Minutes of May 27, 2015 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle (Vice President & University Librarian), Judy Cohn, Adriana Cuervo, Francesca Gianetti, Tom Glynn (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Triveni Kuchi (Faculty Coordinator), Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary), Laura Palumbo, Jane Sloan, and Minglu Wang.
Linda Langshied, Yu-Hung Lin, and Zara Wilkinson

1) Call to order

2) Adoption of the agenda


3) Minutes of the March, 2015 Meeting.

Approved via poll in Sakai.

4) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Kuchi)

The RUL library faculty agenda for the June 5, 2015 meeting was circulated to all faculty. If you have additional agenda items for the meeting please contact Triveni Kuchi. The faculty visibility sub group is working on the librarians' specialization page and will present an update at the upcoming faculty meeting. This group will give a final report at the June PlanCo meeting. Melissa De Fino, reporting from PPAAC, noted that the Guidelines for the Evaluation of Librarianship's Technical Services section has been given to Grace Agnew for her review, and she is planning to use a small group to review the document. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Service were posted to the Library Faculty Webpages in the section on Appointments and Promotions Evaluation guidelines documents. If you have any questions please contact Triveni Kuchi via email.

5) Old Business

a) Core competencies update (Gianetti, Cuervo, Wang, Lin, & Cohn)

The initial charge for this task was to create a dynamic list of common core tasks that librarians do, and to provide a framework for future professional development. The committee looked at what other institutions and organizations are doing, including re-visiting Ryan Womack's survey from 2013. Team members worked on separate areas of this document and then asked experts outside of the subgroup for additional vetting. A nineteen page report was provided to PlanCo for comments, questions, and concerns with the hope to have a final report at the June meeting. Please note this document was not developed to be used for tenure, re-appointment, or individual reports, but more as a dynamic document for hiring and professional development. This report will be shared at the Faculty meeting on June 5, 2015.

Review RUL faculty ballot regarding eligibility, nominations, restrictions, and representation (Glynn, Hartman, Bartz, Cvetkovic)- Based on previous discussions it was suggested that certain faculty positions be restricted to tenured colleagues because of experience needed and also because some positions could put an un-tenured faculty member in a vulnerable position. The subgroup made three recommendations. First, all discipline area representatives must be tenured because it is a more critical position dealing with the sensitive issues of allocating funds. Second, the chair of LRC and USC should be tenured, but it should be noted it is technically possible (but extremely unlikely) that there could be a council with no tenured members. Third, the chair of Rules of Procedure (RoP) and Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (PPAAC) should have three years of experience of faculty status so they have knowledge of the organization. When nominating please consider the amount of work that is involved with the committees in particular for non-tenured faculty. It was also noted that RoP has discretion when nominating for the ballot. There is some concern that there should be a sentence about how the health sciences are involved and Tom Glynn will work with Judy Cohn on this. PlanCo moved all the recommendations through by unanimous vote. These suggested changes will be presented at the Fall 2015 faculty meeting. This timeline should not a problem because we will not have elections until spring.

b) Review faculty committee charges, representation, communication and reporting of policies and decisions; discuss the network, relationships and connections between various committees - (Glynn, Sloan, Kuchi)

At the April PlanCo meeting there was a discussion surrounding the topic of communication within the RUL. This discussion is part two regarding decision making at RUL and the road blocks one faces at times. There is concern about committees sometimes not responding to timely issues. It was noted that sometimes there is a lack of communication and uncertainty of what is a priority and for whom. There is concern that it can be difficult to make things happen within our organization and overall this is seen as a cultural issue. The subgroup will continue to work on this task and Adriana Cuervo will replace Jane Sloan who retired on June 1st. The subgroup will pull together a list of questions to bring back to PlanCo with the potential for a future survey to learn more about the roadblocks we can face getting work done at RUL. This will be addressed at the November faculty meeting.

New Business

  1. Tenure reappointment/promotion process and criteria for evaluation - There was a request to hold an all tenured faculty meeting to talk about the re-appointment/promotions process. There is concern that there are multiple views on this process and in particular how scholarship and librarianship are evaluated. It was also noted that it is important not to get too detailed and avoid legislating or questioning professional judgment. This topic will be brought back to the June meeting.
  2. Status of RUL Faculty lines- As of April 26th there was a report with faculty lines that are currently open. Until we hear our budget numbers we are uncertain of the status of these positions.

6) Report of the University Librarian (Boyle)

  1. We hope to have news about our new VP/University Librarian soon.
  2. At the March 6th administrative council there was talk about the attack on the RU network. A lot of hard work was done to secure the network. There was also an update on admissions, and applications are up significantly with a record of 48,000. It was also noted that the university will be doing an over-all systems re-fresh, and all the student information and records will be re-worked. This will be a 4-5 year project. Lastly there was a presentation of the film "Hunting Ground," which is a documentary about rape on campus.
  3. The RUL action plan was just posted to the staff pages. This is the report that has been taken to budget meetings with senior administrators.
  4. Jeanne Boyle, Judy Cohn, Conseulla Askew, Gary Goldman, and Melissa Just met with Barbara Lee and chancellor representatives to discuss the issues of what library services are central vs local. Lee provided three models and that she could see us using for shared governance, and we have proposed having library advisory committees on each campus. Progress is being made with more to come.
  5. There are upcoming budget meetings scheduled with Newark and RBHS. Camden is not requiring a meeting. There was a meeting including Dick Edwards, Jeanne Boyle, Melissa Just, Abbey DiPaolo, and Lila Fredenburg. Melissa Just explained that our need for collections was desperate and that ILL is not the answer to everything.
  6. Jeanne will be heading to CIC directors meeting in Maryland this afternoon.

7) Summary of meeting outcomes; future agenda items (Kuchi)

Triveni Kuchi will distribute the draft report of the core competencies to Cabinet and please send any comment to Triveni by Tues. Following she will distribute this document to RUL faculty. Two weeks prior to November faculty meeting a brief discussion document will be sent regarding changes in the bylaws for voting. Triveni Kuchi, Tom Glynn, and Adriana Cuervo will work on putting together a survey to faculty regarding communication issues and there will be further discussion at the June PlanCo.

8) Announcements/Information Sharing

Megan Lotts, faculty secretary will be at ALA for the June meeting and is looking for someone to take minutes; currently no volunteers. Wayne Winborne has been appointed as the IJS executive director and will start July 15th, 2015.

9) Meeting adjourned

11:47am. Next meeting June 24th, 2015.

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