discussion was tabled and will be brought back to the January PlanCo meeting.

8) Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items (Kuchi)

Triveni will contact PPAAC with the suggestions from Planco and the Guidelines for Evaluation of Service document and will report back to PlanCo at the Jan meeting. PPAAC is also working on the service document, which, if it comes through, will be voted on at the March RUL Faculty meeting. PlanCo will continue to discuss the RUL committees chart and how communication and work is accomplished within the organization. There was also further discussion about the need for an intranet for RUL. TAS may already have something in the works using Drupal. The Core Competencies subgroup presented their report, and will follow up with the information from "Librarians of 2013" survey results, and report back at a future PlanCo meeting. In terms of reviewing the faculty ballot, Kuchi and Glynn will talk with RoP and share more information at the next meeting.

9) Announcements/Information Sharing

Megan Lotts will be speaking at SAPAC today in the Pane room at noon on "Implementing a Culture of Creativity." The final report from task force for research data implementation will be given to Melissa Just & Grace Agnew Friday.

10) Meeting adjourned at 11:33 am. Next meeting January 28th, 2015.

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