Minutes of March 25, 2015 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle (Vice President & University Librarian), Judy Cohn, Adriana Cuervo, Francesca Gianetti, Tom Glynn (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Triveni Kuchi (Faculty Coordinator) Linda Langshied, Laura Palumbo, Jane Sloan

1) Call to order

2) Adoption of the agenda


3) Minutes of the February 25, 2015 Minutes.


4) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Kuchi)

Adriana will be representing both IJS and Dana library during Minglu's leave. In April we will discuss library faculty ballot issues which will be brought by Glynn, Hartman and the ROP Co-Chairs. Kuchi reminded everyone to bring forward any agenda items they wish.

5) Old Business

a) Faculty visibility implementation subgroup (Kuchi, Hartman, Wilkinson) update.
Kuchi reminded that the link to login to edit your individual faculty profile is available at: https://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/user. She reported on the status of the implementation of the Faculty visibility sub group. IIS has nearly completed the implementation. Only issue is placement of link for the new 'Find a Librarian' page. This group recommended it be in the FIND menu under 'Popular Resources,' but there was concern about the appropriateness of the category. To facilitate the discussion, an example of the current MIT libraries' home page was offered, which showcases photos of librarians on a rotation basis. The group affirmed the importance of the FIND option and Kuchi will ask to have it implemented. She will also request the word 'campus' be replaced with 'location' in order to support the university's initiative regarding the status of Newark and Camden. [Subsequent to the discussion Kuchi contacted IIS and they have implemented all requested changes here - http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/find_a_librarian]

b) Review faculty committee charges, representation, communication and reporting of policies and decisions; discuss the network, relationships and connections between various committees - (Subgroup Kuchi, Glynn, Sloan)
Glynn led the discussion and began by placing the issues within three broad areas : Communication, Decision-making and Responsiveness. He stated the complexity and overlap of each one, and suggested the agenda today would provide a wrap up on Communication, then focus on Decision-Making, while a subsequent meeting would focus on Responsiveness. He related PlanCo's prior discussions about Communication had provided the subgroup with ideas about minutes and reporting and would be included in a final report. He suggested revising the 'Roles' document to include related ideas from our discussions and affirm the responsibilities of chairs in various areas, specifically the need to keep our staff resources web pages up to date. The 'Roles' document is one of the standard links on the RUL committees page: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/staff.shtml. In addition, there are two other documents The Role of Representatives and Representation on RUL Committees and Working Groups, and the Committee/Task Force Template (both under University Librarian: Policies) that have important related guidance and can be integrated into the final report of the subgroup. Everyone agreed there was potential in these ideas, at the same time they recognized the challenge of arranging our web pages. The subgroup will bring forward revisions of these documents and/or a strategy to re-share, while Kuchi/Glynn will send out a message to RUL-everyone requesting that all group chairs check their respective web pages and update as necessary. Glynn then led a discussion on decision-making which focused on the "Policy, Planning, and Decision-Making" white paper initially drafted by Boyle. He made suggestions for revising specific areas of the document. First, that the Faculty Councils be included as approving bodies in the statement "All policies must be approved by Cabinet," In response, Boyle explained that there were many policies, for example, regarding cooperative access agreements, or privacy, which did not indicate the attention of a Council, but went directly to Cabinet. Discussion led to acceptance of the wording: "All policies must be approved by Cabinet, with the advice of the Councils as appropriate." Second, it was suggested that the Planning and Coordinating Committee be added to the basic statement: "Planning is a university wide effort that is led by Cabinet and the Planning and Coordinating Committee." Everyone agreed. Finally, since the white paper ends with comments on the paths decision making takes at RUL, it was suggested that that could be expanded to reflect some of the ideas expressed at PlanCo related to how decisions are made and how best to incorporate consultative, efficient, effective communication in the process. The subgroup will also consider how to relate the white paper to the existing UL policies above.

6) New Business

Tenure/Promotion mentoring - Review
Kuchi related concerns of how mentoring approaches issues related to changing librarian responsibilities, towards more 'functional' work that crosses many departments and away from a strict liaison relationship to a one or more departments. To what extent are 'user letters' less available to the candidate because of this? How do candidates understand the import of peer evaluations and their role as the first level of evaluation in the process? It was suggested that a model being posed in New Brunswick to have the NBL chair and chair elect involved in the director's annual review of non-tenured librarians would contribute to the widest possible path to success for the tenure-track faculty.

7) Report of the University Librarian (Boyle)

Boyle reported on the Rutgers Administrative Council, which is comprised of all deans and directors; Barchi is chair, and the chancellors preside alongside him. There is a move to redesign the Rutgers Shield. Fundraising will focus on special initiatives for 2016-18, and then there will be a comprehensive campaign to raise $2 billion by 2027. The Libraries are not seen as providing enough potential currently for special initiatives to warrant the employment of a development officer. In the interim, Andrianni Viscariello has been assigned to the libraries part-time; she also works with Mason Gross School of the Arts. The university space plan remains largely conceptual, and the Libraries will be releasing an RFP for a master space analysis and plan shortly after the university plan is approved by the Board of Governors. Barchi is interested in making staff performance reviews more specific than the current satisfactory/unsatisfactory rating allows. Barchi indicated relations have improved between Rutgers and Trenton. Admissions are up and the Honors College will be running in the fall. Concerns about cybersecurity are getting increased attention.

8) Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items (Kuchi)

Faculty visibility implementation sub group will bring back more information about the FIND page linking and the page about 'librarian specializations.' The committees, decisions and structures sub group led by Glynn will bring the issue of 'responsiveness' and updated 'roles' document to the April/May meeting. The Tenure/Promotion mentoring of library faculty was discussed and related information reiterated and shared.

9) Announcements/Information Sharing

10) Meeting Adjourned

11:27 am.
Next Meeting April 22nd 2015.

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