Minutes of September 23, 2015 Meeting

Natalie Borisovets (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Jeanne Boyle, Leslin Charles (Faculty Secretary), Janet Croft, Adriana Cuervo, Roberta Fitzpatrick, Tom Glynn (Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Yu Hung Lin, Christie Lutz, Krisellen Maloney (University Librarian), Laura Palumbo, Jonathan Sauceda, Minglu Wang, and Zara Wilkinson.

1) Adoption of the agenda (Glynn)

The agenda was adopted as presented.

2) Introductions (All)

Roberta Fitzpatrick, Associate Director, Smith Library RBHS attended as a representative for USC.

3) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Glynn)

a. Open Access implementation: Mullen and Otto have indicated that the open access policy has gone into effect as scheduled September 1, 2015.

b. Minutes: Draft minutes will go out to the committee giving a week to suggest changes. After that time, they will be considered approved. This change conforms to Robert's Rules of Order.

c. Area Updates: A small group to look at Area Updates will be appointed. There is a need to redefine what is sent to the university. Rather than sending all activities, it would be major accomplishments such as: peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, grants, etc. This is to align with what the faculty of the wider university does. On our own pages, we will post a more inclusive list of faculty accomplishments. Karen Hartman and Minglu Wang agreed to develop a plan for this and report back to the committee.

4) Old Business

a. Propose revisions to the faculty bylaws: criteria for leading, serving on certain faculty groups (Glynn): The discussion document was presented and suggestions were invited. The councils can have co-chairs where one of them would be a tenured faculty member. The concern was raised about requiring three years of experience at the institution meaning that non-tenured ones would be excluded from serving for a part of their tenure at the institution. It was also noted that there are many other opportunities for tenure track faculty to serve rather than just these two committees under discussion: LRC and USC. Tom Glynn will revise the document and distribute to members for further comments before it goes to the general faculty.

b. Committees Committee: faculty survey (Glynn): Proposed survey questions were discussed. Rather than a long survey, a broad open-ended question inviting opinions will be asked. Cabinet is looking at SWOTs and priorities within the units. This activity is related to what this survey hopes to capture. Changes were suggested: eliminate 'Yes' and 'No' responses; the demographic to be captured should be limited to working at RUL for less than or more than 5 years; name will be optional. Glynn and Boyle will create the survey using Qualtrics. It will be shared with the committee giving two days to respond. The feedback from the survey will be shared at the upcoming RUL meeting.

5) New Business

a. Proposed revisions to RUL Travel Policy (Glynn): Suggestions for revisions to the policy were raised at the NBLF level while discussing allocations for travel. The proposed revision broadens the policy to include professional development opportunities such as webinars. In such cases, potential attendees should publicize events so that the faculty can take advantage of group rates. Other minor changes were suggested in the document.

After some discussion, the University Librarian stated that the scope of the current policy is administrative and should be modified by Cabinet and approved by her. It was agreed that the current policy is dated and has not been consistently followed for many years. She will address this issue in her report at the faculty meeting on October 30. The Faculty Coordinator will mention in his report that the committee agreed that informally webinars and similar professional development opportunities can be paid for with individual travel allocations.

b. Agenda for RUL Faculty Meeting, October 30, 2015 (All): Following discussion, the time allotted to Krisellen Maloney's report has been extended from 15 to 20 minutes.

6) Report of the University Librarian (Maloney)

a. There have been several simultaneous changes at the University level that have direct impact on the Libraries. For example, RCM and the further refinement of the concept of a 'library system'. Barbara Lee in the newly created SVPAA position, and new chancellors. This has led to a deeper look at some of the libraries' policies. For example,

  1. Because universities directly support the libraries, we need to further refine our internal allocations; both in the collections and operations budgets, to ensure that each university has resources and services that are commensurate with their level of support.
  2. All New Brunswick units, plus the libraries will undergo a bylaws review to ensure that authority granted to faculty in bylaws is consistent with university policy - particularly 50.1.6.
  3. Several policies related to faculty, including post-tenure review, which is mandated by the Board of Governors as an administrative policy, have gotten out of date. (There have been 3 updates in the institution, but the libraries' has not been updated since 1995). In the case of PTR, the changes are relatively minor but they must be put into practice with this year's cases.
  4. A workload policy needs to be developed to align with that of the institution.

7) Summary of outcomes (Glynn)

a. Faculty ballot issues: add to the suggested revisions that if there are co-chairs on the councils one of them needs to be tenured.

b. Area Updates: Karen Hartman and Minglu Wang were appointed as a task force to make recommendations for posting area updates on staff and faculty accomplishments on the library webpages.

c. Committees Committee: Jeanne Boyle and Tom Glynn will get together to do the Qualtrics survey. Revised questions to be distributed to the committee giving two days to respond.

d. Travel Policy: In Glynn's report at the upcoming faculty meeting he will state that the discussion at PlanCo gave us the addition of webinars etc. and it raised new issues which Krisellen Maloney will address in her report.

e. RULF Meeting: Krisellen Maloney's report was changed from 15 to 20 minutes.

8) Announcements (All)


The meeting was adjourned at 11:25. Next meeting is scheduled for October 21, 2015.

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