Minutes of February 25, 2015 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle (Vice President & University Librarian), Judy Cohn, Francesca Giannetti, Tom Glynn (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Triveni Kuchi (Faculty Coordinator), Yu Hung Lin, Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary), Laura Palumbo, Jane Sloan, and Zara Wilkinson
Adriana Cuervo, Linda Langschied, and Minglu Wang
Leslin Charles, and Melissa De Fino

1) Call to order

2) Adoption of the agenda

Agenda was adopted.

3) Minutes of the January 28, 2015 Meeting

A motion was made and the minutes were approved.

4) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Kuchi)

Minglu Wang is on leave and PlanCo is waiting to hear from Dana Library about who will be her temporary replacement. The PPAAC acronym was changed to the correct format on the RUL Webpages that used it incorrectly, thanks to Sam McDonald. RUL LEAD committee currently resides on the library faculty website and Jeanne Boyle has asked Sam McDonald to move it to University Librarian pages. Lila Fredenburg shared an update that scholarship materials may be printed from the electronic packet of the candidate available from HR. Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman, and RoP will meet later in March and bring back issues relating to the RUL faculty ballots. The faculty visibility subgroup will report at the March or April PlanCo meeting. Laura Mullen and Jane Otto will bring a report on SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers) to PlanCo in April. For the June faculty meeting, Melissa Just suggest that we invite RU Office of Disability Services (ODS) to speak about their services and collaborations with the Libraries. If you have questions or suggestions for the summer faculty meeting please send them to Triveni Kuchi.

5) Old Business

a) Guidelines for the Evaluation of Service document (De Fino/PPAAC)

This project was started last year when PPAAC revised these documents. Melissa De Fino presented the document for review to PlanCo. She noted a few changes and discussion ensued. Melissa De Fino will make the changes as needed and send out the edited version to PlanCo ASAP. The updated version will be presented at the upcoming March 6th faculty meeting.

b) Guidelines for Evaluation of Librarianship document (De Fino/PPAAC)

There were no major changes to this document. The language was cleaned up and modernized. The Technical Services piece was re-written because archival work was missing. A question came up, is preservation technical services or collection development, and it was noted it could be either. Technical services, Institute of Jazz Studies, Special Collections and University Archives were contacted when reviewing this document. This document will be presented at the next faculty meeting. If anyone has further comments or questions please contact Melissa DeFino.

c) Core competencies update (Giannetti, Cuervo, Wang, Lin, & Cohn)

The subgroup provided an update. They have created an index of all the core competencies they reviewed. The subgroup also looked at Ryan Womack's Librarians of 2023 survey results. This document is still a work in process and should be completed by the March faculty meeting. Francesca Giannetti will make the document available online so PlanCo members can provide further input. It has been asked that the committee bring back a final report to PlanCo in March or April. This report will have implications for search committees and will give RUL a better sense of what type of skills our librarians have and what types of skills we need. Please send any comments to Francesca Giannetti. This topic will be presented at the March 6th Faculty meeting.

6) New Business (20 mins.)

a) Events Assessment at RUL (Lotts & Charles) Leslin Charles and Megan Lotts presented on the topic of events assessment at RUL. The Undergraduate Experience Team posed the question to RULeveryone asking how the libraries and library staff are engaging with undergraduates. Leslin Charles compiled a report, and the UE Team noticed that many of our activities are not being reported or assessed. A model of how RUL might report and assess events was presented, and discussion ensued on what we are learning and how we are closing the loop. It was noted this may be an issue for USC. Yu Hung Lin, co-chair of USC and also a member on PlanCo, will follow up with Leslin Charles and Megan Lotts.

7) Report of the Interim University Librarian (Boyle)

a) Cabinet did not meet this week.

b) Lila Fredenburg and Abby DiPaolo are preparing for a budget meeting with RU higher ups for one hour Monday. They are working on a chart that shows what operations are local and what are central and are also preparing budget information by location. Our operating budget is very easy to report, but faculty are not tied to a location so this is hard to figure this out. We are preparing an idea of what it will mean if we have budget cuts. This is an interesting challenge, and it is uncertain at this point how RUL will adapt the Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) budgeting model.

c) Friday Jeanne Boyle will be meeting with Barbra Lee, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. There has been an exchange of emails, and we believe Barbara Lee to be a supporter of the Libraries. Jeanne Boyle has sent her information about our organization and is looking forward to meeting with her.

d) Jeanne Boyle attended her first senate meeting, The UL is a member of the Budget and Finance Committee, which is studying the finances of the athletics department. The report notes the fiscal benefits the athletics department has received compared to the support the libraries receive.

e) Monday morning library directors Melissa Just, Judy Cohn, Lila Fredenburg, and Jeanne Boyle met with Tony Calcado from University Facilities and Capital Planning. They saw the presentations Calcaco's been giving to New Brunswick and talked to him about the Libraries. It would be ideal to have a plan in hand for the new University Librarian. In early April the information about the master plan will go up on the university website, and that is the proper time to issue our RFP for a library master plan. Central support may be able to help with the cost of the libraries RFP, expected to cost $250,000.

f) The New Brunswick Deans Council was presented with a faculty productivity template. This topic is also coming up in Newark. There is a desire to monetize faculty workload. RUL does not have an opportunity for faculty to report all that they are doing. Jeanne Boyle spoke with CFO Ortiz and noted that RUL does not have these measurements. RUL will look at what we do have, and Jeanne Boyle will talk further with Cabinet.

g) Cabinet is looking at issues of security within the Libraries system wide. Melissa Just will be looking at these issues and is talking further with the RUL community.

8) Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items (Kuchi)

PlanCo made suggestions to PPAAC/Melissa De Fino regarding the Guidelines documents. These will be presented at the March 6th faculty meeting. If you have further suggestions please send them to Melissa De Fino as soon as possible. There was a report from the core competencies subgroup, and they are working on a detailed index. They will present an update at the March Faculty meeting and bring a full report to PlanCo in March or April. Leslin Charles and Megan Lotts shared ideas on how to assess events within the RUL organization and will take this further to USC.

9) Announcements/Information Sharing

Megan Lotts asked for a volunteer to take minutes at the March meeting while she attends ACRL. Tom Glynn volunteered.

10) Meeting adjourned at 11:36pm.

Next meeting is March 25th, 2015

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