Minutes of February 24, 2016 Meeting

Natalie Borisovets (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Leslin Charles (Faculty Secretary), Judy Cohn, Janet Croft, Adriana Cuervo, Roberta FitzPatrick, Tom Glynn (Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Yu-Hung Lin, Krisellen Maloney (University Librarian), Jessica Pellien (guest), Jonathan Sauceda, Minglu Wang, Zara Wilkinson

1. Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted as presented.

2. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Glynn)

The last several meetings regarding the reconfiguration of groups have been productive. The faculty groups we create should use their advisory capacity to have a strong voice in matters that are important to us and our users. New Roles for PlanCo is on the agenda today. (Item 3.d)

3. New Business

3a. RUL visioning statement for space planning and beyond (Pellien, Marker, Boyle)

Initially the principles were designed to guide the master space planning process, but have taken on a broader scope to become guiding principles in general. Changes were made at Cabinet level and it will be further discussed at faculty meetings. This document will be passed onto the master space plan consultants.
In developing these principles, we should also consider what makes Rutgers unique and any points of pride that we would like to convey.

Item five in the handout might include more items that refer to space.

Pellien, Boyle and Marker will revisit this document and send it back to PlanCo by Monday afternoon. Feedback will be solicited from several other groups, including the broader library faculty body. When it is complete, it will be placed on the website.

3b. Scope of Faculty Authors Event (Pellien)

The event will be hosted at Alexander Library on April 12. A speaker is being sought. There will be a display in the lobby area. There will also be a digital display that could be placed on the website and accessible everywhere.

Changes: soliciting donations of the books. That authors were requested to donate a book did not go over very well in the past. It is no longer a requirement. But we will accept donated copies of the item.

Many of the books were not available in the libraries. We will check the libraries' collection to determine if we carry a copy. If we do not, we can approach an author to borrow a copy for display purposes.

In past years we received complaints for excluding faculty from Camden and Newark. This year we are not explicitly excluding them, though we are not actively marketing the event to those faculty.

It was noted that publications of other formats, such as articles, film, music scores, and photography, will not be included in this event. There was discussion on ways to honor different formats/types of scholarship. It was acknowledged that it is a significant task made more complex because of differences among locations. For example, Camden celebrates authors biannually.

There will be an assessment of the current event. This will provide guidance on what changes might be appropriate and these suggestions will be taken to Cabinet.

3c. Proposed Changes to Faculty By-Laws (Glynn)

These will be presented to RULF on March 4.

Under Section II: Organization, Duties and Powers, remove 'his' to read: The Libraries Faculty is also charged with adopting regulations governing its own procedures, which should be forwarded through the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs to the President for review, [50.1.10.A.7]….

A new clause needs to be added to section V to address what would happen if the University Librarian does not confirm an elected Faculty Coordinator (see section III. 3). Three options were proposed: 1) asking the candidate with the next highest number of votes in the latest election to serve; 2) Planning & Coordinating Committee electing another faculty member and 3) holding a new election. The committee agreed that the first option is the most feasible.

The committee was informed that such a situation would be highly unlikely but that this provision is required by University regulations.

3d. Discussion of New Roles for PlanCo (Glynn)

Under the new bylaws we are acting in an advisory capacity to the administration regarding long-range planning and "program priorities in the area of faculty line assignments, the provision of library services and collections, research, and service in relation to resource allocation" (section 7.4). So we need to think of PlanCo's role along those lines.

Some areas of focus that were suggested include:

Last academic year, when Triveni Kuchi was Faculty Coordinator, a list of priorities for PlanCo was created. Glynn will consult this list. Glynn and Hartman will talk about the mentoring aspect.
As we move forward, we should acknowledge that external factors, including RCM, are changing our understanding of the roles of Camden, New Brunswick, Newark and RBHS related to long-range planning. In the past, the libraries have worked to develop uniform services that met the needs of the broadest audience possible. This led to system-wide efficiencies. Now, specialized local needs must be addressed in ways that are visible to the respective communities. There will be times when a range of different services and procedures need to be accommodated.
Further, when making recommendations to the administration, they should be well researched and therefore be bolstered by facts and findings.
The University Librarian has requested recommendations for lines from AULs and directors.
We need a perspective of what 'system wide' means regarding lines. At the next meeting we will sort the lines to identify open lines, their roles and their sources of funding.

The composition of PlanCo's membership was discussed. There is need for a balance of numbers of tenured and tenure-track members so as to have an ideal mix of new ideas and institutional memory. We also discusses whether or to what extent the University Librarian should participate.

4. Report of the University Librarian (Maloney)

Regarding the formation of library groups, we have been using the principles that were discussed with PlanCo. We do an immediate assessment of the process that was used to form the groups, and have made changes based on feedback with each charge. The Chat Group has been charged by Cabinet. The Collection Analysis Group charge is being disseminated and members were encouraged to give input.

5. Summary of Outcomes (Glynn)

6. Announcements

A SAPAC brownbag event will take place at 12 PM in the Pane Room.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 AM.

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