Minutes of July 22, 2015 Meeting

Natalie Borisovets (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Jeanne Boyle, Leslin Charles (Faculty Secretary), Judy Cohn, Janet Croft, Adriana Cuervo, Tom Glynn (Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Yu Hung Lin, Christie Lutz, Krisellen Maloney (University Librarian), Jane Otto, Laura Palumbo, Minglu Wang, and Zara Wilkinson

1) Call to order

2) Agenda was adopted with one modification

Old Business item, report on Open Access implementation (Otto), was moved to the beginning of the agenda.

3) Minutes of the May 27, 2015 meeting

The May minutes were approved via a poll in Sakai.

4) Old Business

a. Open Access implementation (Otto)

The Rutgers Open Access Policy will go into effect September 1, 2015. A document which reflects the recommended changes from Nancy Kranich and Natalie Borisovets and outlines expectations of RUL faculty will be posted on the faculty resources webpage. At the time of acceptance for publication, RUL faculty will deposit scholarly articles on or after that date. Regarding the Opt Out feature in SOAR, the question was posed regarding its metadata. It was stated that, following discussion it had been decided that the repository should be for scholarship rather than for metadata. Further, there are very few institutions that have this feature. Jane Otto has recommended that this be addressed if it comes up rather than to take the policy back to the faculty.

Regarding the methods of reaching out to faculty, Jane Otto and Laura Mullen have already reached out to deans, but not yet to chairs because they have been so advised. As these meetings occur, liaisons attend. A Liaison Assembly to be chaired by Nancy Kranich is being planned. The focus will be communication strategies; chiefly, avoiding the use of the word, 'compliance'. Liaisons who are familiar with the FAQs on the policy will already be prepared to answer questions from faculty. At this time it is not clear if the Assembly will replace the workshop that is under consideration. However, if the content of the latter can be integrated into the former, it would be satisfactory.

b. Faculty visibility implementation update (Hartman & Wilkinson)

A brief background/overview was given. Triveni Kuchi had made a presentation at the last RULF meeting, stating that it is an attempt to make librarians more visible and available for our users in terms of the website. Toward this end, a Find a Librarian link is now available with categories such as location, name, and area of specialization. A list of librarians that follows collection development responsibilities, job titles, and responsibilities was distributed and discussed. The goal is to make the information available from the user (non-librarian) perspective. This list is a living document that has been vetted by Tom Izbicki and Tao Yang. Following suggested revisions it will be sent to Sam McDonald. The question of who will maintain this list was discussed. It was noted that traditionally, the AUL for Collections has had sole oversight since it has primarily been tied to collections or liaison work. However, there are new job titles and various job functions that suggest that other specializations should be represented. For example data functions are missing. It was recommended that oversight should remain with the AUL for Collections and that USC and/or the location representatives to PlanCo should review the list periodically. Further, it should be clearly noted where individuals have roles that span across the system.

Issue of ease of use - Regarding the use of the (*), which "indicates those librarians responsible for developing the most advanced collections in the system," and which is creating some confusion, Karen Hartman will speak with Tao Yang. The (*) has been used traditionally to assist users but now it seems to make entries less clear. PlanCo recommends its removal. Further considerations include incorporating Special Collections and RBHS. In the case of the latter, medicine and nursing needs to more granular in its representation on the list so as to make it more user-friendly. It was noted that removal of the (*) could be more confusing for these users. Christie Lutz will email Karen Hartman regarding the needs on the Special Collections side and Judy Cohn will send a more granular list. Recommended changes will be sent to Zara Wilkinson and Karen Hartman. Tom Glynn would like to see minor changes to the introductory language.

5) Introductions (All)

Tom Glynn extended thanks to all serving this year.

6) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Glynn)

a. Meetings - Time has been assigned to agenda items. These are flexible slots and can be extended as needed. The goal is to have a concise yet productive meeting. Ideally meetings should be completed between 11 -11:30. As in the past, meeting resources are hosted in Sakai. Readers should login, select resources, and find sub folders for agenda, minutes, and related docs for each meeting. All members have privileges to upload documents as needed. A request was made for relevant documents to be posted by the night before the meeting, giving attendees enough time to be prepared. Tom Glynn will aim to post meeting documents by the end of the week prior to meetings. There will be no meeting in August. Next meeting is September 23, during which an agenda for the fall RULF meeting will be produced. Per the by-laws, the agenda must be disseminated two weeks before the RULF meeting. Tom Glynn will send out a draft and relevant documents before the next PlanCo meeting.

b. Membership/Representation - PlanCo needs to address representation from two councils. This will be sorted out before the next meeting, September 23. Also, the retirement of Jane Sloan and the end of Triveni Kuchi's term as Faculty Coordinator have left openings on subcommittees. Jeanne Boyle and Judy Cohn volunteered to join the Committees Committee. Tom Glynn and Adriana Cuervo currently serve on this committee. Another subcommittee is looking at the Travel Policy. Tom Glynn is taking the lead with possibility of broadening the purpose to 'professional development'. Natalie Borisovets and Karen Hartman will serve with him. Information from campus representatives and TAS will be sought. It was noted that Newark has just updated their travel policy and that RBHS is not allocated travel money, but that it is a part of the operations budget. Natalie Borisovets will share information from Newark and Judy Cohn will send criteria that are used for allocation of travel funds to Tom Glynn.

Members were reminded that their roles are representative and that they should communicate locally as well as bring ideas to the committee on behalf of others.

c. PlanCo Planning Document - Tom Glynn presented possible topics for focus in 2015-2016. It was agreed that all items on the document should be discussed at future meetings.

7) New Business

a. RUL institutional memberships and representation (Boyle) - Referring to the RUL FY15 Memberships spreadsheet that had been distributed, Boyle stated that the report was compiled using Director Station. There are omissions and this is a first draft serving as an example. Most memberships are small NJ organizations. An overview of the $4000+ memberships was provided:

Organization Representative/s Explanation/Notes
ARL Krisellen Maloney
Tao Yang
CIC Krisellen Maloney
Melissa Just
Janet Croft
Mary Beth Weber
Stephanie Bartz
Grace Agnew
Variety of representatives because of the number of groups
Council on Library & Information Resources Undetermined  
Hathi Trust Marianne Gaunt Melissa Just attended in 2014. Needs to be defined: Melissa or Krisellen
ICPSR Ryan Womack  
Kuali Foundation Grace Agnew  
LYRASIS Tom Frusciano Need to check
NERL Tao Yang
GraceMary Smulewitz
Cathy Pecoraro
OCLC Mary Beth Weber  
SPARK-ARL Not sure  
ROPER Ryan Womack  

Some noted omissions are that Janet Croft is our voting representative for PALCI but it is not listed nor is the DPN Digital Preservation Network listed. Some entries should be removed. Manual Jusino will be consulted regarding the historical societies as this may relate to his project. Krisellen Maloney will take the lead on this list and it will be put on the agenda next spring. Attendees were asked to inform Jeanne Boyle if they know of any other major investments that are not listed.

8) Report of the University Librarian (Maloney)

a. Due to fact that she is very new to the organization Krisellen Maloney acknowledged the possibility of overstatements. She thanked the membership for their work. She is currently visiting Rutgers libraries and meeting with various university groups. She has been to Newark and will visit Camden, RBHS Newark and New Brunswick, followed by the New Brunswick Libraries. One of her first priorities will be to establish an action plan for the year. The libraries' strategic plan seems to be well aligned with that of the university and the libraries have established an action planning process so we have a good foundation from which to build. She noted however, that because of continued budget constraints, the plan should be more focused. Currently, the action plan is very inclusive. Since we have limited resources, the planning process should include a means to prioritize activities. RCM, which began this fiscal year, will make the University's budget process more transparent. Since the libraries are a university-wide system resource, the chancellors called for the development of a model that would provide for shared governance of the libraries across all of the Universities. In response, a task force within the libraries developed a model that was proposed to the chancellors. The chancellors expressed that the proposed model was a good start and would like to continue the conversation. This topic will be put placed on a future RUL agenda. The shared governance proposal will be placed on the faculty resources page by Jeanne Boyle. Abby DiPaolo will be invited to a post RULF meeting to help attendees to gain some context. This meeting will be open to all. It would mean that the Office of Disabilities representatives' presentation would be postponed. Tom Glynn will talk to Melissa Just regarding this and Krisellen will talk with Lila Fredenberg.

9) Summary of meeting outcomes (Glynn)

Open Access implementation was informational. The faculty visibility group will work on the draft and send it out to all members of PlanCo. Tom Glynn should be informed if it needs to be another future agenda item. The agenda item of institution memberships and representation will be placed on the agenda in spring 2016. Abby DiPaolo will be invited to discuss the new RCM budget model after the October 30 RULF meeting.

10) Announcements (All)

IJS has a new Executive Director, Wayne Winborne who began on July 14. Jen Hunter is leaving Camden for Penn State, leaving an open position. This position has been funded by Camden County College for many years.

11) Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m. Next meeting is September 23, 2015.

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